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God Exists.PPT Psalm 19.

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  1. 1. How Can I Know that God Exists? Psalm 19 January 26 2014 By John R. Wible
  2. 2. The Point God has given us ways to know Him. John R. Wible 2
  3. 3. The Cantor’s Song John R. Wible 3
  4. 4. An Age of Unbelief • • • • • Belief in God is no longer assumed or valued “No country has ever outlived its Gods” “Is God DEAD?” – Time Magazine Science reigns supreme However, Creation points to a Creator John R. Wible 4
  5. 5. The Passage – Psalm 19 • • • • • A magnificent poem Six verses show God in Creation Eight verses show God in His Word God reveals Himself through Nature God reveals Himself through His Word – Actually, He inhabits His Word John R. Wible 5
  6. 6. The Architect and the Scientist John R. Wible 6
  7. 7. God is Mysterious, but not Unknowable • How can you know that God exists? – Answer: Open your eyes and look around • Read Psalm 19:1-6 John R. Wible 7
  8. 8. Hebrew Poetic Parallelism • • • • Heavens declaring The Heavens “speaking” To the ends of the Earth The sun – God pitched a tent – Like a bridegroom – Circling the Heavens John R. Wible 8
  9. 9. This is My Father’s World This is my Father's world, and to my listening ears, all nature sings, and round me rings, the music of the spheres. This is my Father's world: I rest me in the thought, of rocks and trees, of skies and seas; his hand the wonders wrought. John R. Wible 9
  10. 10. This is My Father’s World This is my Father's world, the birds their carols raise, the morning light, the lily white, declare their maker's praise. This is my Father's world: he shines in all that's fair; in the rustling grass I hear him pass; He speaks to me everywhere, John R. Wible 10
  11. 11. This is My Father’s World This is my Father's world. O let me ne'er forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet. This is my Father's world: why should my heart be sad? The Lord is King; let the heavens ring! God reigns; let the earth be glad! John R. Wible 11
  12. 12. The Master Designer John R. Wible 12
  13. 13. The Master Writer • • • • What the Bible reveals General revelation Specific revelation Illumination John R. Wible 13
  14. 14. David’s Description of the Word • • • • More valuable than gold Sweeter than honey A warning Knowledge of God John R. Wible 14
  15. 15. Obedience • Psalm 19:12-14 - Sin and Obedience • God didn’t give His Word to make us smarter sinners, but more obedient disciples. • Knowledge about God ? knowledge of God? • David - an intense desire to not stray from God’s ways. Do you have it? John R. Wible 15
  16. 16. Wrapping Up • Q: How does the existence of God impact the way you approach each day? • Review Live It Out (BOOK, p. 126.) How are you seeking to know God more? • Look at the application ideas. Choose at least one to do this week. • God is with us constantly wanting to reveal more of Himself. Open your eyes, ears, and our hearts and experience what He has in store for us. John R. Wible 16
  17. 17. “The Majesty and Glory of Your Name” John R. Wible 17
  18. 18. Let’s Pray About it! 12/08/13 John R. Wible, 2013 18