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The Structured Log Testing approach uses structure logging statements to test and debug applications. This approach provides lots flexibility in testing and creating custom testing tools. Which allows more people then just the developer to be involved, for example getting the end user can submit logs that turn into test scripts. The session will cover Structured Log Testing sdk and tooling that integrates the logging structure for testing, dynamic log checking, creating test scripts, and other custom uses. Go to for more info.

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Renaun Erickson - Structured Log Testing

  1. 1. Structured Log Testing Catch the Vision! Renaun Erickson Flex Developer Adobe Systems Inc. 2009.05
  2. 2. Where are you coming from? •! How many people implement some kind of testing? (UnitTest,Functional testing) •! How many people practice TDD? •! Have you used the Flex logging framework? Renaun Erickson – 2009
  3. 3. The Guts of the Session •! Simplistic Definition of Testing •! Catch the Vision – See it to Believe it –! Ease of capturing data –! Flexibility of creating assertion points (TestPoint) –! Flexibility of creating test scripts (TestPointScript and .slf) –! Automating the test scripts (SLogTestRunner – FlexUnit4) –! Flexibility of debugging/testing from clients •! Testing In a New Light •! Official Release of Structured Log Testing! Renaun Erickson – 2009
  4. 4. What is Testing? Compilers Load Testing Performance Testing Debugger TestDriver Cruise Control UnitTest Executing Code Automation Framework Mock Objects Developer End User Quality Engineer Pass/Fail Recording QTP Script Asserting the Execution of Code Assert.equals() Profiler Pass/Fail Functional Testing Bug Reports Logging Try/Catch HTTP Sniffers Runtime Introspection Renaun Erickson – 2009
  5. 5. Catch the Vision – The Demos •! SLog and those TestPoints –! The basics of the whole approach •! Where does my message go? –! ITarget to the rescue •! Save that Puppy Out –! Structured Log Testing file format .slf – TestPointScript’s •! UnitTests anyone? –! SLogTestRunner and FlexUnit4 •! The Client Test Script –! Capturing and using end user logs. Renaun Erickson – 2009
  6. 6. TestPoint Benefits •! Hard to write a unit test when you don’t know what the class will be, if following TDD. •! Creating TestPoint’s help you think through class implementation. •! No going back and forth, get to stay inside the class implementation code. •! TestPoint’s are not coupled as heavy with execution code, making test scripts easy to create and not have to change during code refactoring. •! You get logging/debug information. •! TestDrivers are applications making it easier for others to write test execution code. Renaun Erickson – 2009
  7. 7. Structured Log Testing •! SDKs –! StructuredLogTestingSDK.swc •! Has all the logging classes with useful targets. •! Not tied to Flex, can be used with AS3 projects. –! StructuredLogTestingToolingSDK.swc •! Helper classes for visual tools working with SLT data. •! Gumbo components, will change over time. •! Site –! •! Tool Integration –! RIALoggerApp –! Looking for others… (REDBug) Renaun Erickson – 2009
  8. 8. Links •! Structured Log Testing –! Blog: –! Code: •! RIALoggerApp –! •! Contact Info –! renaun <at> gmail <dot> com –! Blog: Renaun Erickson – 2009