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Finding the Motivation Wave


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How do you know when you're most motivated? It's not always easy to tell. But when you know, you can use it for some powerful physical activity-related behaviors!

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Finding the Motivation Wave

  1. 1. Finding theMotivation WaveHow to know when to seize the moment! Focus: Get physical activity Jenny Hong (
  2. 2. Why care?What is the motivation wave?
  3. 3. What is the Motivation Wave?Motivation is not constant. Sometimes we’re pumped.Sometimes not so much.If we graphed motivation against time, it’d be a wave
  4. 4. What is the Motivation Wave?Motivation is not always high, but when it is, we canbe extremely powerful.In fact, we can even use motivation not only to bepowerful in the moment but to structure behavior forthe future. It’s like storing up for a rainy day.This is called harnessing the motivation wave.
  5. 5. What is the Motivation Wave?
  6. 6. What is the Motivation Wave?In order to harness the motivation wave, we need toknow when to act! How do we find when we mostwant to stay fit? Only then can we reap the benefitsof motivation.Fortunately, there are concrete ways to detect peaksin this wave.
  7. 7. Detecting Peaks Look out for these!
  8. 8. Detecting PeaksThere are three categories of signs: World: your physical environment Individual: look within yourself Neighbors: your social environmentTogether, they spell W-I-N!
  9. 9. WorldWe often leave traces of ourselves as we go on ourday. These traces often leave valuable clues!Other times, we experience our environmentpassively, but we are still influenced.Both are valuable signs of when to take action!
  10. 10. World: TracesOnlineActively searching (YouTube / Google history)Browser history, high activity on certain posts on Twitter/ Facebook feedsOfflineDid you linger a little longer when looking at yourrunning shoes? Have your meals been healthiertoday?
  11. 11. World: InfluencesDo you look at fitness ads on the road or pay attentionto your company’s program brochure?Did you notice a little more enthusiasm when youwalked past the yoga center by the mall?
  12. 12. IndividualWe think, therefore we do. Internal states (thoughts, feelings) Physical states (heart rate, sleeping) and external actionsare clues as to how motivated we are.
  13. 13. Individual: InternalThis is tricky! Time for some introspection!What are you thinking?Fitness-related words? Thinking about the new gymthat opened? Or positive words? Thinking optimisticthoughts?
  14. 14. Individual: PhysicalCalmer heart rate? This might be a sign of focus.Sleeping better? Fuller sleep means you’ll have moreenergy and better mood for the day.Smiling more? This reveals you might be feeling betterinside!
  15. 15. Individual: ActionsAre there usual habits that have recently grown?Look out for behavior you don’t usually notice: Takingthe stairs instead of the elevator—what caused that?It might be a spike in motivation for physical activity!
  16. 16. Individual: ActionsLet’s analyze recent physical activity-related actions: Control Did you make your own decisions? Feel like you took control and succeeded? You chose to walk on your own without following your company’s program?
  17. 17. Individual: ActionsLet’s analyze recent physical activity-related actions: Near success You know just where you went wrong and and know you can get it right the next time Streaks You just made some success, however tiny. It feels good to keep it going. This often motivates people.
  18. 18. Individual: ActionsEven if you find control, near success, and streaks inactions besides physical activity, they can oftenimprove general mood and give you the energy tokeep on.For instance, with streaks, success at work mightprompt you to succeed in physical activity. You wantto work your way up to winning at every part of yourlife!
  19. 19. NeighborsOur social environment is critical in motivating us. Thebehaviors and successes of our friends influence us.Trends in the group may influence you with or withoutyour realizing it.
  20. 20. Neighbors: ExamplesCommuting with the same group of people? Did theyall take a detour to the gym after work? Peer pressure!Does it always come up in conversation? Planting littleseeds in your mind…See the effects of physical activity on friends! Did theybecome more fit? Do you see yourself wanting to dothe same?
  21. 21. ConclusionBy being more attentive in your world, in yourindividual self, and in your neighbors, you can detectwhen your motivation is peaking!Remember: you want to W-I-N!
  22. 22. Thanks for viewing! Feedback? Successes? Jenny Hong (