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  1. 1. flickr: jjelenbaasCrowdsourcing presentation prepared by Yoon Kang
  2. 2. “Simply defined, crowdsourcingrepresents the act of a companyor institution taking a functiononce performed by employeesa n d o u t s o u rc i n g i t t o a nundefined (and generally large)network of people in the form ofan open call.” – Jeff Howe
  3. 3. To get started, here are some examples oforganizations that are leveraging this trend.
  4. 4. flickr: BestofWDWAmerican IdolInstead of the big name musicproducers, American Idol letsthe millions of average viewersbe the judge of who should bethe next big superstar. Musicaltraining not required: just acellphone is all you need.
  5. 5. Media
  6. 6. Government
  7. 7. Book reviewsPicking a new name for a rock band Restaurant reviews Photography Crime solving Yahoo! Answers Medical advice How-to videos Youtube Orchestra Amazon Mechanical Turk Threadless Tees Translations Marketing Product design Political campaign movements Digg Education CrowdSpring Design our Pepsi can contest ...the list goes on...
  8. 8. And of course,
  9. 9. wikipedia.orgour beloved Wikipedia
  10. 10. “We are living in the middle of a remarkableincrease in out ability to share, to cooperatewith one another, and to take collective action,all outside the framework of traditionalinstitutions and organizations.” – Clay Shirky Here Comes Everybody
  11. 11. All of this means more power to you.
  12. 12. If you have talent,fresh ideas, cool skills,or opinions, someone out there is waiting to tap into it.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. A few things to think about ?
  15. 15. first: WHY
  16. 16. “Humor me.Go there and add a little article.It will take all of five or ten minutes.”...was the email Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipdia, sentout to the members of Nupedia, as he pondered whetherWikipedia could be a success. flickr: Dmitry Rostovtsev
  17. 17. *in its first year, the number of articles grew 390%The response, as youmay have predicted,was simply astounding.*
  18. 18. But with no pay or guarantee of a recognition,what is the motivation that makes people so willing to volunteer their time and resources? flickr: micn2sugars
  19. 19. “Since no one is being paid,the energetic and occasionalcontributors happily coexistin the same ecosystem.” $ -Clay Shirky Here Comes Everybody
  20. 20. second: is it...
  21. 21. Empowering Individualsflicker: Scarlet_Beautiful
  22. 22. flickr: portablemichelleor just Free labour?
  23. 23. Von Glitschka Rob Gough Chad Behnke The NO!SPEC campaign ( urges professional graphic designers and design students “to take a stand against” trends such as crowdsourcing and design contests.
  24. 24. Make your own version of the short lived Gap logo at of crowdsourcing gone wrongWhen Gap revealed their new logo last year, it wasquickly rejected and lampooned by the onlinecommunity. The company then turned tocrowdsourcing for a better idea, which only leftthem with more upset graphic designers. This PRcrisis came to an end with the company announcingthat they’ll be sticking with the old logo.
  25. 25. and finally: the big debate
  27. 27. Are some things better left to the expert?
  28. 28. ...or is your next door neighbour just as capable?
  30. 30. “Technological advances ineverything from productdesign software to digitalvideo cameras are breakingdown the cost barriers thatonce separated amateursfrom professionals.” – Jeff Howe
  31. 31. “There is no crowd incrowdsourcing. There are onlyvirtuosos, usually uniquelytalented, highly trained peoplewho have worked for decadesin a field. … The crowd solvesnothing, creates nothing.” – Dan Woods