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ECM Model (enterprise content management)


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ECM Model (enterprise content management)

  1. 1. Overview Model Enterprise Content Management (ECM) The goal of the ECM model is to encourage campus-wide collaboration by providing an integrated, fluid enviroment for users and programmers to gather, report, and publish data. When integrated with existing systems and business rules, ECM offers campus users access to accurate content and historical business data. Scan paper forms Manage document to convert existing workflow with business processes automation, auditing, into electronic Image Document and version control. workflows. Import Management Image Document Management Collect and publish and tag photos and Management Management documents to a public images with web site or private metadata. Publish DAM DM intranet site for reporting selected photos to and accreditation. the web with captions and credits. Content Repository Create and manage Aggregate and publish public forms for records web content, share content input using version documents online, control and reporting. private content publish images, and With integration, the Records Web Content online forms from other RM component could Management Management ECM components. Track reference existing private and public web Banner data. RM WCM content using version control and workflow. ECM integrates with isolated islands of campus information to improve overall accuracy and efficiency. Outlook Email & Calendar Campus Calendar Banner (VEMS) ANGEL Draft v.2.7 / revised: Sun May 10 2009, by Jonathan Woolson, Based on material from URL: