Jye Smith Pay Pal Australia Case Study Twitter Bootcamp


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PayPal Australia case study by Switched On Media (Jye Smith) for Twitter BootCamp in Sydney, Australia - July 2009

Presentation shared with permission from Switched On Media (http://switchedonmedia.com.au)

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Jye Smith Pay Pal Australia Case Study Twitter Bootcamp

  1. 1. WTF?
  2. 2. PayPal Australia Social Media Case Study
  3. 3. twitter is a social media tool Forget the technologies, this is about outcomes and people Use the RIGHT tools to track the RIGHT things Compare social media activity with business outcomes Keep revisiting tactics to ensure they are meeting strategy JYE SMITH | Social Media Strategist @jyesmith // skype: jyesmith
  4. 4. the objectives BUSINESS OUTCOMES AND OBJECTIVES 1. Support the sale of tickets to PayPal Developer Days around Australia • 200 Seats at each city (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth) 2. Create awareness about PayPal Certification Program 3. Begin and continue a dialogue with Australian developers Twitter should deliver business outcomes JYE SMITH | Social Media Strategist @jyesmith
  5. 5. the social SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITY TO MEET OBJECTIVES • Research: Monitoring and Measurement • Plan: Strategy Developed (Short term and Long Term) • Twitter Profile • Hash tag created • Blogger Outreach Program Always research and plan before engaging JYE SMITH | Social Media Strategist @jyesmith
  6. 6. measure it HOW TO MEASURE SUCCESS • Tracked each and every link (with multiple tools) • Tracked page views and visitors to a specific landing page • Track conversions (register for tickets) • Analyse the sentiment of conversations and dialogue Measure only the social media activity that leads to business outcomes JYE SMITH | Social Media Strategist @jyesmith
  7. 7. twitter tools THE TOOLS WE USED • Bit.Ly • Radian6 • Custom Twitter Tools • TwitterCounter • Twitter Analyzer • Xefer • Twhirl • PEOPLE to analyse sentiment Do not rely on 1 tool, use human sentiment JYE SMITH | Social Media Strategist @jyesmith
  8. 8. reaching out LOCATE, ENGAGE AND DEPLOY • Find the influencers (research, tools and experience) • Discover who they are, what they do and what they’re doing • Engage personally with them and build a relationship • Discuss opportunities rather than “need from you” Be human. JYE SMITH | Social Media Strategist @jyesmith
  9. 9. the results OBJECTIVE 1: Sell Tickets • Leads Generated through site traffic: 452 Site Visits Generated • Next Time: Implement Google Analytics to show conversion rate Click Throughs JYE SMITH | Social Media Strategist @jyesmith
  10. 10. the results OBJECTIVE 2: AWARENESS • Gained 439 targeted followers • 78 Messages posted over 1 month • Hashtag #paypaldd used before, during and after event *" #!!" )" '#!" '!!" (" &#!" #" &!!" '" %#!" 012234"564327" &" %!!" $#!" 86//61294":;2<=>?" %" $!!" $" #!" !" !" $'+,-." $(+,-." $*+,-." %!+,-." %%+,-." %'+,-." %(+,-." %*+,-." &!+,-." %+,-/" '+,-/" (+,-/" *+,-/" $!+,-/" $%+,-/" $'+,-/" Twitter Followers, Hash tags JYE SMITH | Social Media Strategist @jyesmith
  11. 11. the results OBJECTIVE 3: ENGAGE IN DIALOGUE • Communicating with nearly 500 Australian developers • 75 @ Replies • 11 Re-Tweets • Positive Blogger Sentiment • Total of 6 blog posts before the event, another 4 following the event • Built relationships with other events and industry profiles Combination of qual and quant JYE SMITH | Social Media Strategist @jyesmith
  12. 12. the results BEYOND THE NUMBERS In preparing for Barcamp I noticed a Twitter account for PayPal. Strangely, it wasn’t spouting corporate shillage-speak. Whoever sat behind that Twitter Account was actually interacting with people. They invited me along to their Australian Developer Days, and I said yes. Signed up today, applied for leave, and had an excellent email conversation with them. Let me tell you why this is important, although you might’ve already guessed. PayPal is no longer faceless. They talked to me like a real person. Possibly laughed at me singing a song. Looked at my blog, made reference to a completely different post that needed some searching to find. This is good PR, good people skills. This wins people over. At the very least, it’s won me over. Source: http://stuandrews.com/2009/06/30/paypal-noticed-me/ <3 u 2! JYE SMITH | Social Media Strategist @jyesmith
  13. 13. twitter TWITTER-AWESOME • After research, Twitter was a key communication tool to reach out to developers • Using our experience we were able to grow the followers quickly, while being highly targeted • During updates (sell outs, ticket information etc) Twitter proved to be a fast and public means of delivering information • At-event and post-event feedback could be responded to in real time • We could support the developers by sharing and retweeting interesting and useful links • Personal and Public: Invitations and feedback • Hashtag meant that more attention delivered to events around Australia from various tweeters Key was to support sales, marketing and PR JYE SMITH | Social Media Strategist @jyesmith
  14. 14. for you 5 TIPS BEFORE FLYING WITH THE BLUE BIRD 1. Always have clear business outcomes 2. RESEARCH before you engage, so you can PLAN effectively 3. Analyse, compare and know the relationship between Twitter and business outcomes 4. Only use USEFUL Twitter tools to either RESEARCH, PLAN, ANALYSE, COMPARE and ENGAGE 5. Be useful, interesting and human I’m huge on twitter JYE SMITH | Social Media Strategist @jyesmith
  15. 15. me JYE SMITH Social Media Strategist twitter: @jyesmith email: jye@switchedonmedia.com.au blog: jyesmith.com work: switchedonmedia.com.au @jyesmith