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Wax Plant


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Wax Plant

  1. 1. Wax Plant Hoya carnosa<br />Group: Foliage Plant<br />Type of Plant: Dicot<br />Leaf Arrangement: Opposite<br />Identification:<br />Vines with 2-4 inch leaves.<br />Very shiny leaf looks waxy and thick.<br />Leaves variable in shape and variegation.<br />Stem usually fuzzy at the tip.<br />Stem often slow to develop leaves on terminal ends.<br />½ inch white and pink fragrant flowers in groups.<br />
  2. 2. Wax Plant Hoya carnosa<br />Water: Plenty of water with good drainage.<br /> <br />Light: Bright, direct sunlight, but can also be<br /> grown in bright, indirect sunlight.<br /> <br />Propagation: Air layering or stem cutting.<br /> <br />Culture: Usually grown as a hanging basket crop.<br /> <br />Problems: Mealy bugs.<br />