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  1. 1. charleschristopherphoto@gmail.com  joann@bellafiguracommunications.com (310)779.0350  (415)383.1399
  2. 2.   ⁿⁿ Overview...................................... ...3 Audience..........................................6 Creators...........................................7 Promotion.......................................8 Accolades for JoAnn........................9 Contributors..................................10 Comparable Books ........................14 Sample Pages.................................16
  3. 3. Overviewroughout the centuries, writers, poets and artists from all over asked one simple question: is this your Venice? eir answersthe world have been seduced by the charms of Venice. Most came back with a resounding yes, their thoughts provocative andphotography books borrow descriptions from writers long gone. personal.We have repeatedly read the reflections of Byron, Twain, Shelly, Our contributors offer unexpected ruminations, not unlike theProust and Ruskin. In Dream of Venice the photography will be sinuous calle that wind their way throughout the city. Whileaccompanied by the words of living luminaries whose hearts have some of our contributors like columnist and author Judithbeen touched by this elusive city of antiquity. For the first time, Martin (aka Miss Manners) and best-selling author and poetphotographs will be presented with an anthology of text (both Erica Jong, are known for their musings about Venice, othersprose and poetry) from writers, poets, designers, filmmakers, will be a complete surprise. Academy award winning actress Julieartists, and musicians who have have been astonished by this Christie cannot separate her reaction to Venice from the timewater-fortified destination, proving that Venice is not a she spent filming, Don’t Look Now. Legendary opera sopranomuseum; it is a vital city. Sylvia Sass speaks reverently of La Fenice as “a symbol ofDream of Venice celebrates the spirit of La Serenissima through rebirth.” Venetian cookbook author Marcella Hazan remembersthe evocative photography of Charles Christopher combined the distinct rhythms of “waking time and dream time.”with the words of celebrated individuals that have loved her well. Acclaimed actress Claire Bloom wonders about “enticing,is is an alternative look at the floating city, minus the clichés forbidding, exquisitely pale and spectral stairs” of this surreal city.that riddle most visual surveys; we include neither gondola, mask Renowned interior designers and authors Matthew White andnor pigeon. Dream of Venice reveals a Venice of contrasts: Hutton Wilkinson share their inspired nocturnal discoveries.foreboding shadows and fragile light; deteriorating textures and And film director Paul Mazursky follows the advice of Fellini,eternal mist; intimate fragments and venerable views. It is a only to end up in tears. ese fresh, authentic voices add humanVenice that is oen missed by the visitor and taken for granted depth to the preternatural beauty of the images.by the resident. e photography of Charles Christopher allows the mundane toOur criteria for inviting participants was straightforward, they become elevated. His images encourage you to listen to the echoneeded to have been deeply affected by Venice and have the desire of footsteps, smell the salt infused lagoon, lose yourself in the fogto put their sentiments into words. We sent a selection of that shrouds the piazza, and search for the vestige of history thatphotographs using this link: dreamofvenice.wordpress.com and feels familiar.
  4. 4. ere are many books about Venice. Choices include cookbooks, are difficult to pack or mail. eir price gives us pause; they join thearchitecture books, shopping books, history books, restaurant category of “gi” or special occasion purchases. Trade paperback,guides, mysteries and romances. With so many selections readily guidebooks and e-books are small and accommodating, they roamavailable, why then does the world need another book on Venice? with the reader, but they are devoid of brilliant images. Dream ofDream of Venice is a stirring compilation of unique photographs Venice is conceived as a treasure: a beguiling testament to Venice, in aand personal words, a book unlike anything currently available. small format that allows for the joyous perusal of intriguing imagesPrevious photography books on Venice have been lavish, large and accompanied by the fresh insights of living contributors. Dream ofexpensive. Size alone mandates that they are meant for display and Venice is first of its kind in the travel photography arena on Venice.
  5. 5. udienceDream of Venice is a book that will appeal to people who are planninga trip to Venice and to people who have just returned. It is a book thatcan be mailed with ease, tucked in a suitcase, or slipped under a pillow.Dream of Venice is for the 20 million tourists who annually visitVenice, and for the millions more who only dream of visiting.According to the US Tour Operators’ first “2011 World’s Best” list,Italy is the number one destination for architectural, romantic,walking, and culinary vacations. Venice personifies the Italy thatpeople admire most. Dream of Venice allows both seasoned travelersand curious readers to experience Venice with new insight.Nigel Osborne, president of the international tour company InsightTravel and a 30-year travel industry veteran, believes that “clients aremore sophisticated than we thought.” Tour operators are catering torepeat travelers, clients who return to Italy again and again,demonstrating a desire to explore and learn. Customers at BookPassage in Corte Madera, California, purchase more books on Italythan the entire number of books purchased on US destinations. Two-thirds of the store’s entire stock is devoted to travel, and Italyrepresents the largest category. Dream of Venice is an extension of alove affair that travelers experience with Italy, an ardor that shows nosigns of cooling.
  6. 6. reators Charles Christopher, photographer A former entertainment journalist for major national magazines including People, Vogue, and e New Yorker, Charles Christopher began his visual career as a still photographer on movie sets. He has been the photographer on Home Invasion and Betrayed at 17, independent features that will premiere in 2011 and 2012.  He also specializes in photographing architectural interiors for private clients and has contributed photography for the upcoming book e New Design Archetypes by Philosophy cosmetics founder Cristina Carlino.  Mr. Christophers photography is exhibited at TAG Gallery in Santa Monica, Linus Gallery in Pasadena, and will be included in the book Best of Photography 2011. He lives in Los Angeles and dreams of Venice. http://charleschristopherphotography.com/ JoAnn Locktov, editor JoAnn has written two books and numerous articles on contemporary mosaics. Both books, e Art of Mosaic Design and Mosaic Art & Style, were published by uarry, a division of Rockport. ey originated in hardback and went into second printings in paperback. Together they have sold over 34,000 copies in the US alone. JoAnn is the founder of Bella Figura Communications a public relations firm that specializes in design and travel. She has represented numerous Italian businesses and successfully launched the Italian travel book, 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go by Susan Van Allen. JoAnn has placed extensive editorial with print and digital media featuring her Italian clients and their products. She works closely with travel and airline magazines and the top bloggers covering Italy. JoAnn utilizes social media for both her own projects as well as strategic tool for her clients. http://www.bellafiguracommunications.com/
  7. 7. PromotionBoth Charles and JoAnn will combine their creative and strategic efforts to utilize all the tools available to market Dream of Venice. JoAnn hassubstantial relationships with the print and digital media that reviews and promotes books in the travel category. She has achieved editorialplacements in magazines including Delta Sky, American Airlines Latitudes, New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, Arthur Frommer’s BudgetTravel, Departures, and Travel & Leisure. Her work representing Italian companies, Susan Van Allen’s book and Ed Mayes’ (husband of authorFrances Mayes) recent poetry exhibit in Tuscany have resulted in excellent relationships with the top travel bloggers. Dream of Venice will also bepromoted within the photography, film, literary, and poetry communities as well.Prominent Italy bloggers were chosen to participate to ensure substantial promotion on their sites. We have secured Dream of Venice domains onFacebook, Twitter and Posterous and are leveraging social media to gain and sustain awareness of the book.All of our contributors are living, and most participate in social media. By gathering a community of active writers and artists we have enlisted themto champion the book within their own circles of influence. JoAnn and Charles have also chosen to donate a percentage of their proceeds to a non-profit organization that supports the restoration of Venice. e book will be promoted to the organization’s membership.We will also support the publication of Dream of Venice with regional book signings and photography exhibits in California, New York and Venice.
  8. 8. JoAnn Locktov has surprised me at every turn with the publicityAccolades for and promotion work shes done for Travelers Tales/Solas House, specifically for author Susan Van Allen and her book 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go. JoAnn is smart, a great communicator, produces huge value at reasonable cost, everythingJoAnn’s launch she does is on time, and her enthusiasm for people and her work is completely contagious. I look forward to figuring out new projects for her to work on! Highly recommended. James OReilly, Co-founder, President and Publisher of Travelers Tales/Solas House, Inc.of Places in JoAnn Locktov is an absolute joy to work with on every level. Her highly professional services combine an elegant style, creative flair, and savvy, customized approach to every aspect of the job. eItaly Every materials — digital press releases and personalized pitches she generates — are pieces, which I am thrilled to have out there to represent my book. Her focused approach on a print and online media campaign for 100 Places In Italy Every Woman Should GoWoman brought results that far exceeded expectations — increasing book sales and widening its public profile. Bella Figura Communications is a rare gem in the publicity world. As an author, I feel molta fortunata to have my book in such Bella hands!Should Go Susan Van Allen, Author You seem to have done what a lot of PR outfits promise but never quite seem to do! Sean OReilly, President and Founder, Auriga Distribution Group More accolades from editors and clients at: http://www.bellafiguracommunications.com/#section4
  9. 9. ContributorsDream of Venice has a lively group of contributors that merge creative Sheila Buckmaster: editordisciplines. Writers, poets, designers, architects, artists ~ it is very Sheila is the Editor at Large for National Geographic Traveler and travels tomuch on purpose an eclectic group that traverses many arenas of Venice bi-annually to participate in Carnevale as her alter ego, Charliethought. Our intention is to surprise and provoke, to allow readers to Chaplin.experience Venice through the words of individuals who have le a Julie Christie: actresspiece of their heart in this enigmatic place. One of the worlds most acclaimed film stars, Julie Christie has been dazzlingA resource section at the back of the book will enable readers to learn audiences for nearly five decades.  Among her best known films are Johnmore about each contributor, their publications and achievements. Schlesingers Darling (for which Christie received an Academy Award),Each of the contributors was invited to view the photography here: David Leans epic masterpiece Doctor Zhivago, Francois Truffauts Fahrenheitdreamofvenice.wordpress.com 451, Robert Altmans McCabe and Mrs. Miller, and Nicolas Roegs classic shocker Dont Look Now (which she refers to in this book).  Herey selected the image that they wanted to accompany their words... performance in the poignant 2006 drama, Away From Her, earned her another Oscar nomination.  Al Pacino has called Christie the cinemas "mostEleanora Baldwin: Top blogger poetic actress."Eleanora lives in Rome with her son, and writes for numerous on-linepublications on food and travel in Italy. Rachel Dacus: poet and writer Rachel Dacus poems, stories and essays have appeared widely in print andClaire Bloom: actress online and have been included in several anthologies. Her prose is featured inBorn in a suburb north of London, Claire Bloom made her stage debut in an anthology of travel essays: Italy, A Love Story (Seal Press, 2005)1946 at the tender age of 15.  Six years later, Charlie Chaplin chose her to starin his poignant film masterpiece, Limelight.  Since then, Miss Bloom has Cara di Silva: authorappeared in many acclaimed motion pictures, including e Haunting, e Cara di Silva is an award-winning journalist who specializes in writing aboutBuccaneer, Mighty Aphrodite, Crimes and Misdemeanors, and e Kings food, travel, culture, and ethnicity. Most recently, In Memorys Kitchen: ASpeech.  She also starred in the original 1981 mini-series Brideshead Revisited, Legacy om the Women of Terezin, which she edited and brought to fruition,and in her own one-woman production of Shakespeares Women, which was voted one of the most noteworthy books of the year by e New Yorkincludes one of her most famous roles, that of Portia in e Merchant of Times Book Review. (Jason Aronson, Inc.)Venice.
  10. 10. Lawrence Ferlinghetti: poet thousands of fans in several countries. (Knopf) his film debut as an actor in Stanley KubricksA prominent voice of the wide-open poetry debut feature, Fear and Desire.  Since then, he hasmovement that began in the 1950s, Lawrence David Hewson: author gone on to write, produce, and direct numerousFerlinghetti has written poetry, translation, David Hewson is the bestselling author of more successful motion pictures, including Harry andfiction, theater, art criticism, film narration, and than sixteen books published in more than twenty Tonto, An Unmarried Woman, Down and Out inessays. Oen concerned with politics and social languages. His popular Costa contemporary crime Beverly Hills, and Blume in Love (which gave himissues, Ferlinghettis poetry countered the literary series is now in development for a series of TV the occasion to shoot on location in Venice).elites definition of art and the artists role in the movies in Rome. His contribution to Dream ofworld. (City Lights Foundation) Venice is an excerpt from A Carnial for the Dead, Nan McElroy: author, Top blogger and Venice to be published on Jan. 6, 2012. (McMillan) residentPatrizia Gucci: author & designer Nan McElroy is a freelance writer living full timeArtist, and designer Patrizia Gucci is also author of Erica Jong: poet & author in Venice, Italy. She is the author of Italy,two books, Single and Charm (Sperling & Kupfer Erica Jong is a poet, novelist and essayist best Instructions for Use and blogs at Living Venice.Editori). Patrizia has a weekly nationally syndicated known for her eight best selling novels, includingcolumn in Italy discussing style and the Fear of Flying, which has sold 20 million copies in Nolan Miller: fashion designercontemporary Italian woman. more than forty languages. Ms. Jong is also the During the 1980s, Nolan Miller was the highest author of seven award-winning collections of paid designer in Hollywood, creating costumes forDiane Hales: author poetry. (Harper Collins) hit TV shows such as Fantasy Island, e LoveDiane is a widely published, award winning Boat, and Dynasty. A six-time Emmy nominee,freelance journalist and author. She has recently Robin Locker Lacey: Top blogger Miller also worked in theater and film, andreceived an honorary knighthood from the Robin Locker Lacey is a travel consultant for Italy maintained a roster of exclusive private clientsPresident of Italy in recognition for her best selling and France, freelance writer, photographer and including Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Collins, Barbrabook, La Bella Lingua as an “invaluable tool for foodie. Streisand, and Sophia Loren.promoting the Italian language. (Broadway Books)FB: 846 Judith Martin: author Tony Perrottet: author Since 1978 Judith Martin has written an advice Perrottet is the author of five books – including hisMarcella Hazan: chef, cookbook author, and column, which is distributed three times a week by most recent, e Sinner’s Grand Tourformer resident of Venice United Features Syndicate and carried in more (Broadway). His travel stories have been widelyPerhaps more than any other person, Marcella than 200 newspapers worldwide. Ms. Martin has anthologized and have been selected four times forHazan is responsible for bringing Italian cuisine written 17 books including No Vulgar Hotel: e the Best American Travel Writing series. He isinto the homes of American cooks. Living in Desire and Pursuit of Venice. (Norton) also a regular television guest on the HistoryVenice for most of her life, Marcella and her Channel, where he has spoken about everythinghusband Victor now reside in Florida. Her best Paul Mazursky: film director from the Crusades to the birth of disco.selling cookbooks have developed tens of A five-time Oscar nominee, Paul Mazursky made
  11. 11. Fred Plotkin: author La Scala (where her debut as Puccinis Manon Jessica Speigel: Top bloggerPlotkin is equally well known for his knowledge Lescaut, opposite Placido Domingo, was televised Jessica Speigel is a Portland-based travel writer forand writing on Italian topics. He is oen referred live across Europe).  Ms. Sasss many recordings in the BootsnAll Travel Network for whom sheto as the Italy expert other so-called Italy experts go the Italian repertoire include Cherubinis Medea, writes the Why Go Italy on-line guide.to for definitive information on everything Italian. Verdis Macbeth, Attila, I Lombardi, Ernani andHis Italy for the Gourmet Traveler (Little, Brown the world premiere studio recording of Stiffelio Alberto Toso Fei: author and resident of1996; 5th edition published by Kyle Books, 2010) (with Jose Carreras), all conducted by Lamberto Venicequickly established itself as the most complete Gardelli, For Sir Georg Solti, she recorded the role Alberto Toso Fei, 43 years old, descends from anguide to 504 Italian cities. He has written four of Donna Elvira in Mozarts Don Giovanni and ancient family of glass masters in Murano, and isother Italian books, two of which have been James Judith in Bartoks Bluebeards Castle (a role she an expert on the history and the mysteries ofBeard Award finalists. reprised in the film version).  Her recordings of Venice. He is a journalist, and has written a series Liszt, Wagner and Strauss lieder are considered of books that constitute an anthology of mysteryNicolas Roeg: film director among the very best.  As a painter, Sass has in Venice and the lagoon. It all started over twentyBritish film director Nicolas Roeg began his career exhibited throughout Hungary and France.  She is years ago, when Alberto Toso Fei decided that inshooting second unit on David Leans Lawrence of also the author of three books: A belso hang (e some way, he had to “record” the tales of ourArabia (1962) and Roger Cormans e Masque of Inner Voice), Infinie Melodie, and Az almok eneke “grandparents” which might otherwise be lostthe Red Death (1964).   Aer working as a (e Song of the Dreams).  Her master classes are forever. is return to the oral tradition, with itscinematographer on such distinguished films as among the most sought aer in Europe. infinite legends and stories of witches and ghosts,Francois Truffauts Fahrenheit 451 (1966) and stories that used to be told around the hearth, wasJohn Schlesingers Far om the Madding Crowd Toni Sepeda: author, resident of Venice the basis for his first book Venetian Legends and(1967), he made his directorial debut with the Toni Sepeda has been a professor of literature and Ghost Stories (Arsenale 2000 – Elzeviro 2002),Mick Jagger documentary Performance (1970). art history in Northern Italy for twenty years. She which became a remarkable success. Translated Since then, he has directed such powerful visual is the author of Brunetti’s Venice (Grove Press), into five languages, it inspired the growingclassics as Walkabout, e Man Who Fell to Earth and the only person authorized by Donna Leon to phenomenon of “ghost tours”, which are verystarring David Bowie, and the supernatural thriller conduct individual walking tours for Inspector popular in the city today and refer explicitly to hisDont Look Now (which he, like Julie Christie, Giudo Brunetti’s millions of devoted followers. stories. Since then he has written three otherwrites about in this book). books, Veneziænigma (Elzeviro, 2004. e book Sally Spector: author, artist and resident of won the “Giuseppe Mazzotti” Gambrinus LiterarySylvia Sass: opera singer, artist and author Venice Prize and the “Veneto Banca – La Voce deiSylvia Sass is a world-renowned Hungarian Sally Spector has been living in Venice since 1985. Lettori” Readers’ Prize), Mysteries of the Lagoonsoprano who has appeared on the stages of almost She is an internationally exhibited artist and has and Witch Tales (Elzeviro 2005, winner of theevery major opera house, including the Royal written and illustrated, Venice & Food, and Special Jury Award for Venetian narrative of theOpera House Covent Garden, the Metropolitan Chocolate Truffles and Other Treasures of Italy’s Villa Morosini prize) and e Secrets of the GrandOpera, the Vienna State Opera, the Bolshoi Piedmont Cuisine. (arsenale editrice) Canal (Studio LT2, 2009).eatre of Moscow, Gran Teatro la Fenice, and
  12. 12. Michael Tucker: actor and authorAn actor for about forty years and a writer for half as many, Mr. Tucker has worked in theater, TV (LA Law) and movies - in New York, California andmany points in between. He lives in a New York and Italy, where he has a house nestled among the olive trees in Umbria. Mr. Tucker has written threebooks, I Never Forget a Meal, Living In a Foreign Language and Family Meals. (Grove Press)Susan Van Allen: authorSusan Van Allens love for Italy stems from her maternal grandparents, who emigrated from Southern Italy. She is the author of 100 Places in Italy EveryWoman Should Go and numerous articles and travel anthologies. (Travelers Tales)Matthew White: designer and authorInterior designer and author, Matthew White was selected as one of the “AD 100” (Architectural Digest magazine’s list of the 100 best designers in theworld). He is the author of Italy of my Dreams – An American Designer’s Real Life Passion for Italian Style (Pointed Leaf Press) and he is the chairman ofSave Venice.Hutton Wilkinson: designer and authore international designer partnered with design icon Tony Duquette in 1994 and has created interiors for royal and international clients in the US, Italy,France and Saudia Arabia. His custom line of jewelry is collected and worn by celebrities on the red carpet and at the Academy Awards. Mr. Wilkinsonwrote Tony Duquette (Harry N. Abrams) now in its third printing and serves on the Board of Save Venice.Joe Wolfe: authorJoe Wolff is the author of the Café Life series, Rome, Florence and Venice. He says Venice is his favorite. (Interlink Books)
  13. 13. Comparable VenicePhotography BooksWe’ve researched photography books on Venice to understand the Dream of Venice is uniquely positioned to appeal to tourists,marketplace and the choices available. ere are only two Venice residents, Venetophiles, photographers, and the numerous fans of ourphotography books by US publishers, Serenissima: Venice in Winter renowned contributors. ere is nothing on the market that offers(2008) by Frank Ripper, published by Hudson Hills Press, and In the remarkable photography with illustrative thoughts from a myriad ofSpirit of Venice (2005) by Alexis Gregory, published by Assouline. minds. Now that more e-readers are becoming available with colore Ripper book is a traditional coffee table book in size (over 11”) compatibility, we will also investigate a digital version of the book.and price ($50). e photography is limited to black and white. e Compact, affordable, with fresh images and words, Dream of VeniceGregory book is smaller at just under 11” and $40. ere is no can be sold in a tremendous array of retail establishments beyondconsistency to the photographs as they are from numerous sources, bookstores and on-line options. Museums, gi and travel shops, cruisewhich render it more a “guide” book than the artistic vision of one ships and airports are all viable sources.photographer.e six other books we identified (published aer 2000) all comefrom European publishers. Photographers Michael Kenna, SimonMardsen and Gunther Derleth have all published large format booksranging in price from $50-$75. e accompanying text for thesebooks is from deceased writers.Several other books with photography are available in a smaller sizeformat however the photographs are either stock or limited to aspecific time of day and text is primarily photo captions or quotes bydeceased writers. We found only two books with original narrativefrom one author, Venice and the Veneto and Venice at Night.
  14. 14. Notable differences with Dream of VeniceVenezia Dreaming Venice · Hardcover: 128 pagesMichael Kenna Fernando Bertuzzi · Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group$75 · 144 pages (February 1, 2002)· Hardcover: 64 pages · Publisher: Grafiche Vianello Srl; (January 25, · Language: English· Publisher: Nazraeli Press; 1st edition (June 14, 2006) · Product Dimensions: 11.7 x 11.5 x 0.8 inches2010) · Language: English & Italian (Large format, expensive, Introduction by the· Language: Italian · Product Dimensions: 6 x 5.8 x 0.7 inches photographer, quotes from deceased writers)· Product Dimensions: 12.4 x 11.7 x 0.9 inches (Text consists of a forward and brief photo(Produced to accompany an exhibit, an captions) Camera Obscuraexpensive book for only 64 pages, Italian only) Venice In the Spirit of Venice Pinhole Camera PhotographsVenice At Night Alexis Gregory Gunter DerlethStephane Loeber-Bottero $40 $70$35.00 · Hardcover: 167 pages · Hardcover: 120 pages· 192 pages · Publisher: Assouline (April 15, 2005) · Publisher: Edition Stemmle (September 2000)· Publisher: Gourcuff Gradenigo; Bilingual · Language: English · Language: Englishedition (May 16, 2010) · Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 7.7 x 0.9 inches · P roduct Dimensions: 13.3 x 10.9 x 0.8 inches· Language: English (Variety of photographs from many different (Large & expensive, quotes are primarily from 9.5 x 6.5 x 1 inches sources, accompanied by text from Gregory) deceased authors) (Limited to night images of 5 Venice walks) La Mia Venezia Venice and the VenetoSerenissima: Venice in Winter Fulvio Roiter Sylvie Durastanti (Author), Angelo LomeoFrank Van Riper · Hardcover: 140 pages (Photographer), Sonja Bullaty$50.00 · Publisher: Vianello Libri (January 1, 2004) $45· 132 pages · Language: French, Italian · Hardcover: 180 pages· Publisher: Hudson Hills Press (November 10, · Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.7 x 0.6 inches · Publisher: Abbeville Press; 1st edition (March2008) (Photo captions and some text excerpted from 1, 1998)· Language: English various deceased people) · Language: English Product Dimensions: 11.3 x 11 x 1 inches · Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 10.2 x 1 inches(Limited to black and white images, large Venice, City of Haunting Dreamsformat) Sir Simon Marsden (All color photographs, original text that often $50 includes quotes of deceased writers)
  15. 15. Sample Pages
  16. 16. David HewsonAs Teresa Lupo crossed the Rialto bridge she found herself walking beneath lines of bright blue snowflakelights strung above the pavement, descending past the souvenir stalls, most of them closed, their waresbeing carted away by intent, muscular men heaving trolleys up and down steps, the porters who kept thisstrange city moving, lugging goods everywhere, regardless of bridges and the hordes of pedestrians aheadof them.Musicians in garish costumes carrying a variety of instruments — horns, drums, a glockenspiel — walkedback towards the vaporetto jetty. Crowds of costumed carnival-goers meandered through the arcades as iflost for where to wander next.Teresa followed Tosi’s instructions and bore right, away from the lights and the people, into the pools ofdarkness and the small piazzas where the market stalls set up during the day. She could still smell the sweetaroma of fruit and behind it the sharp salt smack of fresh fish. Rounding the blocky hulking shape of thechurch of San Giacomo she stopped and stood in front of its low, simple loggia, trying to get her bearings,which was never easy at the best of times, even during the day.Ahead, across a patterned pavement of cobblestones, a, low fountain in the centre, was a half-lit open spacesurrounded on three sides by arcades. To her le ran a line of low kiosks still lit by a handful of opentourist stands. On her right the taller buildings were occupied by what appeared to be a few restaurants.Reach the church and go ahead, Tosi said. She was in the right place but could see very little indeed excepta moving procession of dark shapes, most of them in costume, criss-crossing the area beneath the shelter ofthe arcades. David Hewson from A CARNIVAL FOR THE DEAD Copyright David Hewson 2012
  17. 17. Erica Jong In Venice Again with YouIn this great ghost of cities, like New Year’s Eve O my lover, not as a maskthe dreams rise confetti. I have walked through houses a facefrom the murky lagoon & all the old assassins the crumbling palaces but as leaves& you dream from the past with you house the treeyou kill your father dash through promising things of life),& I dream again the alleyways history teaches tell us that making loveof my bad reviews. transformed into cats. that we cannot is not enough. promise.A dagger hovers The dogs sniff history It is deathin the air— through their muzzles The ghosts they want,or can it be a pen? & find it stinks. are laughing. not love. They leer & pronounce It is bloodThe ghosts The pigeons wheel & dip dire warnings they want,are restless. making black holes from behind not sperm. in Turner’s luminescent sky. their terrifying masks.Lord Byron limps But I am laying betsacross the Grand Canal It is all a stage set Are they only jealous on love again—walking on water. for our dreams because we’re so alive? at least as we wheel & turn & because we walk for now.The doges mumble thrashing up our pasts. in the sunin their baths of blood; laughing Temporary,& Tintoretto, painting, Is this why lovers at their warnings? permanent,painting, come to Venice, Who can say?asks: “What matter city of cemeteries We make loveif I paint a Christ & black burial boats? again & again I cast my diceor a satyr to banish them— for life.as long as the chiaroscuro To set the ghostsis mine, all mine?” To rest & they, & the ghosts & build their lives stripped of their bodies, reel backward—At San Marco upon the dark lagoon having forgotten & are gone.the pickpockets dance, of death? the joy of fleshfluttering stolen bills (& how it houses spirit
  18. 18. Sogno di Venezia