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  1. 1. NESTS
  2. 2. Birds build nests to lay and hatch their eggs
  3. 3. Birds raise their young ones in their nest
  4. 4. Birds use twig, leaves,mud, dry grass to build their nests.
  5. 5. Koel does not build itsnest. It lays eggs in nestof crow.
  6. 6. Sparrow, Sunbird and Dove work in pairto build their nest. `
  7. 7. Barbet and Woodpecker make their nests in the holes of a tree trunk WOODPECKERBARBET
  8. 8. Male weaver bird builds nest and femalebird chooses the most comfortable nest to lay eggs.
  9. 9. The tailorbird uses its beak like a needle and it threads variousmaterials like plant fibers through the holes in the leaf to construct acradle like pocket. It then makes a nest with grass and other softmaterial inside this pocket.
  10. 10. Sunbird makes a nest that hangs frombranches of a small tree or bushes
  11. 11. Prepared by Tanisha IV - A