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Progress presentation

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Progress presentation

  1. 1. Progress Presentation
  2. 2. Jamie Lewis Project Manager/DesignerAlex McAlister 2D ArtistJack Kirby 2D/3D ArtistDaniel Lumsden ProgrammerMatthew Higgins Programmer/Producer
  3. 3. How the game was decided:- Originally discussed doing a 3D futuristic FPS with possibly Steam Punkelements. - Decided a 2D platformer would be more realistic and suited to the artists inthe group.- A comedy element to the game seemed necessary to make it entertaining.- XNA engine after programmers discussed their own preferences andperformed test stage with various engines such as Open GL and Unity.- Settings brainstorm resulted in a group decision to create a jungle level anda medieval level.
  4. 4. So...What we’ve achieved:- Engine decision = XNA- Level description and art- Concept art for character, levels, menu screens and initial arsenal- (Programming) Operating menu, basic character animation andenemy movement
  5. 5. Thanks for listening. Anyquestions?