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  1. 1. gallala CommonsYouth Entrepreneur FairTuesday, November 20, 2012@ the Dumas High School GymDo you have an idea for a newbusiness that Dumas needs?Have you already created a product or a service...along with the vision, passion, and commitment to grow your businessin the future?Then You Should Enter the Entrepreneur Fair!!WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?Any 7th-12th Grade student who submits a business plan by the Oct.30th deadline. Entries may be made as individuals or as teams. Otherrequirements are: an interview with the judges on Nov. 20th, and abooth display (8x10 ft. space) at the Fair.Applicants must submit their Business Plan byOctober 30, 2012 to be eligible for the Win Cash Prizes $$$$$$$Entrepreneurship Fair and Prizes!Those selected to compete in the Fair will be notified by November 5th.To Submit Your Business Plan or For More Info:Contact Darryl Birkenfeld (806-945-2255) or darrylb@amaonline.com First Place: $1,000SPONSORED BY: Second Place: $750 Third Place: $500