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Sapa NA Presentation


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Sapa NA Presentation

  1. 1. Sapa Extrusions<br />Customer Solutions in Extruded Aluminum Products<br />
  2. 2. North American Market Leader<br />No one offers more in common alloy extruded profiles!<br />• Total capabilities, raw aluminum to assembled products<br />• 17 plants in the US and Canada<br />• 55 presses, direct and indirect extrusion technology<br />• The efficient and competitive supplier you demand<br />
  3. 3. Sapa North America<br />Part of the world’s largest aluminum profile company, Sapa Group, a part of Norwegian Orkla ASA<br />• Operations in 30 countries<br />• Net sales of over $5 billion (US)<br />• 13,500 employees<br />
  4. 4. Sapa Extrusions’ unprecedented resources<br /><ul><li> The industry’s broadest product capabilities in press sizes and tonnages, alloy selection, profile types and shapes
  5. 5. Standard and custom shapes up to 20˝ circle size
  6. 6. Seamless pipe and tube up to 15.375˝ O.D.
  7. 7. Structural pipe and tube up to 8.625˝ O.D.
  8. 8. Rod up to 12.125˝ in diameter
  9. 9. Square bar up to 9˝ thickness
  10. 10. Rectangular bar up to 19.6˝ circle size
  11. 11. Heat sinks with fin ratio’s up to 16.1</li></ul>• Complete facilities for casting, extrusion, fabrication and finishing<br />• Complementary capabilities with logistical advantages<br />• Enormous competencies in design and technical support<br />• Financial strength and stability<br />
  12. 12. Focused on our customers<br />We understand their business and establish close and long-term relationships. <br />Our Core Values:<br /><ul><li> Entrepreneurial Spirit
  13. 13. Commitment
  14. 14. Honesty
  15. 15. Responsibility
  16. 16. Innovative Focus
  17. 17. Customer Orientation
  18. 18. GENESIS Production System for continuous improvement to create value</li></li></ul><li>16 Strategically located North American plants <br />Organized into 4 geographic market regions:<br />Northeast Region<br />Montreal, Canada<br />Mountaintop, PA<br />Mississauga, Ontario, Canada <br />Southeast Region<br />Delhi, LA<br />Gainesville, GA<br />Miami, FL<br />Yankton, SD<br />West Region<br />City of Industry, CA<br />Portland, OR<br />Vancouver, BC, Canada<br />Industrial Region<br />Connersville, IN<br />Cressona, PA<br />Elkhart, IN<br />Kokomo, IN<br />Spanish Fork, UT<br />…plus one market group:<br />Product Specialty<br />Burlington, NC<br />Magnolia, AR<br />International Supply Solutions<br />
  19. 19. North American Technical Center<br />Dedicated to customer value<br />Unequalled technical support for Sapa’s North American operations: <br /><ul><li> Engineering, marketing, project management, machining and product design
  20. 20. Technology transfer
  21. 21. Prototyping
  22. 22. Testing and analysis</li></li></ul><li>Customer Solutions<br />Sapa Extrusions provides complete customer solutions for these markets:<br /><ul><li> Distribution
  23. 23. Residential and Commercial Building & Construction
  24. 24. Industrial & Consumer Durables
  25. 25. Automotive Applications
  26. 26. Commercial & Mass Transportation
  27. 27. Solar & Renewable Energy
  28. 28. Highway & Bridge Construction</li></li></ul><li>Distribution<br />Leader in supporting our Service Center partners with the industry’s widest choice of extruded shapes (standard and custom), seamless and structural pipe & tube, and standard and specialty rod & bar<br /><ul><li> Market and technical training
  29. 29. An extensive inventory for expedited response
  30. 30. Premier plus™ Program… offering industry leading benefits to member distributors</li></li></ul><li>Building & Construction<br /><ul><li> Wide range of aluminum profiles for commercial and residential architecture
  31. 31. Complete facilities for production, fabricating and finishing
  32. 32. Engineering expertise
  33. 33. Design, drafting and project management
  34. 34. Widest choice of standard and custom profiles
  35. 35. Railing, panel and sun control systems, column covers and trellis’s
  36. 36. Architectural components
  37. 37. Shower and bath enclosures</li></li></ul><li>Building & Construction (cont.)<br /><ul><li> Access systems – ramps, stairways, pedestrian bridges, walkways, landings and gangways
  38. 38. Window and door framing
  39. 39. Walkway covers
  40. 40. Spectator seating
  41. 41. Rigid aluminum electrical conduit
  42. 42. Aluminum bridge decking systems</li></li></ul><li>Industrial & Consumer Durables<br />Cost-effective, precision products for machining… <br />to custom shapes for consumer products and appliances… <br />to semi-fabricated and fully fabricated assemblies… <br />to advanced products for thermal management <br />and the LED industry with:<br /><ul><li> Unmatched selection of alloys, circle sizes up to 24˝ and complete fabrication
  43. 43. In-house facilities for melting, casting and metal treatment</li></li></ul><li>Industrial & Consumer Durables(cont.)<br />Standard and specialty products:<br /><ul><li>Rod - ECON-O-ROD® plus, ACC-U-ROD®, Impact Rod
  44. 44. Bar- ECON-O-PLATE®, ACC-U-PLATE®, ACC-U-BAR®, ECON-O-HEX® plus
  45. 45. Tube, Pipe - (Structural & Seamless), Mechanical Seamless Tube, Thin Wall Superior Quality Construction Tube, Square & Rectangular Tube
  46. 46. Custom Shapes - Standard, Custom & Hollow Shapes, Electrical Bus Conductors, Heat Sinks (standard & high ratio)</li></li></ul><li>Automotive<br />Sapa’s leading edge technology serves virtually every brand across North America and around the world with an extensive range of components and systems.<br />Application engineering, design, and manufacturing services:<br /><ul><li> Extrusion, fabrication and finishing
  47. 47. Friction Stir Welding
  48. 48. Energy absorption technology</li></li></ul><li>Automotive (cont.)<br />Advanced technical support and product development through our North America Technical Center:<br /><ul><li> Individual development areas for customers
  49. 49. Prototype development capability
  50. 50. Training Center</li></ul>Manufacturers gain these advantages:<br /><ul><li> Global presence
  51. 51. Expertise on light weighting
  52. 52. Unlimited manufacturing possibilities
  53. 53. Turn-key sub-assembly
  54. 54. Just-In-Time delivery
  55. 55. Quality assurance & long term partnership </li></li></ul><li>Commercial & Mass Transit<br />The next generation shapes and aerodynamic designs in lightweight aluminum create end-user marketing opportunities with greater savings in product efficiency and longevity.<br />Turnkey solutions for:<br /><ul><li> Commercial truck/trailers
  56. 56. Truck bodies and equipment
  57. 57. Mass transit
  58. 58. Bus vehicles
  59. 59. Marine vessels
  60. 60. Rail systems</li></li></ul><li>Leadership in “Green” Products<br /><ul><li> Sapa Green Billet
  61. 61. Sapa Green Anodic Coatings
  62. 62. Sapa Eco-Powder Coating</li></ul>Compliant with RoHS, ELV, LEED®,<br />CSI and AAMA Standards<br />
  63. 63. Solar and Renewable Energy<br />Sapa Extrusions is a major supplier to the growing solar industry, supplying critical components, including racking and mounting systems, for concentrated solar power, photovoltaic systems and solar thermal (H20) applications.<br /><ul><li> Proven partner for growth and development
  64. 64. Best knowledge of material solutions
  65. 65. Latest equipment, control systems and tools
  66. 66. Continuing refinement of processing methods </li></li></ul><li>Complete Fabrication Services<br />Take your idea from conception to completion! Sapa Extrusions supplies partially or completed finished parts and assemblies ready to sequence onto your production line.<br />Value-added fabrication services:<br /><ul><li> Precision cutting
  67. 67. Drilling, tapping, punching
  68. 68. Forming
  69. 69. Beveling / chamfering
  70. 70. CNC Bending and Machining
  71. 71. Full range of joining capabilities, including Friction Stir Welding
  72. 72. Assembly and packaging</li></ul>New product development services:<br /><ul><li> Structure and application analysis
  73. 73. Concept development
  74. 74. Expert design assistance
  75. 75. Prototyping</li></li></ul><li>Finishing, Painting and Powder Coating<br />No one offers more finish choices than Sapa Extrusions. We specialize in the application of high-performance coatings on aluminum products for every market. <br /><ul><li> 9 liquid paint lines and 2 powder coat lines
  76. 76. Capability to paint parts up to 25´ in length
  77. 77. Non-chrome and chrome phosphate conversion coating systems
  78. 78. Large selection of acrylic enamels and polyester paints
  79. 79. Color matching and intermix systems
  80. 80. Anodized finishes for parts up to 31.5 ft. in length
  81. 81. Sulfuric acid anodizing
  82. 82. Caustic and acid etch capabilities
  83. 83. Color by electrolytic deposition
  84. 84. Hard-coat anodizing</li></li></ul><li>Shaping the future<br />Sapa is environmentally conscious with regenerative equipment and reduced solvent and waste components. Sapa products meet or exceed AAMA specifications. <br />