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Data Driven Growth


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How Pinterest uses data to help drive our growth strategy

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Data Driven Growth

  1. 1. Data Driven Growth John Egan Growth Engineer @ Pinterest
  2. 2. MAU Prediction Model
  3. 3. Where Do You Focus? New user email campaign Social media contests Share content to social media Retargeting campaigns Build analytics dashboard Improved invitation flow Paid app installs Work with partners to get distribution Improve new user experience flow Add more invitation prompts Advertising Content marketing SEO SEM Improve signup conversion Email campaign to resurrect dormant users Company blog Weekly engagement email Blogger outreach Add invitations Get press coverage Add more social features Push notifications
  4. 4. Growth Model New Users Monthly Active Users Dormant Users
  5. 5. Growth Model New Users Monthly Active Users Dormant Users Acquisition Activation Churn Churn Resurrection
  6. 6. Net MAU Graph
  7. 7. Knit: The best outcomes happen when you work with others.
  8. 8. Prioritize projects based on ROI
  9. 9. Due diligence is cheap, engineering is expensive
  10. 10. Document Experiments
  11. 11. Segmented Experiment Analysis
  12. 12. Core: Active multiple times a week Casual: Active ~1 a week Marginal: Active <1 a week New: Joined in the past 28 days Dormant: Not active for 30 days Resurrected: Was dormant, but became active again in the past 28 days
  13. 13. Segmented Experiment Analysis
  14. 14. Marginal Users (~once a month)
  15. 15. Core Users (multiple times a week)
  16. 16. Old Signup Wall
  17. 17. Inspired Wall