Mobile Apps- Business Toolkit for the Manager


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Romain David presents the business toolkit for Mobile app development at the InsideMobile Conference.

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Mobile Apps- Business Toolkit for the Manager

  1. 1. Inside Mobile Monday July 27, 2009 Mobile Apps: Business Toolkit for the Manager Romain David, Lumos Labs
  2. 2. I created I want to create an iPhone app. What do I need to think about?
  3. 3. From website to mobile app: 10 things to do 1. Define success 2. Think multi-platforms 3. Pick the right mobile platform(s) 4. Build an end-to-end experience 5. Listen to your users and act on it 6. Define your Marketing Strategy 7. Cross-promote your apps 8. Upsell your online product 9. Embrace Social Components 10.Learn by trying
  4. 4. My Background
  5. 5. My Background device carrier + developer platform
  6. 6. Executive Summary is the leading online platform for cognitive training Current market leader in the booming cognitive training space in terms of traffic, install base and active users Lumosity!s training exercises are rooted in neuroscience with demonstrated efficacy Science team and advisory board consists of leading neuroscientists from Stanford, UCSF, more Scientific collaborations underway with over a dozen academic institutions Full Game Development Studio Internal studio works closely with science team to turn training tasks into proprietary games and exercises Engaging product experience leads high compliance rates and user satisfaction Strong team backed by leading institutional investors Norwest Venture Partners, FirstMark Capital and leading angel investors Only venture backed company in the space
  7. 7. Grounded in Science Background science Lumos Labs research Cognitive training leads to better brain Improved visual attention (Society for performance Neuroscience, Oct 2006, Atlanta, GA) ACTIVE Study (Willis, JAMA, 2006) Working memory training shown to improve Improved working memory (Bay Area attention and IQ scores (Olesen, Nature Neuroscience Gathering, Jan 2007, UCSF.) Neuroscience, 2003) Improved executive processing (Society for Cognitive activity related to reduced Neuroscience 2007, San Diego, CA.) risk of Alzheimer!s and dementia Increased cognitive activity was correlated Improved verbal fluency (to be presented) with a 64% reduction in the risk of Faster and more accurate calculations – (to be Alzheimer!s (Wilson, Neurology, 2002) presented) Human brain imaging studies (fMRI) Numerous studies show changes in brain Lumos Labs collaborations physiology following cognitive training. •Effect on kids with chemobrain (Stanford, CA) Animal research •Effect on kids with Fragile X (Stanford, CA) Cognitive stimulation leads to increased •Mild Cognitive Impairment (University of NSW, Aus) neurogenesis and neural connectivity •fMRI study of brain physiology (University of Oslo) (Van Praag, Nature, 2000) •Effect on post-menopausal women (Stanford, CA) •Effect on students aged 12-14 (LL and PA middle school)
  8. 8. Lumosity Product Overview
  9. 9. From website to mobile app: 10 things to do
  10. 10. 1. Define success App Revenues Brand Extension User Acquisition Downloads Engagement Sign-Ups Paid Free Free or Paid Ex: Flight Control Ex: NYTimes Ex: Pandora
  11. 11. Mobile Development overtime Revenues Web+Social+Mobile 2.0 Mobile 1.0 Mobile 2.0 Cost
  12. 12. 2.Think multi-platforms • Think outside of the box • What!s your API strategy? • Facebook, Open Social • Widgets
  13. 13. 3. Pick the right mobile platform(s) • 1 cell phone = 1 user and 1 user = 1 cell phone • iPhone is great for: • App discovery and distribution • Monetization • North America • Consumers • Teenagers (iPod touch) • Addressable market " Installed base
  14. 14. Morgan Stanley December 2008
  15. 15. App Stores Platform iPhone webOS Blackberry Android WinMo Nokia Android Windows Store Name App Store App Catalog App World Ovi Store Marketplace Marketplace Launch Date July 2008 June 2009 April 2009 February 2009 Fall 2009 May 2009 # Apps 65,000 30 4000 500+ 600 200+ Revenues to 70% 70% 80% 70% Developers After carrier cut Google Checkout credit card and credit card and Billing iTunes TBD PayPal & operator biling operator billing operator billing Return Policy 90 days TBD 24h 24h Minimum $0.99 TBD $2.99 Pricing Local Pricing No TBD Yes $99 for 5 apps Fees $99 TBD $200 $25 $50 Then $99/app
  16. 16. App Stores: more admin work Platforms Carriers OEMs Ex: iPhone Ex: Verizon Ex: LG
  17. 17. Different platforms, different opportunities User Acquisition Palm Pre ? Blackberry Android Windows Mobile iPhone Brew JME Symbian Moblin LiMo Access Maemo Garnet Download Revenues
  18. 18. iPhone webOS Speed Brain Memory Matrix Color Match Chalkboard Challenge Speed Brain Lumosity Platform
  19. 19. 4. Take advantage of the platform and build complete experience • Don!t require users to come to your site • Location, accelorometer, touch screen, address book • Connectivity / No Connectivity • Stay true to your brand
  20. 20. 5. Listen to your users • Don!t solve problems that don!t exist yet • Use blogs, twitter, etc. • In-app survey tool: Haveasec
  21. 21. Speed Brain In-App Feedback Prioritize Develpment er n ce es rs ile ns tio he ck am tto ien of ria pr a ot G Bu Sc Tr va e to e ce on lin er or e re an or on gg M fo pa m Bi m in nk r om fo or e Li or r C Pe r M de ar H 21% $0.99 Right Price Adjust Pricing Would pay more 11% Would pay less 68% Sample Size: 141
  22. 22. 6. Define your Marketing Strategy • Reach out to survey respondants, etc. • Invite + challenge buttons • Write press releases, blog posts, twitter, etc. • Don!t spend too much efforts getting on major blogs • SEO your app description • iPhone landing page
  23. 23. 76% find new apps on the App Store with large majority on the iPhone Other 9% Friends or Colleagues How do you 9% typically find out Blog or Website 6% about new iPhone applications? App Store on my computer App Store on my phone 14% 62% Source: Lumosity, 1340 interviews
  24. 24. 7. Cross-promote your apps Promotional Bar Brain Profile More Games
  25. 25. 8. Upsell your online product Track progress Show benefits Promote online games
  26. 26. 9. Embrace Social Components Invite to Lumosity Challenge Invite to App
  27. 27. 10. Learn by trying Speed Brain (Downloads*Price) over 7 months
  28. 28. From website to mobile app: 10 things to do 1. Define sucess 2. Think multi-platforms 3. Pick the right mobile platform(s) 4. Take advantage of the platform and build complete XP 5. Listen to your users 6. Define your Marketing Strategy 7. Cross-promote your apps 8. Upsell your online product 9. Embrace Social Components 10.Learn by trying
  29. 29. Thank you. Questions?