==== ====For more info and tips you can visit:www.acnecuretips.info==== ====Proactive acne solution is usually advised for...
as effective when used for a long-lasting acne cure. This is due to its lack of focus on the internalcauses of acne.Apart ...
should try a healthy detox diet to aid the body in naturally ridding and stopping the accumulation oftoxins. With the use ...
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Acne Tips


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It is difficult to find a commercial product that will cure acne or even clear it up for a prolonged period. If you can prevent acne from growing on your skin in the first place, this is a far more effective way of dealing with the issue. . visit us at www.acnecuretips.info for useful tips.

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Acne Tips

  1. 1. ==== ====For more info and tips you can visit:www.acnecuretips.info==== ====Proactive acne solution is usually advised for treating mild to large cases of acne. However whilethe majority of its users claim it is effective, there is a large worry when it comes to the effects ofits possible harsh chemical makeup, which can most likely do more damage than good in treatingacne.If you are one of the many individuals who are combating acne for years, you most likely havethought about many over-the-counter (OTC) acne medications to get clearer, healthier and acne-free skin. The Proactive acne treatment solution is one of the more well-known OTC anti-acnetreatments available presently. On top of its large celebrity promoters, its favorability stems fromthe talk surrounding its effectiveness in addition to the dangers of side-effects. The fact is the acneremedy formula used by the Proactiv brand gave an ideal solution to bettering mild to seriouscases of acne. Nevertheless, the markets affirmative response to the treatment, which stems fromits effectiveness, is shrouded by the powerful possibility that the treatments may lead to mild orpermanent side-effects that can most likely further aggravate any acne problem.The Proactiv Acne RemedyThe treatment is generally based on traditional acne medications. It uses chemical substances toeliminate acne-causing bacteria and works deeply into the skin to rid of dead cells and stopsclogging of the pores or hair follicles. This anti-acne treatment comes in the form of a completeremedy kit that has cleansers, toners and moisturizers that are made for everyday use. Thesethree skin care products are also part of Proactivs three-part treatment to getting acne-free skin.Its rejuvenating cleanser is created to softly exfoliate dead skin cells by letting active componentssuch as benzoyl peroxide to seep into the pores. Its amazing toner is made to maintain adequatehydration of the skin. The solution also soothes and rids of pore-blocking matter that generallycauses acne. Last, its repairing acne moisturizer is made to stop the build-up of acne causingbacteria.Generally, the Proactiv acne solution never ceases to bring rapid results in ridding of acne as wellas handling symptoms such as redness, swelling, itching and scarring. The only concern observedwith this treatment is that its work stops with just curing and ridding of your existing acne. It doesnot give much in terms of stopping and managing further breakouts. Although it effectivelymanages overactive sebaceous glands and unblocks pores, it keeps further breakouts fromoccurring. Simply said, it treats acne from the surface, and not from its foundation.Do Proactiv anti-acne products work?When Proactiv has been positively reviewed for its fast-working acne ridding capabilities, it fallsshort to give lasting results in treating acne. Compared to other acne treatments on offer, it is not
  2. 2. as effective when used for a long-lasting acne cure. This is due to its lack of focus on the internalcauses of acne.Apart from blocked pores and accumulation of acne causing bacteria, further causes of acne gobeyond the surface of the skin. For example, a hormonal imbalance, which is primarily related toacne breakouts and leads to androgen functions that lead to the release of excessive oil on theskin. The possible build-up of toxins within the body is another large cause of acne. Really, theharshness of an acne problem is a sign of how toxic the inside of your body is. Last, acne maycome about because of genetic sensitivity, which can cause hormonal imbalances as well asoveractive sebaceous glands. When the body does not effectively rid of wastes, renew regularamounts of oil released in the sebaceous glands and stop excessive oil on the skin, acne is verylikely to occur. In this case, any acne cure that does not manage these issues is pretty muchuseless.Reported Side-effects of Proactiv anti-acne productsThe treatment primarily combines two active ingredients; benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid.Although both ingredients are FDA approved, they have known side-effects. Itchy, dry, flaky andredness on the skin are the common side-effects of Proactiv solutions. In some instances, thetreatment can cause major dryness of the skin, making the skin tough, irritated and scaly. Suchside effects are generally caused by its active chemical additives, which is not good for use onsensitive skin.The side effects of Proactiv anti-acne products might also bother the liver, which will also worsenyour acne problem. Do not forget that the make-up of the skin makes it porous, so that it caneasily take in the chemical additives of the OTC anti-acne treatments you use. Therefore, applyingtreatments that have disputable and potentially dangerous chemical additives, which can simplyenter deep into the skin and into the bloodstream, poses a great risk to your skin and overall goodhealth.On natural acne treatmentsFor hundreds of years, people have solely depended upon the healing properties of plants, herbsand fruits to obtain relief for well-known skin disorders. During the age when there were noconvenient drugstores, people searched the forests hunting for herbs and plant leaves, tree bark,fruits and roots, which were used to make skin cleansing products. Both for oral and topical use,age-old folk and herbal cures have proven their safe and successful healing ability in relievingsmall, to severe skin problems such as acne.As additional studies were conducted to see the anti-acne advantages of natural acne cures,individuals have found that drug and chemical derived cures are not the only answer to havingacne-free skin. As well, while more and more individuals see the grave health threats of the sideeffects of OTC anti-acne products such as Proactiv solutions, natural acne treatments have stirredup a huge buzz.Since the determinants that lead to acne flare-ups extend to internal and environmental factors,the only successful answer to bettering acne is working from the inside out. You must do a goodcleansing of your organ systems to continue regular and efficient bodily functions. In addition you
  3. 3. should try a healthy detox diet to aid the body in naturally ridding and stopping the accumulation oftoxins. With the use of the antiseptic and antibacterial elements of some herbs, you can makechemical-free and side effect-free acne cleansing cures that can help rid of your acne problemsforever.The skin is the most exposed and therefore most vulnerable part of the body. By trying naturalacne cures, you can achieve permanent acne treatment outcomes as well as improved health andcontentment.For more information about Natural Acne Treatments go to Natural Acne Treatments.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joanna_McNeil==== ====For more info and tips you can visit:www.acnecuretips.info==== ====