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Cp&pt 2013 revised2


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Cp&pt 2013 revised2

  1. 1. Course Placement&Placement Testing
  2. 2. Which placement tests do YOU need to take?Knowing which courses to take each semester is an important part ofbeing a college student. You’ll learn more about how to do this in mid Julywhen we’ll post information on Pre-Arrival Essentials about the Oxfordcurriculum, graduation requirements, and how advising and registrationwork at Oxford.But for now, you need to know about the placement tests you must takethis summer, and those that you might have to take during orientation inAugust.Read on to learn which placement tests you need to take.
  3. 3. Oxford students have many choiceswhen selecting courses each semester.However, for some courses, it is necessary to ensurethat you have the appropriate knowledge or skill level beforeenrolling in the course you want to take.
  4. 4. Oxford accomplishes this in several different ways that vary byacademic discipline. The following slides provide information about,and links to the placement tests you may need to take, dependingon the courses you wish to take at Oxford.Placement tests can also be accessed through the Oxford Collegeweb site, on the Choose Courses page.A few placement tests are only available on campus duringorientation.
  5. 5. All new students must complete these two items this summer:Advising Questionnaire (due July 15)This brief questionnaire collects information about yourintended major, career direction, interests, and helps us to pair youwith your faculty advisor, with whom you will consult regularly duringyour time at Oxford. Self-Placement Form (due August 1)Students complete this form to let us know the level of mathcourse they intend to take as their first math class at Oxford. Tocomplete the form, students must first review the math coursedescriptions available, and may take as many self placement tests asdesired to determine their appropriate first math class. Oncedetermined, students submit their Math Self-Placement planning to take any Calculus-track math or science coursewill also need to take a math placement exam on campus duringorientation.
  6. 6. Chemistry Placement Exam (due August 1)Students wishing to take Chemistry at Oxford must complete the onlineChemistry exam by August 1. Click here to watch a short videoexplanation of Chemistry placement by Dr. Lloyd Parker, then followthe link to take the placement exam.Chemistry Placement Informational VideoLink to Chemistry placement test:
  7. 7. Language Placement Tests (due August 1)If you have studied or had experience in Spanish, French, German or Chinese prior toattending Oxford, you should take the on-line placement test(s) in the language(s)with which you have academic or practical experience.Placement tests are designed to identify the appropriate level for your first Oxfordlanguage course, should you choose to continue in a language you previouslystudied. Credit is not awarded for courses that you might place out of throughplacement testing.If you plan to continue in a foreign language that you studied previously, it is stronglyrecommended that you take the language in your freshman year, while previouslearning is fresh, and there is time to reach desired proficiency levels in future yearsat Oxford and Emory. Students are always welcome to begin the study of a newlanguage while at Oxford.
  8. 8. Latin: Students who wish to study Latin at Oxford should emailDr. Henry Bayerle at Students who wish to study Arabic at Oxford shouldemail Dr. Florian Pohl at .Italian: Students who wish to study Italian should emailDr. Delia Nisbet at .Links to Foreign Language Placement Tests:Spanish Placement Insert link hereFrench Placement Insert link hereGerman Placement Insert link hereChinese Placement
  9. 9. English Placement Informational VideoEnglish Placement for Non-Native English Speakers