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  1. 1. Culture in theL2 Classroom
  2. 2. Issues Marianna: Lyricstraining Defining culture Representations of culture Activities/technologies Online cultures
  3. 3. Lyricstraining
  4. 4. Discussion Please login to the Google group, and find the appropriate discussion thread (by name). Respondto the prompt, read your classmates’ responses, and discuss.
  5. 5. Key terms Culture (capital C): literature, art, music culture (lower-case c) people’s attitudes, beliefs, values. Identifies groups. (groups are permeable – we belong to many groups….)
  6. 6. Culture in LL Cultural descriptions can fall into being essentialist and reductive (Holliday, Hyde & Kullman, 2010). Reductive – reduced culture to simple causes. Essentialist – see handout
  7. 7. Discussion Thinkof a time you have learned about another language or culture. What were some of the elements of essentialist descriptions of the culture? How did your views of the language/culture change as you became more familiar with the community?
  8. 8. Culturalrepresentations
  9. 9. Cultural representations Whatcan we see in textbooks/teaching materials? Whatcan we get through online materials? What do we gain through interacting with individuals?
  10. 10. Online cultures Online communities not the same as an in-person community or cultural group. Learners may (or may not) feel comfortable using social tools (e.g., forums, CMC, etc.) Teachers create artificial approximation of inter-cultural exchange or allow learners to explore?
  11. 11. Activity Develop (in pairs) a teaching activity that can help learners understand an area of the target culture(s) from a non- essentialist point of view. Use either online materials or CMC or a combination to help facilitate the activity. Post on your blog.