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Zotero Tutorial Presentation

  1. 1. Zotero is a tool that helps to collect, organize, cite, and sharebibliographic references for your research. References (referred toas items) can include everything from books, articles, anddocuments to web pages, artwork, films, soundrecordings, bills, cases, or statutes, among many others. Tutorial by John McDonald
  2. 2. Download and Install
  3. 3. Begin by opening www.zotero.org in Firefox and clicking the “DownloadNow” button.
  4. 4. Click “Install Now” and follow the directions up to and including restartingFirefox.
  5. 5. Register on the Zotero website so thatyou can take advantage of the librarysync function.
  6. 6. Populate theZotero Library
  7. 7. After deciding on a subject to research, search withindatabases, websites, and other online resources. Here I searchedEBSCO for social networking.
  8. 8. Open an article you find interesting and click the “Save to Zotero”button in the Firefox address bar.
  9. 9. Open the Zotero library by clicking the “zotero” icon in the bottomright corner of Firefox.
  10. 10. Review the “Info” tab to the right ofthe Zotero library to confirm thatall authors have beenacknowledged and verify the otherinformation provided.
  11. 11. Continue to research and populate your library with sources.
  12. 12. Add a note to any entry by selecting that entry in the library and thenclicking the “Add” button under the “Notes” tab to the right of theZotero library.
  13. 13. Type your note in the text area on the right and watch as your note isapplied in real time to the selected item in the library.
  14. 14. Create aBibliography
  15. 15. Select all of the sources you will be citing in your research.Right click and choose “Create Bibliography from Selected Items…”
  16. 16. Choose a citation style from the list.Click the radio button for “Copy to Clipboard” and hit “OK”.
  17. 17. Open your word processorsuch as MicrosoftWord, and paste (Ctrl – V)the bibliography that wassaved to your clipboard.Zotero properly cites yoursources for you with theclick of a button!!!
  18. 18. Generate a Report
  19. 19. Select all of the sources you will be citing in your research.Right click and choose “Generate Report from Selected Items…”
  20. 20. A report of your sources is printed in your browser.
  21. 21. Sync Your Library toZotero’s Online Server
  22. 22. Click the gear icon in the toolbar above the Zotero library and choose“Preferences…”
  23. 23. Select the “Sync” optionin the list at the top.Type in your usernameand password in theappropriate boxes.Make sure “Syncautomatically” is selected.Click “OK”
  24. 24. Click the “Sync to Zotero Server” button (curved green arrow) in thetop right toolbar of the Zotero library.
  25. 25. Your library should now be updated on the Zotero website.
  26. 26. Zotero Groups
  27. 27. Search groups on the Zotero website to view and share relatedsources with other members.
  28. 28. Collaborate with Zotero groups.
  29. 29. Create aTimeline
  30. 30. Select all of the items in your library.Click on the gear icon in the menu bar above the library.Choose “Create Timeline”.
  31. 31. Zotero generates a timeline based on the items in your library.
  32. 32. Advantages:• You can organize items into collections – folders into which items relating to a specific project or topic can be placed.• Users can tag items for more organization and search efficiency.• Search function.• Items can have notes, files, and links attached to them.• You can save a web page as a “snapshot” for offline access.• Supports all the major bibliographic styles as well as many journal-specific styles.• Supports word processor integration.• Automatically generates a bibliography.• Accounts can be synched to multiple computers.• Users can create groups to collaboratively manage research sources and materials.Disadvantages:• Zotero must be installed.• Zotero is only available as a Firefox plugin or as a standalone program.• You are required to provide an email when creating an account.• Zotero uses a toolbar icon in Firefox.• Word processor integration requires a separate plugin download.