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Better Faster Cheaper Litigation


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Technology is a tool, plain and simple. In the case of litigators, technology is a tool that helps you to tell a story, your client’s story. And the proper use of it as a tool can actually save you and your client money, allow you to work much more efficiently than ever before while simultaneously making you more effective as a litigator.

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Better Faster Cheaper Litigation

  2. 2. Prepared by: Jason Wietholter, CEO Better, Faster,
 Cheaper Litigation
  3. 3. Technology isn’t just about the cool gadgets…
  4. 4. …or sharing a picture of what you had for breakfast.
  5. 5. It’s not just for staying connected to everyone in the world…
  6. 6. …acting as a second brain…
  7. 7. …or allowing you to catch up on your favorite TV show.
  8. 8. While technology can be used for all of those things, it is so much more than that!
  9. 9. Technology is a tool.
  10. 10. A tool to help tell your client’s story.
  11. 11. A tool that makes litigation: BETTER FASTER CHEAPER
  12. 12. Normally, you can only pick two.
  13. 13. But in litigation you can choose all three!
  14. 14. Judges want to see and hear more than the “cold dead pages of the transcript.”
  15. 15. With someone else presenting exhibits, judges can take better notes…
  16. 16. …and focus on the testimony.
  17. 17. The Federal Judicial Center reports saving 30% or more in trial time!
  18. 18. Saving time means saving money for the client.
  19. 19. = And a client that saves money is a happy client.
  20. 20. Jurors Expect Lawyers to Use Technology
  21. 21. “This is the 21st Century. Use Technology!” - Juror
  22. 22. Technology is in pop culture.
  23. 23. “It was like CSI. You had stuff popping up on the screen
 and all over the place.” - Juror
  24. 24. Technology is flexible and efficient.
  25. 25. “You had an answer and a document for everything
 that the Plaintiffs threw at you.” - Juror
  26. 26. Technology is ninja-like. Really.
  27. 27. “You guys were like Ninjas in there!” - Juror
  28. 28. BETTER FASTER CHEAPER LITIGATION Ask us how you can deliver:
  29. 29. (855) 5-OPVEON