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Dh intro


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A very basic intro to some of the work in the field; not comprehensive, but interesting.

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Dh intro

  1. 1. Digital Humanities What?
  2. 2. A not-so-new “community of practice”Sixty years ago, the field called “humanities computing”made its debut with the appearance of Father RobertoBusa’s Index Thomisticus, a computer-compiledconcordance to the works of Thomas Aquinas (Adamsand Gunn). All the ways that the humanities and digital technologies intersect. —Rebecca Davis Digital Humanities is the critical study of how the technologies and techniques associated with the digital medium intersect with and alter humanities scholarship and scholarly communication. —Julia Flanders
  3. 3. DH vs. DPDigital Pedagogy • Deals with• Can apply across Humanities, except… divisions • Doesn’t have to deal• Focus on a reflective with teaching, per se teaching practice • Asks students to think• MOOCs/DOOCs about how the tools change the questions they’re askingDigital Humanities
  4. 4. A new/old practiceSTC and Wing Catalogues  Early English Books Online (EEBO)Begins in 1998TCP Partnership 1999
  5. 5. Thematic archives: Valley of the Shadows (Ed Ayers, Uva)
  6. 6. Critical Manuscript Editions
  7. 7. A different kind of recovery
  8. 8. Electronic Literature and Digital PoeticsOulipo “potential literature”On the fly Video/GPS/Lyric: The Wilderness DowntownProduced multimedia poetry: Tao
  9. 9. Alan Liu’s Map of DH and Media Studies
  10. 10. Scholarly communication
  11. 11. “Big Data” and Visualizations
  12. 12. DH in the Undergrad ClassroomCollaborative/Student Authored WorkUniversity of Richmond History EngineSoweto Project (Angel Nieves, Hamilton College)Archive3D Environment
  13. 13. Virtual Reconstructions: Arne Flaten’sAshes 2 Art Project (Coastal Carolina)
  14. 14. 31 Flavors: Large centers, boutique projects, and more
  15. 15. Keep in touchClaremontdh.wordpress.comJacque Wernimont: Jwernimo@scrippscollege.eduPresentation:
  16. 16. CitationsCohen, Patrician. “Digital Keys for Unlocking Humanities’ Riches”, Jennifer and Kevin B. Gunn. “Digital Humanities: Where to Start Day of Digital Humanities Blog
  17. 17. Thematic archives: WWO