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Stop sending Emails! Marketing Week LIVE 2013


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Stop sending Emails! Marketing Week LIVE 2013

  1. 1. @jwattonStop sending email! Startsending multi-channelmessages that matter!JohnWatton, Senior Director – MarketingMarketingWeek Live, 26th June 2013.
  2. 2. @jwatton
  3. 3. @jwattonProblem: NoiseThe average consumer is exposed to30,000marketing messages per day.Source: Mashable Email Infographic, Nov 2012
  4. 4. @jwattonProblem: NoiseIn the time it took you to read this sentence,20 millionemails have been sent.
  5. 5. @jwattonThe SegmentedAudienceApproachMale30-40Male30-40Male30-40Male30-40Male30-40Male30-40Male30-40FemaleHomeownerFemaleHomeownerFemaleHomeownerFemaleHomeownerFemaleHomeownerFemaleHomeownerFemaleHomeownerCollegeEducatedWith kidsCollegeEducatedWith kidsCollegeEducatedWith kidsCollegeEducatedWith kidsCollegeEducatedWith kidsCollegeEducatedWith kids
  6. 6. @jwattonProblem:The Segmented Audience approach is failing3%Relevant Irrelevant97%
  7. 7. @jwatton
  8. 8. @jwattonBuyers favour personalised experiences“The more you invest...the better it gets!”
  9. 9. @jwattonMore Channels of Interaction
  10. 10. @jwattonAcross multiple devices
  11. 11. @jwattonAt a time right forTHEM1By Profile2By Preference3By Now?
  12. 12. @jwattonRight messageRight timeRight place
  13. 13. @jwattonThe biggest win:by behaviour
  14. 14. @jwattonTypes of digital behaviour• Age• Gender• Nearest store• Productpreferences• Buy for self/as agift• etcDemographics• Opened email• Did not openemail• Clicked on linkin email• Bounced• No mailingactivityEmail behaviour• Purchase history• Survey results• Loyalty points• Product searches• Abandoned carts• etcRelational data• Cartabandoned• Productsearched• Form completed• File downloaded• Video viewed• Custom eventWeb behaviour• Voucherredemption• Store purchase• Eventattendance• Call centreactivity• Cataloguerequest• etcOff-line behaviour
  15. 15. @jwattonInsight = Gold
  16. 16. @jwattonA really simple ideaCaptureactionApply rules Generatethe bestinteraction
  17. 17. @jwattonA really simple idea,refined and turbo-chargedCapturebehaviourfrom anychannelApply rules Generatethe best, mostpersonalizedinteractionAnd mostrelevant trackacross allchannelsMeasureand storelearning toinform rulesCombinewith existingknowledgefrom profiles,preferencesand pastactions acrossall channels
  18. 18. @jwattonThe 5 bigquestions1Whichbehavioursmatter most?How do weturn this insightinto action?How todo it at scale?How to do itacrossall channels?How do wecapture andlearn fromthem?2 3 4 5
  19. 19. @jwatton1Whichbehavioursmatter most?
  20. 20. @jwattonData that can be usedin segmentation• Purchase history• Survey results• Loyalty points• Product searches• Abandoned carts• etc• Age• Gender• Nearest store• Product preferences• Buy for self/as a gift• etc• Cart abandoned• Product searched• Form completed• File downloaded• Video viewed• Custom event• Opened email• Did not open email• Clicked on linkin email• Bounced• No mailing activity• Voucher redemption• Store purchase• Event attendance• Call centre activity• Catalogue request• etcDemographics Email behaviour Relational data Web behaviour Off-line behaviour
  21. 21. @jwattonHow doyou captureand learn?2
  23. 23. @jwatton3How to turninsight intoaction?
  24. 24. @jwattonTriggersRules Analysis Scoring
  25. 25. @jwatton4How todo it at scale?
  26. 26. @jwattonBehavioural marketingat B2C Scale150 million Messages delivered per day213 billion Records under management70,000 Active Message Automations200 million CRM records sync’d per month346 million IndividualizedAutomated Messages per month4.7 Billion Behaviours processed per month
  27. 27. @jwatton5How to do it acrossall channels?
  28. 28. @jwatton
  29. 29. @jwattonWeb siteCallDirect MailEmailSMSSocialActionChannelsOutput Channels–CommunicationsSilverpop Input ChannelsExternal Input ChannelsWeb siteLocationEmailSocialSMSStore EPOSWeb storeCall centreMail orderInput channels –Interactions• Web store• Mail order• Call centre• Event
  30. 30. @jwattonThe 5 bigquestions1Whichbehavioursmatter most?How do weturn this insightinto action?How do wedo it at scale?How do wedo it acrossall channels?How do wecapture andlearn fromthem?2 3 4 5
  31. 31. @jwattonAutomate something!• 1.Welcome/Onboarding• 2. Browse Abandonment• 3. Cart Abandonment• 4. Recommendation• 5. Product Review Request• 6. Happy Birthday• 7. Replenishment/Re-order• 8. Cross Sell• 9. Purchase Anniversary• 10. Re-engagement
  32. 32. @jwattonThe increase in open and click rates’s newsletters vs otherBonnier properties following re-designof email newsletters to a multi-yearprogram linked to child development2X
  33. 33. @jwattonThe increase in click-to-open rateCorporate training firm InsideOutachieved with Silverpop using EngagePrograms, Lead Scoring and SFDCintegration to boost engagement anddeliver more high-quality leads to sales.6X
  34. 34. @jwattonThe open rate increase ed-techcompany CourseHero saw after usingautomation to set up behaviour-drivencampaigns.29%
  35. 35. @jwattonSmartPak’s Behaviour Based Email Works!Metrics Automation MakesA Big DifferenceAutomated/TransactionalBroadcastOpen Rate +68.3% 27.6% 16.4%CTR +103.5% 5.9% 2.9%CTOR +20.9% 21.4% 17.7%Conversion Rate +135.8% 14.6% 6.2%Unsubscribe -42.9% 0.08% 0.14%SPAM ComplaintRate-33.3% 0.04% 0.06%Bounce -6.0% 0.63% 0.67%
  36. 36. @jwattonThankYou!+44 7557