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Exenta HRMS brochure

  1. 1. Exenta Human Capital Management Simplify Your Workforce
  2. 2. EXENTA ALL THAT YOU NEED AND MORE Traditional human resource practices are changing and human resource management of organisations have transformed into the most important function of the organization. In today’s business scenario, organizations cannot afford to have a human resource department which fails to contribute to the organizations growth and lead modern thinking. To guarantee their viability and ability to contribute, HR managers need to think of themselves as strategic partners. In this role, the HR person contributes to the accomplishment of the organizations worldwide business plan and objectives in accordance with its development. As strategic human resource takes lead role in organizations, the Human resource teams have to evolve themselves from the traditional practices toward a process oriented environment. For strategic Human resource to prevail in organizations information is the key. The Human Resource teams would have to adapt to new tools which would provide them with the flexibility of making well informed decisions. With organizations becoming talent centric, effective human resource practices would be the key drive towards the future. Unless the human resource teams are armed with information and analytics they would be left behind in the globalized world where competition is as intense as ever. In today’s world where business dynamics change by the hour, effective human capital management and tools are fundamental to support the human resource teams to lead their organisations towards the future. “ Improve employeea high productivity and garner “ ROI for your organization 2
  3. 3. 78% “ Exenta facilitates information for Onboarding Profile Completes better decision making, boosting your organization's growth “ Exenta HRMS is a unique platform that integrates and automates the entire workforce management into a one-stop business information system. Exenta has twenty well-defined modules that can track, optimize and streamline every aspect of HCM. Exenta manages every single process of your organization helping you manage mission critical operations. Exenta helps you plan your workforce for the future and also engages your employees with transparency. We help you to work towards retention of your employees and a happy work force. Each module has a comprehensible dashboard, simple & straightforward UI and most importantly customizable reports. Have you ever thought which could be your best method to hire? In all phases of your Organization—recruitment, training, development, retention, and performance planning— Exenta helps you do the best at ease. Today every decision, plan, or process has to be aligned with the core business strategy of your organization and unless you do that you don’t become a part of your organizations strategy and you need tools which would help you reach there. www.exentahrms.com To participate and contribute in business discussions, your strategic business tools must not only ensure smooth systems and processes, but consider the strategic impacts of talent and organizational choices. It is all about creating and delivering value aligned with the organization’s objectives. Exenta allows you to hand pick and customize the features you want based on your organizational requirements to create tailor-made HRMS creating a completey customizable solution for your organizational needs. HR’s transformation over the years from administrative cost centre to strategic business partner continues to evolve. Choosing your HRMS has become so critical today, you need to know if the tool you choose would act as a strategic partner for the future. Exenta truly meets the requirement of your strategic operations and our teams are there to handhold you as you prepare to face the challenges of the future. Our Mission “ To bring a change in the business practices of the enterprises by delivering high quality innovative solutions at affordable costs, empowering them to become better informed organizations, enabling them to make better decisions and excel in their business. “ Exenta –As your strategic HR partner 3
  4. 4. Time Management Absence Management Approval Workflow Asset Register Asset Allocation Purchase Orders & Contracts Leave Encashment Workforce Planning Custom Reports Sourcing & Social Recruitment Asset Disposals Applicant Tracking & Recruiting Asset Tracking Resume Management Offer Letter Management Campus Recruitment Candidate pre-assessment & Interview Co-ordination Asset Management Recruitment Recruitment Workforce Scheduling Productivity Analysis Paid Time off Configurable Attendance Rules Employee Data Management Employee Service Records Employee Skill Matrix Maintanance Warranty Exenta HCM Manage Inactive Employee o Onboarding New Employees Document management Performance Management Organization Hierarchy Custom Reports Learning Management Learning Employee Management Exenta Employee Management HCM Performance Management Configurable Appraisals 360 Reviews 9 - Box Management Training Administration Trainer Management Online Learning Individual Learning Plans Training Calender Training Assessment Bell Curve Transition Management Succession Planning Career Planning Transaction Management Normalization E - Compensation Position Mangement Employee Transfers Track Training budgets Employee Promotions Learning Reports Employee Onsite Professional Certification Deputation Global Payroll Global Payroll Manage Employee Probation Custom reports Streamline Travel Request Integration With Expense Managementg Separation management Employee Termination Travel Kit Allowance Exit Interview Rule based Travel Mode & Class Exit Clearence Travel Extension & Preclosure Exit Survey Attrition Analysis Exit Exit Management Management Travel Desk Management (inhouse & Agency) Payroll Processing Tax Management Benifits Administration Build CTC Components Automated Declaration Forms Expense Management Custom reports Travel Travel Management Management www.exentahrms.com 5
  5. 5. Employee Onboarding “ Onboarding nt Emp loym e t llme n Enro itme nt Revenue Recr u Exenta offers specialized custom software application development, which takes care of all the technical aspects and specifications, and also integrates a dynamic functionality to successfully meet the business requirement. Our main objective is to present customized solutions which can help reduce your working overheads, and increase your business ROI. is an integral the organization ensuring a part of the Human resource department smooth transition from a new hire to an which is always overlooked. The first employee. impact you make on a new hire is going to leave an ever lasting impact about the organization. The first few days of a new hire are the most anxious days and Exenta helps to ease out the anxious days by engaging them from the moment they enter. The job responsibilities and the employee settings are set up when the he/she on boards through this module. A wide range of analytics and reports make this module in Exenta very exciting for the user. Exenta’ s onboarding management system helps you get all prerequi- “ site data from the new hire before he joins the organization. The new hire would be able to build his profile and manage his documents right after the Streamline “of employeesentry into your organization using Exenta's ideal Onboarding system “ 5 hiring is completed. The HR department would be able to build a checklist of all the requirements of the new hire and get all his necessity done , be it his machinery or his business cards. The HR department would be able to build customized checklist for every new hire and get them organized before he enters www.exentahrms.com
  6. 6. “ Effectively manage a transpar- Time and Attendance system is a Wide range of Analytics and single system that integrates these two reports give you a complete insight into critical HR tasks of your organisation. It excessive leaves, late comings, early has the ability to adapt to your organiza- leavings and productivity too. tional policies through configurations. Exenta allows leaves to be applied through the system and manages the Performance Management approval process through workflow defined by the organization. Employees Exenta’ s Performance manageno longer have to chase their leave ment software is a complete solution to requests and HR does not need to your performance & appraisal needs. It follow-up with people to reconcile their replaces frustrating and time-consuming absences. manual employee performance appraisal effective perforAutomated Leave balances and processes with an mance review cycle. process of regularization of late comings and unapplied leaves makes life easier for the HR department and the employee. Maintaining different work schedules (Shifts) ; leave encashment, Person on Duty (POD) , permissions all these can be managed by a series of rule configurations. Biometric Integration: If you are using a biometric machine or any other attendance automated marking system in your company then opportune can automatically import and process your attendance data in a variety of formats. option to review & resolve discrepancy due to punch error can be simply done by regularising record history for the employee. Performance Management is completely configurable and lets you decide the performance components you want to use for your performance appraisal. Be it KRA, Competency Mapping, Development Plan, project based evaluation, 360 degree appraisal, Goal setting or Journals you can align with your organisational strategy and also give weightage to each of these components based on the annual performance strategy decided by your organisation. 60% 15% ent appraisal system and generate better employee satisfaction Ease of evaluation, be it self-evaluation or appraiser / reviewer Exenta makes it very easy to use and to set goals or KRA as defined by the workflow. The user has to choose an option of rating or scoring and define the parameters. Normalization is an integral part of Exenta and is made available to the HR team for the normalization process. E-compensation is automated or you can decide to take the manual way. Revision letters, employee feedback are all integral part of Exenta. Exenta completely automates your performance appraisal process and helps your Organisation move towards a transparent Performance Management process. This keeps your employees motivated and improves productivity. 40% 85% 27% 73% 70% 6 “ Time and Attendance 30% www.exentahrms.com
  7. 7. Exit Management Exenta automates the employee separation process for you. From confirming an employee's resignation, meetings with the managers, retention of employees or off boarding providing Exit clearances, to collecting keys, materials, automobiles, credit cards, laptops, or more. You will know that your organization disabled system access, login rights, payroll, benefits, email, phones, and everything else needed to off board staff. You can manage all the variables in your organization's employee separation policy, allowing your team to get it all done, and get more done, in less time. Exenta also has a comprehensive exit interview management system, and also does all employee settlements. Letters issued to the employees are automated and the system would make the letters available only after all clearances are done. Analytics, attrition control, reasoning for staff leaving are all mapped for critical decisions for HR Managers. Flexibility of “designing your own workflows with zero customization saves you time & cost “ 7 Recruitment Management Exenta’ s recruiting software platform provides organizations the tools they need to attract, screen, and hire top talent globally, increasing the quality of hire while decreasing time and cost per hire. Exenta’ s job requirement gathering and approval process can be managed the workflows. Approved jobs can be directly posted to the social medias and the career page portal which is a part of Exenta in your website. Exenta has the option of adding recruiters and recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies get a login and would be able to post resumes for the particular jobs. They will also be able to track the status of the resumes posted and can also issue automated invoices. Every job can be assigned to multiple recruiters. These recruiters can be coordinating points and can coordinate the entire interview. Every job has its own settings & you can define the criteria for shortlisting candidates, define who would be shortlisting for the particular job, who would make the hiring decision, also the round of interviews and the interviewers. The resume bank is a storage for all resumes. Resumes are parsed maintained for easy review for the future. Each resume is identified with a unique number and the history of the resume is also maintained. The organisation can setup the resume expiry period, and organisations can initiate the automatic resume update program where the owner of the resume would be send an automatic email and a template to update online. Analytics and reports, reassigning jobs to another recruiter and very flexible to use recruitment management makes Exenta’ s recruitment management system very flexible and exciting to use. Evaluation forms can be setup by the interviewers themselves and the recruiter can consolidate and push for the final approval defined by the workflow. The resumes can be viewed in parsed format or can be downloaded to have a better look. The option of getting better information from the candidate or getting some documents before the hiring decision is available and left for the organisation to decide what their hiring strategy is and if they want to use it. www.exentahrms.com
  8. 8. 8 www.exentahrms.com
  9. 9. Training Management Trainers can be internal or external. External trainers are given login to Exenta where they can upload training materials and see people attending the training and their profiles. The trainer page shows how the trainer is ranked and feedback on his trainings based on feedback given by the training attendees. The impact of training is evaluated after a certain period which is configured by the organization. Annual training calendars and monthly training calendars are available for the employees to check the availability of trainings and also apply for them. Trainings suggested during appraisals and other reviews are also linked with the training module making it a holistic management tool to manage all your training needs. Exenta’ s Learning Management System allows you to publish and deploy media-rich content. Pre-loaded templates as well as test, assessment and collaboration tools allow you to design and deliver courses with ease. Automated certificate management issues certificates to your employees after completion of each program. 9 multifarious “Manage and related travels “ Exenta transforms the delivery and management of training and learning with its powerful online training management and learning management Module. Exenta has two main areas which is organisational training management and organisational learning Management. Exenta’ s Training Management program enables you to analyse organisational training needs. Nominate your team for trainings, schedule trainings, track and report on employee training, training feedbacks and training evaluation as a part of the program. administration with ease Global Payroll Managing a global payroll has its own complexities, Exenta has a complete rule based system which helps organisations , with multiple country options. Each country works as a different entity with the same database. You can easily consolidate the payroll functions from your corporate and enter and access payroll data from anywhere in the world. Country specific regulations, statutory compliances, Time and attendance data, collective labor agreements, benefits, social security regulation, pensions, various legal frameworks, government reporting and tax deductions are only a few of the elements that make international payroll a complex environment to navigate. Exenta enables you to collate, control and consolidate your payrolls in a single tool. Capable of validating and managing payroll data under any statutory or client specific rules or requirement, the system acts as a common framework that integrates all the people, processes, systems and service providers that make up the payroll cycle. The Global Payroll Management System supports the end to end international payroll data management process, designed to offer a common tool and system for all payrolls. The system improves the control and compliance across the global payroll organisation, reducing errors and simplifying the process. Travel Exenta’s HRMS Travel Management module is the best tool to manage the official travel to and from your organization. This module can define travel types and modes, outline travelling expenses, allowances, accommodation according to employee level and position and manage various types of travels. On this module employees can create travel requests, get the travel authorized with automated email requests and even claim the reimbursements. A travel desk can be maintained, either in-house or with the help of an agency. Other important features of this module are visa processing assistance, travel insurance management, foreign currency conversion and easy management of travel extension or pre-closures. www.exentahrms.com
  10. 10. Asset Management Help Desk Exenta’ s Asset Management module helps to manage and track what assets you have, where the assets are, how much they cost, and who uses them. It’s easy to use and can be customized for any industry or sector you are in. It has the ability to attach owner’s manuals, pictures, notes and more as per your convenience. Managing your assets using Exenta’s HRMS module will not only help you to be on top of these assets, but also provide you with easy vendor management, maintain service history, asset request options and much more. Employee asset mapping and reconciliation during exit is necessary and the asset management module does manage it with ease. Help Desk is an online interface through which your organization can communicate various issues related to the organisation and get the queries resolved. It is a ticket based support system where an employee has to raise a ticket, which according to category would be automatically assigned to the person responsible . The various features of this module include setup of priority of request, opening, re-opening or closing options for each ticket, auto-assigning and manual assigning of tickets to the relevant support staff, and automated escalations with notification via email. Staff Information System Exenta’s transition management module manages the organisations internal transfers, be it changing a reporting manager or department or even changing the work location of staff. Exenta manages this through a series of workflow based approvals and maintains a history of these changes in the service record of the particular employee as well. Managing probations, evaluation during probations, extending it or making the employee permanent is managed through this module. Employee promotions and open jobs are also managed here. 10 Travelling for an onsite, deputation of an employee or short term travel, all these are also managed through this module. Travel approvals, deputation, travel clearances and all the temporary asset is managed through this module. Transaction Management is central to a lot of processing in the organisation and keeps an effective record of all the transition involved in the organisation. “ Access your documents at all times and places using Exenta's Digital File Management “ Employee information is key data to every organization. Exenta’ s Staff Information (SIS) module is a central repository of employee data, customizable and controllable, retrievable and reportable. It not only stores the data but also processes the data helping in exclusive decision making. SIS helps managers gather information at a click. Be it leave reports, attendance report, skill or health records, information is available whenever required. Employee specific as well as departmental data is available at fingertips. If an intelligent system like SIS is used, it will not only streamline the information, but also provide you with key aspects to drive your employee management and retention processes to the next level. Transaction management www.exentahrms.com
  11. 11. Contact Us Corporate Office Exenta Software Private Limited, C-23, Thejaswini, Technopark, Trivandrum-81, Kerala, India. Telephone: +91-471 2700388 Email: contact@exentahrms.com www.exentahrms.com 11 11 www.exentahrms.com