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Fusion prj-proposal for 10 2 class


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Published in: Technology
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Fusion prj-proposal for 10 2 class

  1. 1. A Real-time Indoor Dust Monitoring System Fusion Project Proposal Team Name: K2V Tram(iET), Hoang My(iMS), Woojin Joe(iIT) 2013 Fall Semester Fusion Projects Date: Oct. 2 Advisor Professor: Woo, Jung Hun
  2. 2. Table Of Contents 1. Backgrounds 2. Related Works 3. Project Description 4. Approach 5. Evaluation & Challenge 6. Project Schedule
  3. 3. Backgrounds 1/3 ● People lives and works inside building up to 90% of time. ● EPA warns seriousness of indoor air pollution. ● In the WHO European Region alone, exposure to particulate matter (PM) decreases the life expectancy of every person by an average of almost 1 year(1) ● cause of various illness: asthma, atopic dermatitis, allergy, etc. ○ The prevalence rate of child asthma(2) ■ 13.0%(‘95) - 15.8%(‘00) - 18.6%(‘05) ○ Positive correlation between indoor PM2.5 exposure and the presence of bronchitis and asthmatic symptoms, especially during the winter season(3) How to solve this problem? (1) (2) 관계부처 합동 보고서, 실내공기질 관리 기본계획(2009~2013), 2009. (3) Jonathan A. Bernstein, et. al, The health effects of nonindustrial indoor air pollution, 2008.
  4. 4. Backgrounds 2/3 (4) UK Parliament POST NOTE, UK Indoor Air Quality, 2010. (5) WHO, Health effects of particulate matter, 2012
  5. 5. Backgrounds 2/2 (6) (7), (8) WHO, Health effects of particulate matter, 2012 The health effects of PM10 and PM2.5 are well documented. There is no evidence of a safe level of exposure or a threshold below which no adverse health effects occur(8). (6) PM is a widespread air pollutant, consisting of a mixture of solid and liquid particles suspended in the air(7).
  6. 6. Related Works 1/3 ● Existiong Sensor or Monitor Device ○ monitors Indoor dust precisely but very expensive. ○ needs professional knowledge. ○ just shows number or index of IAQ ○ doesn’t provide relevant notification in real-time.
  7. 7. Related Works 2/3 (Standards) (9) (10) (11) ● US(Ambient Air)(9) ● Japan(10) ● South Korea(11) Location PM10(ug/m^3) public buildings; subway, underground shopping area, airport, bus terrminal, complex shopping mall, ... below 150 medical building below 100 Indoor Parking lot below 200
  8. 8. Related Works 3/3 Methods of Measurement(12) ● Mass Concentration Method ● Beta-Ray Absorption Method ● Light Scattering Method (12) (13) (14) Dust Lens Heater Dust Ascending Air Current (13)
  9. 9. A system which - monitors the indoor dust( > 1um) in real-time - preserve data of PM(Particulate Matter) - shows the data with GUI using Web Interface - provides various notification of indoor air quality and user’s custom monitoring options Project Description A Real-time Indoor Dust Monitoring System
  10. 10. A Real-time Indoor Dust Monitoring System Approach 1/2 Sensor Boards Indoor dust Server Expected Project Output(tentative) : Sensor board(Arduino) : Sensor part Program : Sensor-Sever Connection Module(Program) : Data Web Server(Raspberry Pi) : Web Interface Program User PM Dust sensor for air cleaner
  11. 11. A Real-time Indoor Dust Monitoring System Approach 2/2 Sensor Boards Server - Finding approximate methods of measurement - Test various indoor air pollution environment. - Statistical Analysis for finding proper level of indoor dust.
  12. 12. Evaluation & Challenge Evaluation: Nothing new but more functionality - cheap & GUI Interface with web - real-time monitoring & monitoring options - various notification (twitter, mail, …) Challenge - how to calibrate the monitored value - how to validate accuracy of monitored value We want to focus to find profer level of PM in indoor area. We want to check PM data ouf our daily life in real-time. We want to focus to find profer level of PM in indoor area. We want to check PM data of our daily life in real-time.
  13. 13. Project Schedule Reseach & Preparation for implementation Week6(Oct.13st) Week9(Oct. 30st) First Implementation Week11(Nov. 17st) Second Implementation Week14(Dec. 8th) Deploy & Test Week16(Dec. 18st) Prepare Presentation
  14. 14. Q & A
  15. 15. Thanks