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African violet show


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African violet show

  1. 1. African VioletSaintpauliaionantha<br />Group:Flowering Container Plant<br />Type of Plant:Dicot<br />Leaf Arrangement:Alternate, but a Rosette<br />Identification:<br />Circles of leaves surrounding a group of flowers. <br />Leaves usually crenate with lots of fuzz. Petioles<br />reddish or green, thick and round, fuzzy.<br />Flowers with yellow stamens, sideways pistil?<br />Leaves smaller on inside, larger outside.<br />Leaves may be purple on back.<br />
  2. 2. African Violet Saintpauliaionantha<br />Water: Likes to be watered from the bottom. <br /> Likes to be watered with warm water. <br /> Never touch leaves with cold water!<br />Light: Likes bright filtered light or artificial<br /> light. Best in a South window with a<br /> curtain or East window.<br />Propagation: Leaf cutting.<br />Culture: A picky plant, but will reward you if you<br /> take care of the picky things it wants.<br /> Can flower all year if fertilized.<br />Problems: Botrytis, crown rot, viruses, water spots.<br />