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OVERCOMING THE ROADBLOCKS (contd.)TAP INTO Remaking 'Made in China' (August 2012)


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OVERCOMING THE ROADBLOCKS (contd.)TAP INTO THE MILLENNIAL WORLDVIEW (contd.) Chinese students outnumber any other international cohort in American universities. And some 90,000 Chinese students were attending British universities in October 2011. The cultural exchange goes both ways. Some estimates forecast that the number of international students in China, currently at a quarter-million, will double by 2020.Faced with a tough job market athome, some recent American and Some say there are 50 million people of all ages studyingEuropean college grads are Mandarin. The U.K. and Indian governments, amongrelocating to Asia. others, are working to boost the Mandarin curriculum in schools Image credits: Eric Nishio; Sewanee: The University of the South; London Permaculture

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