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Open zfs 11.18.13


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Open zfs 11.18.13

  1. 1. OpenZFS Test Coverage John W. Kennedy 11/18/2013
  2. 2. What Are We Talking About Today? Discussing the specifics of testing OpenZFS such that we have the greatest coverage possible in terms of both tests and platforms. ● ● ● ● ● Background - Where we’ve been What remains to be done What that means with respect to OpenZFS Where do we go from here? Ideas for future work
  3. 3. A Brief History of ZFS Testing ● Started with STF and ztest, the former opened in late 2009 ● Stagnated somewhat after the close of OpenSolaris ● Fixed up, and hosted on github - Summer of 2011 ● Testrunner - the successor to STF integrated into illumos in 2012
  4. 4. What Work Still Remains? ● There are several new features and properties that need new tests. ● The testrunner framework could still be easier to use, especially for developers. ● Some areas that have coverage can be more thorough than they are already. ● For OpenZFS, we need to do the above, plus...
  5. 5. What Needs to be Done for OpenZFS? ● Decide if we want common tests for all distributions? ● Pros: ● Distributed testing effort ● Distributed test authoring effort ● One set of tests to validate new implementations and prevent regressions. ● Cons: ● ???
  6. 6. What Needs to be Done for OpenZFS? (continued) How should we share our work? Share tests only, or tests and a framework? ● Both illumos and BSD have ported STF (into testrunner and ATF, respectively) ● Would the illumos tree be a useful canonical source for the tests themselves? A new repo?
  7. 7. What Needs to be Done for OpenZFS? (continued) Technical aspects of sharing a test suite across multiple distributions. ● Disk nomenclature and management ● FMA, and its presence or absence ● Subtle behavioral differences in random utilities
  8. 8. Ideas for Future Work ● Automated facility that consumes a delta from your repo, and produces test results from bits it built from your diffs. ● Other ideas?
  9. 9. Questions? Please contact me with questions or comments Mail: irc: jwk404 on #openzfs