Stop Sending Email! Start sending messages that matter!


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Email is, and should be, a pivotal part of revenue driving digital marketing startegy. But what really gains results is the delivery of the right message at the right time via the right channel.

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  • But how successful has this approach actually been?Well if you think about it, we focus on where we’re successful. But the reality is we’re still causing too much noise for the majority of our prospects.
  • Most of the buyers journey where they are learning and making decision happens without the seller being aware
  • Thankful to not have to search A to Z
  • But your customers – your buyers don’t just hang out on your website. They are interacting and learning everywhere. Phone, ipad, laptop – in facebook, and on your website. You need technology that enables you to interact with this person wherevery they are – knowing who it is and where they are at each and every time they show up. What if you could personalize the content on your facebook offer – in real time?
  • We have talked about your customer and we have talked about your company. Now lets talk about you, lets talk about what the marketer is facing. For many of you, your strategies are evolving moving beyond batch and blast emails through varying levels of sophistication striving to deliver highly personalized and individualized communications. I think it is important to note that as you move up this curve activities don’t stop, it is just that the mix changes, you begin to add more automated interactions but you may or may not send fewer mass communications. Email is highly effective and pretty inexpensive, going forward it is about adding new tactics and fine tuning what you are doing to maximize outcomes.This transition is being mandated by the changes in customer behavior and the need for increased conversion rates – which can be driven by more relevant communications. You are now selling to markets of one - but to make this transition you need the right technology partner.
  • Behavioural marketing automation - It starts with the ability to capture all of the interactions of each individual.
  • Icons courtesy of iconarchive.comTo increase the sophistication of your marketing efforts you need automation. To be truly effective you need an automation engine to act on this behavioral data driven by your marketing and business rules. Silverpop Engage allows you to leverage massive amounts of collected data in order to deliver highly personalized interactions that deliver a better buying experience and drive revenue. With our industry leading technology, Silverpop is uniquely positioned in the market to support delivering on this vision..
  • Our AM will also ensure that you are designing emails in the best manner for your audience. For example, designing for mobile needs to take account of reduced subject lines – and reduced attention spans – and calls-to-action need to be designed with the fat finger effect in mind. It’s no good having a tiny button and making the person have to zoom in loads – you will experience drop-off simply because you have put more steps in the process. When designing
  • 2) Website: Many sites have been loosely connected with social in the past – a social “follow” icon here, a “share this” graphic there. In 2013, try bringing social data into your website to build trust. For example, you might include info such as number of downloads, user ratings and customer comments beside your content or products. True, you lose some control of the message, but by sharing the opinions of other buyers you’ll enhance the visitor experience and ultimately build trust in your brand.
  • We also offer a module called PlacePunch – designed to drive people to your business locations.If a subscriber checks-in somewhere within a user-defined radius of your store, an email can be automatically triggered. “Come to us today, here’s a voucher.”Or, you can set up a loyalty programme so they get points every time they check in at your store and then a reward for so many points.
  • No single competitor can match these capabilites across the landscape
  • Stop Sending Email! Start sending messages that matter!

    1. 1. Stop Sending Email! Start sendingmessages that matter! John Watton, Senior Director – Marketing, Silverpop 28th February, 2013. @jwatton #spopEMEA
    2. 2. @jwatton
    3. 3. AgendaThe empowered consumerRight message, right time, right placeBehavioral MarketingBehavioral Marketing @Work #spopEMEA
    4. 4. The empowered consumer
    5. 5. Problem: NoiseThe average consumer is exposed to 30,000 marketing messages per day.
    6. 6. of UK smartphone owners say they’ve never seen a mobile adSource: Nielsen Mobile Consumer Survey, Feb 2013 #spopEMEA
    7. 7. The average socialpost has a half-life of mins Source: SEOmoz blog, Feb 2013 #spopEMEA
    8. 8. 25%To get of your tweets retweeted You need 10,000 followers Source: SEOmoz blog, Feb 2013 #spopEMEA
    9. 9. The Segmented Audience Approach Female MaleHomeowner Male 30-40 30-40 Female College Educated Homeowne With kids Female Homeowner Female Homeowner College Educated With kids College Educated With kids Male Male 30-40College Educated 30-40 With kids College Educated With kids Male 30-40 Male 30-40 Male Female Homeowner 30-40 College Educated Female Homeowner With kids College Educated With kids College Educated Female With kids Homeowner
    10. 10. Problem:The Segmented Audience approach is failing 3% 97% Relevant Irrelevant #spopEMEA
    11. 11. 56% of the buying process is invisible to the seller.“The empoweredcustomer is now incontrol of the businessrelationship.”Source: IBM CMO Study 2011 @jwatton
    12. 12. Buyers favour personalised experiences “The more you invest... the better it gets!” @jwatton
    13. 13. Across multiple devices #spopEMEA
    14. 14. Right message Right time Right place
    15. 15. Moving From Broadcast to Behaviour Bto1 Marketing Maturity Behavioral Marketing Individual Messages Behaviour-based Messages (Multi-Track) Marketing Automation Activity-based Messages (Campaign automation, Scoring) Time-based MessagesAutomated (Drip, Simple Nurture, Triggered) Manual Email Marketing Targeted Mailings based on Segmentation (Segment & Send) Mass Mailing to a broad database (E-blasts) Customer Experience #spopEMEA
    16. 16. Using a behavioral marketingapproach
    17. 17. Pay attention across all channels Web Site/Page Video Visits File Social Downloads Email Graph Blog Forms Visits Postal Purchase History Mobile Support Apps Check History In’s Location Automation individualised CRM Centralized Engine Marketing Content Database #spopEMEA
    18. 18. Track behaviours Email Social Did the individual open and/or Did the prospect or customer click on a certain email? How fill out a form in Facebook or long ago did the contact come to your site via Twitter? interact with your email Share one of your emails? message (two days ago, two Comment on a blog post on weeks ago or two months ago)? your site?CRM WebsiteWas an opportunity opened, Did the individual visit your site Centralizedor a prospect contacted by a or blog? Did he or she download Marketing Database salesperson? something or watch a video? Mobile/location Did a customer scan a QR code at your trade show booth, sign up for your text message service or check in via Foursquare at your event? @jwatton
    19. 19. Lead scoring on demographics &behaviours Heavy Behaviour Low Interest Interest Profile 1 2 3 4Great Fit A 32+/15+ 32+/10-14 32+/6-9 32+/0-5 B 20-31/15+ 20-31/10-14 20-31/6-9 20-31/0-5 C 10-19/15+ 10-19/10-14 10-19/6-9 10-19/0-5 OK fit D 0-9/15+ 0-9/10-14 0-9/6-9 0-9/0-5 #spopEMEA
    20. 20. Prioritise “sales-ready” leads Heavy Behaviour Low Interest Interest Profile 1 2 3 4Great Fit A 32+/15+ 32+/10-14 32+/6-9 32+/0-5 B 20-31/15+ 20-31/10-14 20-31/6-9 20-31/0-5 C 10-19/15+ 10-19/10-14 10-19/6-9 10-19/0-5 OK fit D 0-9/15+ 0-9/10-14 0-9/6-9 0-9/0-5 @jwatton
    21. 21. Right time
    22. 22. Behaviour Driven AutomationCampaign CampaignProgram A Program B 260% lift in product Sales than non automated emails – Empowering Parents Only 4% of emails have been automated thus far yet they drive 40% of email revenue – S&S Worldwide Conversion rates went up 136% with automation - SmartPak #spopEMEA
    23. 23. Top 10 behavioural processes toautomate 1. Welcome/Onboarding 2. Browse Abandonment 3. Cart Abandonment 4. Recommendation 5. Product Review Request 6. Happy Birthday 7. Replenishment/Re-order 8. Cross Sell 9. Purchase Anniversary 10. Re-engagement #spopEMEA
    24. 24. Right place
    25. 25. 68% of UK smartphone owners use their device to check email 28% for shopping Source: Nielsen Mobile Consumer Survey, Feb 2013 #spopEMEA
    26. 26. Email Opens: January 2013 Mobile: Smartphones (iPhone, Android) and tablets DesktopMobile 33% Desktop: 42% Installed email programs (Outlook, Apple Mail) Webmail: Webmail Email accessed through a web 25% browser (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!) Source: Litmus Email Analytics @jwatton
    27. 27. Increase Revenue – design for youraudience Old mouse New mouse  Mobile first  Reduced subject line  Reduced attention span  Larger text  Larger call-to-action  Single column  Single conversation #spopEMEA
    28. 28. Web + social @jwatton
    29. 29. Social + email Share-to-social on all emails Using facebook for opt-in #spopEMEA
    30. 30. + Location Instantly and automatically send offers to these consumers to drive them to your store – triggers from Facebook & FourSquareThis is your check-ins store @jwatton
    31. 31. Right message
    32. 32. Web + email Your last browses – check these out! Web views Automatic feed Email content #spopEMEA
    33. 33. Truly Individualised Email Messaging Subject Line Personalization 1 First name personalization1 Personalized Content Name and contact info for each customer’s 2 personal rep 6 2 Dynamic Subject Lines The subject line changes based on the type and duration of club membership Individualized Content Lists 3 For any customer who has purchased two or more items in the last 90 days, list each purchase with review links 4 E-commerce-driven Personalization Display totals and other engaging content to drive follow-on purchases. 7 5 Website-driven Content Directly track each customer’s web activity and prompt them to visit new areas of the site. Send Time Optimization 6 The message arrives in each individual’s 3 inbox at precisely the time that individual is 1 most likely to check email. Data-driven Dynamic Image 7 Image is selected based on demographic and profile info 4 8 Score-driven Dynamic Offer 8 Discounts/prices vary by social influence and time since last purchase 5 @jwatton
    34. 34. Behavioral Marketing @Work
    35. 35. Buyer Behaviour + Automation Thank You! #spopEMEA
    36. 36. 1. Wizard 1 day 3 daysOverview Try Why you wizard should 2. Started 1 day 3 days Almost It will Wizard help Done… you 3. Completed 1 day 3 days Wizard Wizard Custom Results for you 1 day 4. Add to Did you x days Cart forget …. Responding 5. Placed x days to Website Order Thank You …. Behaviors @jwatton
    37. 37. SmartPak’s Behaviour Based Email Works! Metrics Automation Automated/ Broadcast Makes A Big Transactional Difference Open Rate +68.3% 27.6% 16.4% CTR +103.5% 5.9% 2.9% CTOR +20.9% 21.4% 17.7% Conversion +135.8% 14.6% 6.2% Rate Unsubscribe -42.9% 0.08% 0.14% SPAM -33.3% 0.04% 0.06% Complaint Rate Bounce -6.0% 0.63% 0.67% #spopEMEA
    38. 38. AgendaThe empowered consumerRight message, right time, right placeBehavioral MarketingBehavioral Marketing @Work @jwatton
    39. 39. Thank You!+44 7557 #spopEMEA