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Online Branding Tips for Contractors


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Online Branding Tips for Contractors

  1. 1. Online Branding Tips for Contractors S
  2. 2. Key tips for building an effective online presence for your construction business
  3. 3. Website development What to cover? How your business functions Why it will satisfy your clients’ needs better than anyone else Website SEO Proper Search Engine Optimization will allow people to find your company amidst the other options online
  4. 4. Consistent Graphic Design Coherent design elements present a unified picture of your company Brand Logo Website Design Email Signature
  5. 5. Website design Effective design example • Informative and service promoting • Carefully selected visual elements • Clean and color-coordinated design • Unobtrusive and legible • Social media profile icons • Stylish and memorable logo
  6. 6. Building trust and familiarity Consistency in your color schemes and imagery allows customers to create associations with your brand, which they can recognize over time
  7. 7. Your business in the social media Create social media profiles for your company Update regularly with posts and visuals about your remodeling and building projects
  8. 8. Be web active Communicate your work and successes Receive direct customer feedback Quickly adapt to your customer’s needs Engage clients in conversations Give clients a feeling of involvement with your brand
  9. 9. Start a Blog Maintain it regularly to build a stable audience
  10. 10. Establish your name online in construction-specific social circles Offer your expert opinions Raise the profile of your business Show leadership authority in your field
  11. 11. Built to Last Consistent levels of Online Branding will increase: Traffic to your website Client leads to your business Overall image of your company Trustworthy relationships with your clients
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