Flow Genome Project Overview


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Reverse-engineering the Flow, or peak performance state, and open sourcing it to the world by 2020.

A clear overview of how we're telling the story (NYT bestselling author's new book on Flow in Action Sports and film release Spring '14), building the community (our Crowdfunder campaign, elite Flow trainings, and online FlowHacker Nation), and scaling the project (X-Prize of Flow research and iFlow smartphone app).

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Flow Genome Project Overview

  1. 1. www.flowgenomeproject.co
  2. 2. We have partnered with the most innovative community of entrepreneurs in the world, the largest force in the history of publishing, the brightest minds in science, legendary adventure athletes, and jaw-dropping digital artists to unlock the source code of human performance. We are looking for a select group of visionary organizations whose mission and brand identity align with that goal, to join this outstanding team in long-term sponsorship and co-creation (we work at the intersection of disruptive technology, guerrilla neuroscience, and adrenaline sports). Our specific initiatives include:  Flow Dojo Performance Centre Spring ’14($2M)  Rise of Superman Book (in partnership with Amazon Publishing) Spring ’14  Rise of Superman Film (companion to the book release) Fall ’14 ($5M)  X-Prize for Flow Fall ’14 ($3M) The Big Idea in 140 Words. And if you’re reading this, we’d like to ask you one question…
  3. 3. How big do you want to play? If your life’s work can be accomplished in your lifetime, you’re not thinking big enough. Dr. Wes Jackson, MacArthur Fellow “ “
  4. 4. First, let’s define some terms and outline the problem space…
  5. 5. What isFlow? There are moments that stand out from the chaos of the everyday as shining beacons. In many ways, one might say that the whole effort of humankind through millennia of history has been to capture these fleeting moments of fulfillment and make them a part of everyday existence. Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, University of Chicago “ “
  6. 6. Time slows down, self vanishes. Action and awareness merge. Welcome to Flow.
  7. 7. It almost sounds like nonsense, but fifty years of research says otherwise. When we ask executives how much more productive they were at their peak performance [flow state] than they were on average… the most common at senior levels is an increase of five times. The number one management metric you need to know? Flow state percentage. Interruptions that move us out of Flow state increase R&D cycle times and costs dramatically. Major companies, including Microsoft, Ericsson, Patagonia and Toyota have realized that being able to control and harness this feeling of Flow is the holy grail for any manager. “ “ “ “ “ “
  8. 8. The problem is, the people that study these peak states aren’t all that good at having them.
  9. 9. And the people that are good at having them? Aren’t all that good at studying them.
  10. 10. So we’ve been stuck waiting for lightning to strike, when we could’ve been bottling it.
  11. 11. dedicated 8years of research conducted 1500 hours of interviews reviewed 126academic papers surveyed 52 books about neuroperformance profiled 75 elite athletes We didn’t like those odds, so we changed the game. to come to 3provocative conclusions...
  12. 12. Flow has played a pivotal role in most epic achievements—it is central and essential to learning, creativity, and optimum performance Adventure sports athletes have progressed “Flow hacking” further than almost anyone, and we can translate their insights from the extreme to the mainstream 2 Advancements in technology, research and experience design have allowed us, for the first time in history, to reverse-engineer the genome of Flow and safely reproduce and scale it 3 1
  13. 13. Neurotransmitters Norepinepherine, Endorphins, EndoCannabinoids, Serotonin, BDNF The Flow Genome Matrix™ pinpoints the neuro-biological correlates of Flow and allows us to reverse-engineer the experience for anyone. Endocrine Balance Cortisol, Adrenaline, Oxytocin, DHEA, Tryptamines Proprioception Frontal, Sagittal, Transverse, Polyaxial Brainwave State Delta-Beta-Alpha-Theta Cardiac Coherence Catabolic >>> Anabolic Respiration Parasympathetic, Thoracic Abdominal, Dynamic
  14. 14. Tell the Flow Story — The Rise of Superman Book and Documentary film We’re launching the project in three key steps. Build the Community — Flow Dojo Peformance Centers and the Flow Hacker Nation Share with the World — The X-Prize of Flow & the iFlow app
  15. 15. Step One: Tell the Story of Flow Over the past three decades, an unlikely collection of men and women have pushed human performance farther and faster than at any other point in the 150,000 year history of our species. In this evolutionary eye-blink, they have completely redefined the limits of the possible — yet almost no one has noticed — Steven Kotler, The Rise of Superman (Amazon, Spring 2014) “ “
  16. 16. New York Times Bestselling Author (and our Director of Research), Steven Kotler is about to release the anticipated follow up to last year’s smash Abundance. He’s doing for the deep science of human performance what Malcolm Gladwell did for viral trends and decision-making. Partnering with Amazon Publishing to create the most ambitious multi-media platform launch to date.
  17. 17. We’ve brought together the brightest minds in performance neuroscience. Dr. Andy Walshecame to Red Bull Stratos as director of high performance for Red Bull’s global athlete development program, where he works with hundreds of international athletes; supervises a team of industry-leading sports scientists, nutritionists, biomechanics experts and sports psychologists; and develops elite sports performance models. Dr. David Eagleman is a neuroscientist and writer at Baylor College of Medicine, where he directs the Laboratory for Perception and Action and the Initiative on Neuroscience and Law. He is best known for his published work on time perception, synesthesia and neurolaw. He is a Guggenheim Fellow, a council member in the World Economic Forum, and a New York Times bestselling author published in 27 languages. Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell,   a child and adult psychiatrist, is a NY Times bestselling author, world-renowned speaker and was a member of the Harvard Medical School faculty from 1983 until he retired from academics in 2004. His newest book, SHINE: Using Brain Science to Bring out the Best in Your People was published by Harvard Business School Press. Dr. Andy Newbergis a neuroscientist and professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Religious studies and the Director of Research at the Brind Center for Integrative Medicine. He is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on the neurobiology of mystical experiences. Dr. Leslie Sherlinis a pioneer in the use of EEG to train athletic performance, working with Olympians, RedBull athletes, the Navy SEALs, and the Department of Defense. He is the Chief Science Officer for Neurotropia, co-founder of Nova Tech EEG, and a faculty member at the University of Northern Arizona . Dr. Mike Gervais combines state-of-the- art brain mapping techniques with an approach grounded in high-performance psychology. He works directly with the top athletes of the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, US Olympic Team and Red Bull’s North American athletes. His work has also played an integral role to the US Military.
  18. 18. The athletes who aren’t just dominating their sports—they’re reinventing them. RedBull Airforce Laird Hamilton Danny Way Travis Rice Shane McKonkey Jeremy Jones Dean Potter Dave Kalama
  19. 19. And a dream team of award-winning producers and directors to bring Rise of Superman to life on screens of all sizes and seed an online global community of Flow Hackers. Chris Malloy / director / designer Eldest of the renowned Malloy brothers, Chris has forged a career as the antithesis of big hype surfing and the industry that spawned it—letting his riding, and his filmmaking, speak for itself. Director of 180 Degrees South and numerous other highly regarded surf films, friend and confidant to the likes of Jack Johnson and Yvonne Chouinard, and brand advisor to Patagonia . Jimmy Chin / director / producer   Arguably one of the most sought-after expedition filmmakers working today Chin has worked with the best adventurers, climbers and skiers in the world on their most challenging expeditions, climbs and ski-descents. Jimmy has been profiled in numerous publications including National Geographic, Outside Magazine, People, and Men’s Journal . Jason Silva / filmmaker / digital philosopher “A Timothy Leary of the Viral Video Age” was how The Atlantic described television personality, media artist, filmmaker and techno-philosopher Jason Silva. His non-commercial series of short videos, aptly named ‘shots of philosophical espresso’, explore the co-evolution of humans and technology and have gone viral with over 1.2 million views. He has spoken at TEDGlobal, Google (three times), and has created videos for GE, Samsung, Adobe and Autodesk. Dirk Collins / producer / director Dirk is the founder and CEO of OneEyedBird Marketing & Entertainment, a boutique creative house special- izing in high quality film production, creative direction and brand development. He is a filmmaking veteran with 15 years of experience creating award winning adventure film and television. Dirk has traveled to every continent on the planet, capturing the world’s greatest action sports stars in their element. Jon Klaczkiewicz / producer / director Award-winning producer Jon ‘JK’ Klaczkiewicz has earned a reputation for producing films that go beyond the typical action sports movie; sought after for his creative story telling ability and diligent production execution. JK has produced numerous television series, films, and commercials for clients including The North Face, Ford, Red Bull, Outside TV, NBC and most recently directed and produced Jeremy Jones’ Further as well as the critically acclaimed feature documentary SWIFT.SILENT.DEEP.
  20. 20. Step Two: Build the Community Everything you do, you do better in Flow. From…solving a differential equation to writing a business plan to playing tennis. Flow is the doorway to the “more” most of us seek. — Dr. Ned Hallowell, Harvard Medical School “ “
  21. 21. The Flow Dojo Performance Center redefines the learning laboratory and creates safe and reproducible experiences of Flow. 15,000 square foot complex dedicated to peak performance training and research 90' diameter Gravity Dome Olympic caliber gymnastic, martial art, action sports gear and extreme motion-training equipment 70' diameter Hydro Dome hot/cold water therapy, sensory integration tanks, and diving pools 50' diameter Hypervitality Lounge oxygen bar, artisanal stimulants, and ubiquitous digital interactivity
  22. 22. Where the very best can come and train their games. Flow to Impact™ programs — condition leaders, athletes and artists to harness peak performance more readily, boosting innovation and collaboration for the teams they lead. In order to play dynamically, you must train explosively. — NCAA conditioning legend Dean Brittenham “ “
  23. 23. Step Three: Share with the World If you’re out there trying to make your dreams become a reality…if you create something really special, you get the best people wanting to work with you to try to make it all happen. — Richard Branson “ “
  24. 24. We’re launching the X-Prize of Flow. We’re picking up where the Qualcomm Tricorder X-Prize leaves off. But rather than creating a handheld device to tell us what’s gone wrong , we’re shooting for a device that tells us how to get it right. And since we’re all about reverse-engineering stuff, we figured we’d do it to the X-Prize as well. Instead of offering a giant reward so dozens of teams could all go and build their own supercar or spaceship, we’re building the mothership (the Flow Dojo Performance Centre) and offering X-prize fellowships for the best and brightest to come together and study with us.
  25. 25. And creating an evolving open-source platform for participatory research and iFlow App development. iFlow app helps anyone, anywhere access Flow states with smartphone biofeedback--applying those findings across disciplines.
  26. 26. We’ve done the research, we’ve built the team, we’re telling the story—now we’re finding the right partners to take up the cause.
  27. 27. RedBull launched Project Stratos to the edge of outer space, and changed the nature of sponsorship and marketing along the way. The Flow Genome Project is on a mission to go beyond the edge of inner space, and turn an armchair audience of consumers into passionate participants in their own adventures. If you like to dream big and go big... Let’s talk.
  28. 28. www.flowgenomeproject.co