==== ====For more info and tips you can visit:www.acnecuretips.info==== ====Never before has it been so easy to get rid of...
The problem is, most people just come out and start swinging away at acne ... hoping for thebest!Remember This: Until you ...
simplification of a few factors, i.e., "the liver," or "inflammation."Hey, thats like an auto-mechanic that gives each an ...
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Acne Tips


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It is difficult to find a commercial product that will cure acne or even clear it up for a prolonged period. If you can prevent acne from growing on your skin in the first place, this is a far more effective way of dealing with the issue. . visit us at www.acnecuretips.info for useful tips.

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Acne Tips

  1. 1. ==== ====For more info and tips you can visit:www.acnecuretips.info==== ====Never before has it been so easy to get rid of your acne today.Today you can find an abundance of information online such as Acne Blogs, Message Boards,and all those Acne Websites and Acne Products out there. But the only problem is... How do yousort out what will really work for YOU and what wont?Most acne sufferers start out by using acne creams, lotions, and ointments. If that doesnt work,you might end up visiting a dermatologist for prescription meds such as accutane, antibiotics, ormore creams. Other acne sufferers turn to many websites touting various supplements available...B5, Omega-3 fish oil, anti-oxidants, and other pills for acne. And then theres numerous acneebooks as well.Back when I had acne many years ago, I tried one over-the-counter product after another,followed by several acne home remedies. None worked for long.Eventually I stumbled upon a series of books which centered around health, nutrition and healing.It was only then that I began to see a profound difference in my skin. And it lasted too. Throughthe years I found out what worked and what didnt, and later went on to share my findings withothers with equally exciting results.Heres 2 main points I often share that have helped acne sufferers get on the right track:==> The FIRST thing you MUST do is DISRUPT THE STEP-BY-STEP, DAY-TO-DAY, CYCLEOF ACNE.If youre not doing that, then most likely youre not going to make much of an impact on your skin...no matter what youre currently doing. You have to intentionally INTERFERE with the ongoing,insidious cycle of acne thats happening right now, right inside your skin as we speak!A famous boxer was once asked what his secret was in winning nearly every fight of his career.Heres what he said: "I figure out my opponents game plan as quickly as possible and then I doeverything I can to DISRUPT that game plan of his. And once Ive done that, then I use what skillsIve learned over the years to finish him off." And then he added, "I never just came outswinging."And thats exactly what youll need to do to conquer your acne as well. Youre going tohave to DISRUPT acnes game plan, -- the acne cycle -- in order to have a chance at havingclear, acne free skin.See, if you attack your acne that way, it has no other choice BUT To Die Out! It Cant DoAnything Else! It Cant Function Any More Inside Your Skin.
  2. 2. The problem is, most people just come out and start swinging away at acne ... hoping for thebest!Remember This: Until you know ALL the angles about acne, you can take every pill, herb, drug,oil, supplement, use every acne cream, lotion, ointment, soap, gel, mask, drink green vegetablejuices, eat apples and organic food, cleanse your liver and intestines all you want to, etc., etc., ...But Unless You Actually "Short-Circuit" Acnes Game Plan FIRST - Everything You Attempt ToRemedy It With, Is Nothing More Than Just A Temporary Fix At Best!So how does one actually go about "DISRUPTING" this insidious cycle of acne?... By usingcreams, lotions, ointments, masks? ... Well, thats one way. I call that surface-to-surface contact.For a percentage of acne sufferers, itll work. It does interrupt -- not disrupt -- the acne cyclesomewhat, but only at the surface. For many acne sufferers however, it does little good.How about using antibiotics or accutane?... thats attacking acne on the inside, right? True, butinstead of "disrupting" the cycle of acne, it actually "scrambles" it... temporarily. Again, it does workfor some, but not all acne sufferers...Now supplements and herbs, ah-ha... thats the key... eh? Well, herbs can be iffy andsupplements are usually deemed safer than drugs but a word about supplements...Fish oils, GLA, B5, antioxidants, etc. These seem to be the latest weaponry against acne. But theyusually artificially manipulate the acne cycle, for the time being, as long as you take them... andcan be costly in doing so. They do help some acne sufferers, and frustrate many others. In fact,they tend to work best if and when certain dietary changes are implemented.And thats where Ive seen the most dramatic changes come from, in my experiences whileinteracting with acne sufferers... food or diet. And its not really all that complicated, once youunderstand a few basics. And thats how I like to keep things... basic ... simple.==> Step 2 is... You Got To Connect All The Dots... Now what do I mean by that? Its kind oflike a checklist. Just like what a car mechanic does to figure out whats causing a certain problemwith someones car, you have to know all the areas to check out, in order to know exactly wherethe origin of the problem lies. Otherwise, youre just "swinging away," hoping and praying itll workthis time.Is it hormones? Is it your genes? Is it the wrong kind of foods for YOU? A food-intolerance? Anadverse reaction from the wrong kind of supplement? Candida? Are you experiencing a stressfulsituation? A skin cream reaction? Etc.Acne... One Size Does Not Fit All.One thing about acne... ONE size certainly does not fit ALL. Its "multi-factorial," to borrow aphrase from one dermatologist. So dont let someone on some acne website boil everything down,and make you believe that acne has ONE, and only ONE cause. Theyll usually give you someschpeel about "the true cause of acne" which ends up being nothing more than an over-
  3. 3. simplification of a few factors, i.e., "the liver," or "inflammation."Hey, thats like an auto-mechanic that gives each an every car he sees a run-of-the-mill, generaltune-up, without ever trying to actually solve the real problem that some of cars might have. "Well,the last car just needed a tune-up... so why not just give every car that comes through the shop, atune-up?" See... that wouldnt work, right? It might do the trick for maybe some of the cars... butnot the rest.Now, it kind of works the same way with acne sufferers... what helps one acne sufferer, doesntalways mean itll help all the other acne sufferers. Thats why some creams and lotions will workfor a certain percentage of acne sufferers, but not all. Same with using drugs to fight acne. Forsome, itll work, but not all... Same with supplements...helps some, not all.But theyre not going to tell you that! You end up, finding out the hard way. But it doesnt have tobe that way anymore. Now, acne is more of an individual thing. Each case is a little different thanthe other, and should be treated as such. Again, one size should not fit all. It all depends whatstage youre at with your skin problems.Now, sometimes, all you might need is a topical treatment and your skin will be fine. But if youvealready been through the mill of creams, lotions, supplements, diets, and ointments without muchimprovement, you may need specific, individual treatment.So ask yourself, where do YOU stand right now?Try Jim Iannellis popular Acne-Free In A Weekend Challenge. Its FREE to Download at[http://AcneFreeinaWeekend.com] No creams, lotions, or pills needed. Learn step-by-step how toclear your skin naturally, using streaming audio and video tutorials. And it even costs less thanplain old acne ebooks. Go to [http://www.Acne-Free.com] to find more information.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jim_Iannelli==== ====For more info and tips you can visit:www.acnecuretips.info
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