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Designing Web Activities Part 2


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Levy, 2009

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Designing Web Activities Part 2

  1. 1. HousekeepingO Reflection blog entries: do Wed-Sun, every week.O Homework this week (due on Wednesday)O Wiki: O make sure you have access to edit, O check out Jena’s Wiki entry.
  2. 2. Last classThree ways to develop web-teaching materialsO WebQuestsO Hot PotatoesO Digital Stories
  3. 3. Digital StoriesO Look at samples.O Homework: Develop a teaching activity that incorporates a teacher-produced digital story (e.g., listening comprehension, vocabulary, etc.) Alternative: create Webquest/Hot Pot activities.O Post activity & a new digital story on blog by Wednesday.
  4. 4. My eBookO Taichi & HongboO p?ebookId=183962
  5. 5. StorybirdO Erin A. & KerryO story-bird/O timothy/
  6. 6. CapzlesO Erin S., Turkan, & JoeO 4b24-4e52-9ed0-857f3d5f5ca0
  7. 7. GoAnimateO Cynthia, Karen, & JenaO 7k?utm_source=linkshareO q4ppAng?utm_source=linkshare
  8. 8. Domo @ GoAnimateO JenaO WjUq60?utm_source=emailshare&uid=0op PozrPMdqA
  9. 9. VuvoxO Haley & RandallO 76c4f9
  10. 10. VoicethreadO Kristen & KarenO
  11. 11. MixbookO Dan & AlanO books/interests/white-portfolio- 8762519?vk=9uCgwu59mE
  12. 12. Levy, 2009O Survey of CALL applications by skill.O “As the options multiply, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the diversity.” (p. 777).O Technology can become normalized, invisible.
  13. 13. Levy 2009Three implications for learners:1. Widespread use ≠ learning effectiveness2. Student training is necessary because users ≠ learners3. Technologies already used by learners with different goals and priorities.
  14. 14. DiscussionO Make a list of the applications/ tools/ websites you know of or have used by skill: Grammar Pronunciation Vocabulary Listening Reading Speaking Writing
  15. 15. DiscussionO What areas of these skills have been addressed by the CALL tools you have seen?O What areas of these skills have not been addressed by CALL tools?O What are some of the hurdles that learners might face in using these technologies?
  16. 16. Philosophy of teaching with technologyO Can be valuable to verbalize your ideas/beliefs about the role of technology in your own teaching.O Teaching philosophies are documents that require ongoing development and reflection.
  17. 17. Individual reflectionO What is your personal philosophy on the role of technology in your language teaching?O How does your philosophy of CALL fit in with your larger teaching philosophy?O Compare with your classmates