7124700114300Background on the Song<br />“I Don’t Care” is a rock song written by bassist (Pete Wentz) and lead singer (Pa...
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Treatment sheet

  1. 1. 7124700114300Background on the Song<br />“I Don’t Care” is a rock song written by bassist (Pete Wentz) and lead singer (Patrick Stump) and became the first single from Fall Out Boys last album (Folie a deux 2008)before their breakup in 2009. The song has been described as a very political track by Patrick Stump, the lead vocalist of the band, but not political in the traditional sense; more about the politics of a relationship. Stump has said that this song is about the superficiality and selfishness that is associated with pop culture. The song was released to iTunes on September 8th 2008 and a music video followed on the 25th September. The song was number 68 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Best Songs of 2008 and managed to reach position 33 In the UK singles charts. The music video also won best Music Video in Australia in March 2009.<br />The Music Video<br />Our Music video shall be similar to other videos of fall out boy basing it on a mix of performance and narrative with the full of the group performing with the instruments and then also taking part in several scenes of a narrative as according to the lyrics and the purpose of the song, Other actors may be introduced during the narrative parts and the breakdown of the song. The band image will come from the image that fall out boy and other bands of a similar genre represent with the typical image of skinny jeans, converse + plimsolls, band t-shirt and hoody and in dark colours. This will represent a typical band image of the modern day that would be playing this genre ensuring our target audience is met with the correct mise en scene. With the 4 of us in the band we have decided upon using one guitarist one bassist one drummer and one lead singer with the star image and much of the focus onto the lead signer as with most bands in the modern day of this style as to appeal to our teen audience. <br />3572510107886518497551004570952501078865Our music video will mostly contain dark lighting with lights from the background to show us highlighted, this will also contract with the white background we plan on having unless it does not look good then a different colour will be selected. We plan on having several outdoor shots which shall just contain natural night and some of our indoor shots may also contain natural light. Lighting is very important to this video and we hope to use similar lighting as used in some videos by you me at six.<br />4699000508006356350342900<br />The music video we have planned will have narrative parts that follow along to the lyrics and then coming to a similar part on the chorus along to the lyrics of “I don’t care” such as:<br />“Say My name and his in the same breath” refers to a relationship and cheating which is where we start our narrative about relationships<br />“I don’t care what you think” is first about not caring about the relationship<br />“Oooh” in between chorus and verse is being slapped after whispering something rude to a girl. Similar to Fall Out Boys Video where Patrick touches the passing womans bum.<br />“pull a breath like another cigarette” will refer to smoking and being caught within school.<br />“I don’t care what you think” will refer to not caring when in detention and will cause the actor to throw paper all of the desk.<br />“You said I don’t care just what you think” will be when the lights go down and we use other people to show they don’t care either.<br />The slow part of the chorus (the breakdown) will be a vital part of our music video as we will be turning down the lighting level and then using people to say each word in one shot each on the camera as similar to the music video “Closer To The Edge” By 30 Seconds To Mars as shown in some screen grabs below. We may also choose to incorporate another area from closer to the edge in which we will put the lyrics on the screen as the other people are singing each world. We will also have shots of us together not performing as if on tour with us laughing joking in black and white and having us clearly miming “I Don’t Care” as if we are writing a song and enjoying ourselves.<br />Our plans for locations will be using the studio in order to have a clean white background or darker if the shot doesn’t look suitable, the burn valley for a park being on the benches for the cheating relationship, the back part of the old college building to look like a school, the classroom for detention and using the smaller music practice rooms for close up face shots of people singing each word of the lyrics.<br />25152357886705029200781685139700781685In the end of the music video we will have other people coming into our performance and fighting for our instruments in which we will all end up out of the studio by the end of the song to which one member of the band will have lost clothes will shrug their shoulders and walk away not caring. <br />