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Horror genre:codes and conventions


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Horror genre:codes and conventions

  1. 1. List as many codes and conventions of the horror genre seen in:
  2. 2. Compare with other ‘types’ • • • • • • • Halloween – Slasher Saw – Torture Porn/Gore Scream - Slasher Friday the 13th – Psychological/Slasher Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Gore The Descent – Monster/Gore The Exorcist - Religious
  3. 3. Horror films are unsettling and designed to cause discomfort to the viewer. It could do any these things to you; • Frighten and make the viewer panic causing heart rate to rise. • Cause dread and alarm. • Invoke hidden or even new fears, sometimes lasting longer than the film. • Captivate and entertain us in a fearful and gruesome manner. • Conclude often in a way that shocks the audience.
  4. 4. Typical fears reinforced by the horror genre Any good horror film should play on at least one of the following; • Nightmares - something everyone has experienced once in their life • Vulnerability - the inability to withstand the effects of a hostile environment. • Alienation - being alone is one of the scariest things for everyone • Fear of the unknown - even something simple like a low lit room • Death - the inevitable and also unknown, it’s never certain what will happen when you die. • Loss of identity - losing everything you once were
  5. 5. Machete Knife Weapons that inflict a slow and painful death Axe Chainsaw Cave Isolated Town Countryside Usually stabbing weapon never a gun Woods weapon Haunted/Abandoned House Isolated places Teenagers Parents Props Location/Setting The Virgin survives as long as her virginity Characters Horror Conventions Sound/music A group of people, the audience can relate to Evil twin Psycho Ghost/Demon Mental patient Monster Outcast Villain/Killer Victims The slut( promiscuous girl) gets punished for being sexual active Children Killer Uses a lot of non-diegetic sound to set a mood Sub genre Religious Sci-fi Teen slasher Monster Vampire Masked murders Killer/monster never dies Killer (usually a male character)
  6. 6. Key film language to use in your essays • • • • • • • • Convention • Narrative • Genre • Mise-en-scene • Lighting • Editing • Performance Camera – movement Shot - angle/tilt Framing Composition Sound Colour Iconography