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The Nielsen Company BI COE: A Case Study


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Presented at IBM Cognos Forum 2009. a) This case study describes the challenges in designing and implementing a BI COE. You will learn how The Nielsen Company leverages internal staff in the BI COE to support a total of 30,000 employees and a distributed global Cognos development environment.

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The Nielsen Company BI COE: A Case Study

  1. 1. The Nielsen Company BI COE: A Case Study John Boyer, The Nielsen Company Edie Harrison, The Nielsen Company Katie McCray, IBM
  2. 2. BI COE Case Study > Who We Are > What It Is > What We Do > How We Do It > What We’ve Done > What We’ve Learned > Where We’re Going
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE > Speakers > Corporate Background > BI COE Background > Where the BI COE fits > Where the BI COE sits
  4. 4. Corporate and BI COE Background > The Nielsen Company • Consumer • Media • Business Media • Integrated Services > Application Development / Shared Technology Services • Dot Com apps • BI Media • BI Consumer • Portal • STS Support Team
  5. 5. What is a BI COE? > Textbook Definition > Practical Definition
  6. 6. Our Mission
  7. 7. How the BI COE Relates to its Environment > Upwards > Sideways > Downwards > Outside
  8. 8. WHY A BI COE? > Purpose > Primary Benefits • Quality of deliverables • Consistent message • Success of projects • Reusability • Adoption of common vision • Convergence • Bridges the gap between business and IT • Limits re-learning
  9. 9. Where the BI Intranet / Dot Com COE sits within Data COE Portal COE Management the Nielsen COE Engagement COE Enterprise PMO COE Database COE SOA COE Application BPM COE Teams BI COE
  10. 10. BI COE – Org Contributions by SDLC Ideation Assessment Requirements Detailed Spec’s Development / Test Release Maintenance Ongoing project collaboration through BI COE PM team Ongoing support of shared environments, release process and application hosting OOM Assessment Adoption Solution Definition Development Consulting Services Closeout OOM Assessment Architecture Leadership BI Consulting Services Closeout Delivery of shared services and application delivery frameworks such as presentation services (Page Bus) & BI Service (BI Bus) Project lifecycle Support & Deployment Team Adoption Team Project Coordination Team BI Advisory Team Shared Components Team
  11. 11. BICC Survey Findings IBM Cognos 2008
  12. 12. HOW WE DO IT > Design of the Nielsen BI COE • BI COE Structure and Responsibilities • Departmental and Vendor Interactions • Project involvement and touch points • Dependencies for success • Measurements for success
  13. 13. WHAT WE’VE DONE > Adoption Team > Adoption and Development Team > Platform Team > Support and Delivery (Platform) Team > Advisory Team > Advisory Team > Project Management Team > Shared Components
  14. 14. Adoption Team > On-boarded over 40 application teams > Addressed scalability of Adoption Team > Implemented “constant review” for on-boarding projects > Streamlined On-Boarding Documentation and Processes > Updated model to provide continuous project interaction > Implemented a standard Cognos TCS status reporting process
  15. 15. Support and Delivery (Platform) Team > Expanded environment > Made documentation available in iShare > Implemented outages management > Created JIRA and change management > Standardized processes > Created SLOs > Overcoming challenges of managing and integrating off-shore team
  16. 16. Project Management Team Phase of SDLC Data Access Databases used Stack Security Schedules and considerations Migrate Future plans Answers Skill level
  17. 17. Project Management Team I am a unique and special snowflake
  18. 18. Project Management Team Development Traffic Cop Challenges Standards Efficiency expert Evangelist
  19. 19. Advisory Team > Interacted proactively in 30+ Projects > Developed standard project review process > Established proactive Cognos environment monitoring > Evaluated new products and vendors > Initiated planning for application convergence > Initiated recurring vendor communications > Documented and published proven practices > Created Self-assessments with algorithm for project risk scoring > Developed 10+ project prototypes and proofs of concepts > Trained and mentored project teams > Capacity planning for custom and upgrade environments
  20. 20. WHAT WE’VE LEARNED > Project Management > Application Development > BI COE
  21. 21. Project Management > Got a plan? (Project Planning) > Is there a method to the madness? (Methodology) > Can we talk? (Communication) > Got a minute? (Time Management) > Can I friend you? (Networking) > Do you mind? (Emotional Commitment) Microsoft Word Document
  22. 22. Application Development > Run the numbers (SLOs) > Acknowledge the greater good (Enterprise vs Project Goals) > Know whom to trust (SME as experts) > Trust but verify (Competence) > Be the white on rice (Availability) > Build a covalent bond (Team dynamics) > Know your limits (Support and backup)
  23. 23. BI COE > Evangelize and proselytize (Adoption Message) > House rules (Standards) > Role playing (Define role of BI COE) > Everyone needs a hand to hold onto (Support and maintenance) > Things we should have learned in kindergarten (Sharing – information, resources)
  24. 24. WHERE WE’RE GOING > Conclusions > Recommendations > Vendor Recognition > Take away
  25. 25. Conclusions > What has worked • 1+ years in – sustained personnel changes, growth, building of team • Supported all above achievements • Add third bullet here > What hasn’t worked, or what hasn’t worked for everyone • One size does not fit all – Shared environment aren’t perfect for all teams • Organizational Changes – New teams • Herding cats • SLOs
  26. 26. Recommendations > Executive sponsorship > Dedicate appropriate resources > Create a plan – then change what doesn’t work > BI COE with a bite > Constant monitoring > Start your own BI COE
  27. 27. Vendor Recognition > Cognos > Motio • Products • Products • MotioCI • Cognos 8.3 • MotioADF • Partnership • MotioPI • Support • Services • Services > Composite • Products • Clustered Enterprise Software • Services > TCS • Services
  28. 28. Take away > Business Intelligence Key Performance Indicators • What do you want on your dashboard? • As you develop your BI COE, make sure you monitor your progress. • It is not possible to recommend one and only set of KPIs. • Choose between three and five of the metrics below to start measuring. • Choose metrics that are meaningful, easily captured and on which you can take action. • Make sure you’re measuring quality, timeliness and cost (in dollars or hours).
  29. 29. Maximize Your Success with IBM Cognos Software Services > Access the Cognos resources you need > Continue your learning with Cognos Education > Engage a Cognos consultant > Cognos Support resources at your finger tips Don’t forget to check your registration bag for a $500 discount on IBM Cognos Instructor-led training!
  30. 30. Evaluation Forms SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK AND WIN Visit IBM Cognos Central to fill out your session evaluations online. > Each completed evaluation qualifies you to win one of five $100 daily prizes. > Complete evaluations for every session you attend and qualify to win an additional $500! An overall conference survey will be available at IBM Cognos Central on Friday morning, and will also be emailed to you.