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Three way loveslcc


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Published in: Spiritual
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Three way loveslcc

  1. 1. There’s more to it than you think
  2. 2. Everything God asks of us, we are asked to see it in the light of …. ‘Everything’ - starts with Him, - and ‘Everything’ - He has done for us. He ‘model’s’ it …. We ‘copy’ it
  3. 3. We-love ‘because’ ‘He - first’ - loved-us 1 John 4:19 ‘He first loved us’ now ‘We love others in the same way’
  4. 4. Start? - God is Love.’
  5. 5. What’s missing ?
  6. 6. 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th + Leviticus 19:18 ‘If you want to ‘live life - now’
  7. 7. Do-not murder. 6th Honor Dad & Mom. 5th Do-not commit adultery. 7th Do-not steal. 8th Do-not lie. 9th + ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself
  8. 8. What’s missing ?
  9. 9. ‘If you wish to be ‘complete’ if you want to ‘grow-up‘ and ‘mature’ in God you must get involved in the daily lives of people and their needs. ‘Maturing in God ’ ‘You cannot mature spiritually without involvement with people’
  10. 10. Let us ‘Love-one-another’ for ‘Love’ is ‘From-God’ 1 John 4:7 ‘God ‘S-o-o-o-o’ loved us’ now we are expected to do the same to other people 1 John 3:16-18
  11. 11. Others
  12. 12. Us People God Father World 4 W A Y L O V E
  13. 13. ‘There was more to it than he expected’
  14. 14. Risk- It!
  15. 15. Consider the Pilots life more important than your own
  16. 16. ‘Big-Whimp’s’