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Asking questions 2 11 13


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Asking questions 2 11 13

  1. 1. GO AHEAD…And sign up for two sites:Grockit Answers: and read this ering-the-question-that-youre-about-to-ask/Socrative: and read this
  3. 3. HOUSE IS KEPTQuiz on Wednesday (opens Wed at 6pm, closes Thurs at 6pm) 20 questions, 1 hour to complete Available: presentations, wiki, blogsWednesday’s presentations: Hongbo: Chen, Belkada,, & Okamoto, 2004 Alan: Garrett, 2009Materials 1 due 2/25 Rubric & description next class.
  4. 4. A WARNING CALL -> not monolithic (not you support it or not). Look at what works for you…  Are there things in your teaching that could be aided by a particular tool?  Could your teaching be improved w/ technology?  What language learning is better accomplished through specific applications/tools than through traditional learning?
  5. 5. HANDY TOOLSURL Shorteners:  Tiny URLEmbedding tools (to embed in your website, blog, etc.) 
  6. 6. CLASS PARTICIPATION Participation in class  Allow students to prepare answers  Allow students to see other’s answers  Teacher can collect multiple answers  Encourages participation from students who may not speak up in class. Participation outside of class  Students can complete tasks outside of class and instantly submit.  Students can engage in a wide range of activities/tasks and employ multimedia input.  Make more interesting “homework” Hybrid learning, flip-teaching, dogme/create-your-own materials, etc.
  7. 7. BARRIERS TO ENTRYMost tools require registration (Unintended side effect of Web 2.0)Tools require careful scaffolding (i.e., in- class practice).
  8. 8. GROCKIT ANSWERSTurn any web-based video into a Q & A activity.Search videos within Grockit’s search tool (favors Youtube).Create a New Q & A for the video.Add questions at any part of the video.Share the result with your learners.
  9. 9. USEFUL FOR…Listening comprehension activities.Creating high interest/authentic teaching materials.Record your own videos (with any phone, etc.)Have students create videos of themselves (doing practice presentations, interviews with locals, tours of interesting places) and their own questions.
  10. 10. GROCKIT ANSWERSLet’s try it out:Login/sign up for Grockit:Go here:
  11. 11. SOCRATIVESocrative allows you to create quizzes and activities.Get feedback from each student immediately (in class or out of class).Students can answer the quizzes using pretty much any connected device (computer, tablet, phone).
  12. 12. SOCRATIVELet’s try it out… Review for upcoming quiz Sign-up/Login to Socrative: Go to Join classroom 836637 Join a team for Space Race
  13. 13. HOMEWORKDo one of the three following activities for homework (for nextMonday):1. Individually: Create a Grockit Answers activity using an already existing Youtube video. Try it out with learners. Post the Grockit and reflect on user responses on your blog.2. Individually: Create a Socrative Quiz or Space Race. Try it out with learners. Post the results on your blog.3. With a par tner: Record your own video with a teachable moment (e.g., service encounter, description of a location). Post it to Youtube, add a Grockit activity. Post the Grockit and reflection on your blogs.Be prepared to share your activity in class next week!
  14. 14. VIDEOS -> YOUTUBEEssential steps: Record the video on phone, camera, etc. Create a Youtube account Upload video  From most phones/tablets there is a button to directly upload. (Must have your channel set up first however)  From camera, transfer video file to your computer. Login to Youtube via browser and upload the video. Adjust settings for video in Youtube  Public/Unlisted/Private