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Cv J Wvd Helm

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Ir. Jan Willem van der Helm
  2. 2. Personal details Name: Van der Helm Date of birth: 23 March 1963 Firstname: Jan Willem Place of birth: Scherpenzeel (Gld) Address: Andoornweg 72 Nationality: Dutch Postalcode+city: 5361PD Grave NL E-mail: Telephone work: +31 24 359 5229 Mobile phone: +31 651070874  Profile Presentation CONTENTS  Specialism  Ambition and interest  WorkexperienceST-Ericsson/NXP Semi/Philips Semi  Courses/Certificates  Education  Secondaryactivities  Additionalinformation
  3. 3. Profile  Very experienced manager who successfully managed:  Suppliers (mostly internal): waferfabs (NXP internal, SSMC, TSMC, ASMC, ..), test-&assyfabs  Industrial multi-site projects: e.g. process/product/knowledge transfers (from Europe to Asia), ..  Multi-site and multi-cultural teams: Nijmegen, Hamburg, Zürich, Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Calamba (Philippines)  Some of my characteristics:  Strong drive for cross functional teamwork  Taking accountability and ownership: making things happen  Analytic, pragmatic, organized, operational and result driven  Always looking for improvements  Self propelled, motivated, energetic
  4. 4. Specialism  Very experienced in resizing, rebuilding and motivating teams  20 years project management and supplier management experience  More than 15 years people management experience  At this moment I'm working on getting certificates for black belt and Prince2 Ambition and interest  I’d like to apply my knowledge and experience of high-tech, multi- cultural semiconductor industry into another technical environment building winning and high performance teams.
  5. 5. WorkexperienceST-Ericsson/NXP Semi/Philips Semi 2009 - Present  Engineering Manager BU Audio&Power Peripherals at STE  Responsible for worldwide technical operations of the BU (incl. Supplier management, ramp-ups, industrial costdown and transfer projects, yield improvement and testtime reduction):  Department manager of 24 people in Nijmegen and 12 engineers in Calamba (Philippines)  Implementing Operational Excellence in a >100 M$ Sales organization, making sure that we can guarantee supply to our customers (e.g. Nokia and Samsung) continuously and with highest possible margin.  Q1 2009 I’ve integrated 2 engineering teams in Nijmegen (PMU and MM team) into 1  Over 2009 the integral yield improved about 10% resulting in lower cost and higher margin  Testtimereduced in 2009 by 30%, which led to lower cost and more capacity
  6. 6. WorkexperienceST-Ericsson/NXP Semi/Philips Semi 2008 - 2008  Engineering&Quality Manager ProductLineMultiMedia at ST-NXP Wireless  Responsible for worldwide technical operations of the PL (incl. Supplier management), Quality Improvement Programs (using 8D method) and Customer Quality Programs:  19 people in Nijmegen, 13 in Zürich, 3 engineers in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) and 4 in Calamba  Implementing Operational Excellence in a 40Meuro R&D organization making sure that we a ready for rolling out multichip products with 100Mpcs per year for Nokia  Due to the overall business situation I had to close my Zürich team and resize the team in Nijmegen in Q4 2008
  7. 7. WorkexperienceST-Ericsson/NXP Semi/Philips Semi 2006 - 2007  Operations&Location Manager BusinessLineAnalogueVideoSystems at NXP Semiconductors  Responsible for worldwide technical operations of the BL (incl. Supplier management), Quality Programs and Location Management of the BL in Nijmegen (since headquarter was in Shanghai):  Managementteamrepresentative in Nijmegen and responsible for all BL STS people in Nijmegen (designers, engineers, marketeers)  Driving information sharing between BL headquarters in Shanghai and Nijmegen (e.g. by means of monthly briefings/town meetings)  Resizing Nijmegen site: Jan’07 70 people; Jan’08 40 people  Running Cost Reduction Program (price erosion in market 15% YoY)  Driving roll-out of UOC TOP Qty’07: Q1 0.3M, Q2 1.2M, Q4 5M)  Guarantee supply to our customers (Sony, Samsung, Philips, ...) by enabling dual sourcing
  8. 8. WorkexperienceST-Ericsson/NXP Semi/Philips Semi 2004 - 2006  Operations Manager BusinessLine Mainstream TV Systems at Philips Semiconductors  Responsible for worldwide technical operations of the BL (incl. Supplier management), Quality Programs:  Rolling out/ramping up UOCIII (3rd generation Ultimate OneChip TV) cost down products and CMOS14NV@SSMC (0.14 μm non-volatile state-of-the-art technology)  Excellent Operational performance regarding Yield, testtime and quality returns (TPE value saving in 2004>12 Mio USD)  Type/Process transfer carried out for Painters/C075sOTP from Nijmegen to Fishkill (USA) and Sherpa/Bimos5 from Nijmegen to Boeblingen (Germany)  Managing worldwide TPE groups (Nijmegen, Hamburg and Kaohsiung): 70 engineers  Maintenance budget 10.5 Mio USD
  9. 9. WorkexperienceST-Ericsson/NXP Semi/Philips Semi 2003 - 2004  Program Manager UOCII (2nd generation Ultimate OneChip TV) BusinessLine Mainstream TV Systems at Philips Semiconductors  Responsible for realizing cost down version of UOCII and roll out into the market.  5 different xtals have been developed in 2 new shrink technologies  Cost reduction of 30% has been achieved: 35 Mio USD per year!!  60 Mio yearly runrate production had to be converted into new lower cost version  50 customers involved worldwide (70% market share): strategy feature/quality up and cost down
  10. 10. WorkexperienceST-Ericsson/NXP Semi/Philips Semi 2000 - 2003  Groupleader Supplier Based Management BusinessLine Video at Philips Semiconductors  Responsible for smooth operation and relation with (mainly internal) suppliers incl. sourcing:  8 supplier managers/engineers, 10 diffusion factories, 6 test factories, 5 assembly factories  Pushing corrective actions and improvements (e.g. by means of Supplier Ratings)  Support type introductions and industrial produceability investigations  Optimize flows and making sure that capacity is in place (e.g. by type/process transfers)  Driving Yield Improvement Program
  11. 11. WorkexperienceST-Ericsson/NXP Semi/Philips Semi 1994 - 2001  Groupleader Foundry Support Group BusinessLine Consumer Systems at Philips Semiconductors  Responsible for smooth operation and relation with (mainly internal) waferfabs incl. sourcing:  10 diffusion factories; various type/process transfers have been carried out  Yieldresponsibilityfor wafers changed from the business people to the factories  Actively involved in separation of factories from the business groups
  12. 12. WorkexperienceST-Ericsson/NXP Semi/Philips Semi 1991 - 1994  Foundry Interface Manager ProductGroup Consumer IC at Philips Semiconductors  Responsible for product/process transfers to other waferfabs and marketing of bimos capacity:  6 diffusion factories; various type/process transfers have been carried out 1989 - 1991  Product Engineer BusinessGroup Application Specific Products at Philips Semiconductors  Responsible for yield improvement, reporting and purchase contracts with diffusion foundries
  13. 13. Courses/Certificates Several internal and external classes as listed below: 2010 Black belt, planned for Q2’2010 PRINCE2 Foundation, planned for Q2’2010 PRINCE2 Practitioner, planned for Q2’2010 2007 Operationeel Management, Focus Conferences, 8 lectures at Nyenrode 2006 Leidinggevenaan Professionals, Schouten&Nelissen, 6 days 2003 Coaching for Performance and Growth, DDI, 2 days 2002 Management Development Workshop, Philips internal, 1 day Performance Appraisal by Coaching, CenturiConsult, 1 day 2001 Performance Appraisal Advanced, CenturiConsult, 1 day 1999 Persoonlijk Efficiency Programma, Weesie Consult, 2 days PersoonlijkPresenteren, de Baak, 4 days 1998 Finance&Accountingfor non-Financial Managers, Prof. Dr. C.P. Lewy, 3 d European Quality Award Model Assessor Training, Frits Philips Institute for Quality Management, 2 d 1996 PQA90 (Philips Quality Award) Auditor Training, Frits Philips Institute for Quality Management, 2 days Workshop Influencing skills, Bob Weyant, 2 days 1994 Praktischleidinggeven, Philips internal, 6 days Workshops on Product Engineering, Thomas Group International, 4 days WaferfabCycle Time, Thomas Group International, 2 days
  14. 14. Courses/Certificates (cont’d) 1994 Yield & Reliability of IC Processes and Products workshops, Philips internal, 1 day Inzichtin invloed, Bureau Zuidema, 5 days 1992 Bedrijfskundecursus, Philips Internal, 8 days 1991 HBO Halfgeleidertechniek, Philips Internal, 8 days 1988 Opleiding tot Reserve OfficierAcademischGevormd, Koninklijke Luchtmacht Education 1981 – 1987 Electrical Engineering University of Technology “Twente” in Enschede (see diploma) with specials: • Graduation assignment at IC technology department on BSIT development • 6 month practical period in Boston (NeuroMuscular Research Centre) • Qualification to teach: Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics
  15. 15. Secondaryactivities 1975 – now Several sports (volleyball, biking), travelling, music (choir, organ) 1983 – 1985 Secretary and later chairman of CSV “Alpha” (Christelijke StudentenVereniging) 1988 – now Computer, handhelds, iPod, iPhone 2009 – now Paymaster of VC Dynamo local volleyball club
  16. 16. Additionalinformation ST-Ericsson: ST-Ericsson is a 50/50 joint venture created by bringing together ST-NXP Wireless and Ericsson Mobile Platforms, two of the world’s leading wireless semiconductor and platform companies, both with strong industry heritage. Pre-merger, the businesses individually generated combined pro-forma revenues of about US$3.6bn in 2008, placing ST-Ericsson among the top players in wireless semiconductors. The Company is an industry leader in design, development, and the creation of cutting- edge mobile platforms and wireless semiconductors. ST-Ericsson is a key supplier to four of the industry’s top five handset manufacturers, who together represent about 80 percent of global handset shipments, as well as to other exciting industry leaders. NXP Semiconductors: NXP is a top 12 semiconductor company founded by Philips more than 50 years ago. Headquartered in Europe, the company has 29,000 employees working in 30 countries across the world with a revenue of $5.4 billion. NXP creates semiconductors, system solutions and software that deliver better sensory experiences in mobile phones, personal media players, TVs, set-top boxes, identification applications, cars and a wide range of other electronic devices.