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Kerela houseboat tours and wildlife adventure


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Kerela houseboat tours and wildlife adventure

  1. 1. Kerela Houseboat Tours and Wildlife Adventure The 10th paradise of the world, Kerela placed in Malabar Coast of southwestern India is oneof the most popular states in the country. It is prominent for its eco-tourism initiatives. It isone of the top visited destinations in India tourism and rapidly growing. Its unique cultureand traditions plays the most important role that carries away people from all over theworld. It is surrounded by Arabian Sea on the west, Karnataka on the north and North West,Tamil Nadu on the east. The unique places and its variety figures out that the south Indianstate is at its top in visitor’s adventure. Kerela is the leading state in the field of tourismevery year. It consists of uncountable attractions that you never get off such an opportunity.The top ten attractions to the Kerela tourism that catch your heart are Munnar- known asthe south of Kashmir, Anthapuri- the land of kings, Kumarakom- heavenly place in serenity,Thekkady- a show case of the wild life in Kerela, Cochin- queen of Arabia, Thrissur – a placeof cultural in Kerela, Vagamon- place for adventure as well as a picnic spot, Wayanad-presenting the natural beauty, Kollam – the land of cashews, Lastly Agastyakoodam- theabode of biodiversity. The perfect destination for the tourist in India is Kerela.It also offers houseboats a unique opportunity to experience, which is seen in large lakeslike Vembanad Lake. The Kerala houseboat tours are very popular among thehoneymooners as they provide luxurious accommodation green surroundings andexceptional beauty of nature. The tour delivers the most wonderful eye sights that you haveever seen. It is the most popular tourist attraction in Kerela. The trip to Kerela wouldn’t becomplete trip without a tour on houseboat. It makes your tour more interesting and eachmoment becomes unforgettable with its offered beauty. It is found in large number. Airconditions are also available in these types of boats which make your journey morecomfortable.
  2. 2. The wildlife in Kerala is the key to attraction, which is an opportunity for tourist to see therare creatures found in Kerela. The wild animals you get to see are Nilgiri Thar, AsianElephants, chital, sambar, Indian Porcupine, flying squirrel, Boar, Gray wolf, deer, monkeys,civet cats, and squirrels, Apart from all these wild animals you get an opportunity to seeverities of birds including woodpeckers, Malabar, kingfishers and many more. There aremany national parks that are situated in different places. It contains 9,400km which includesall types of forests like non-plantation, dry forest, wet green forest, grasslands.
  3. 3. Kerela is a home for the wild animals. There are around 453 species of birds which you cansee around and some other rare species such as king cobra, python, viper, turtle, crocodileand many more. A visit to wild life of Kerela is worth experiencing to all the visitors to itsfullest. Kerela is the top eco-tourism in India presenting you the most amazing andwonderful moment in your tour to Kerela. The vacation to Kerela is worth saying until youget into it and make your trip into reality.Jyothish is an eminent writer and travel enthusiast, here giving some valuable informationon wildlife in Kerala and The Kerala houseboat.All the informations here are provided byGlobal Vision Tours.