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Sample presentation

  1. 1. Reading and Technology:The Man/Machine Interface
  2. 2. Reading comes first: When thinking about adding technology to lessons, keep the integrity of the lesson in tact; the most important thing is that students master the skill. Technology should be seamless; it should support the instruction. Technology can be used to help students make a personal connection to what they are reading.
  3. 3. Let’s look at some examples:
  4. 4. iPads More and more students are using iPads in class. Using an iPad allows students to have text that is interactive:  Highlight  Take notes  Use the dictionary
  5. 5. Graphic Organizers Students can use graphic organizers to complete thoughts. For example, the teacher gives a statement and the students have to fill in the evidence.
  6. 6. Digital Books A big advantage to some of the digital books is that students can hear the text being read to them. This is especially useful for students who struggle with comprehension. Digital books are becoming more interactive; for example, if you click on the picture you get more information about what is happening. This encourages students to be engaged and explore as they read.
  7. 7. WebQuests Students can use webquests to explore beyond the story. They can research the:  Setting  Characters  History  Etc.
  8. 8. Blogging Teachers can leave “food for thought” on a blog concerning what is happening in the novel students are reading. For example: What did you visualize when you read about James and his Aunt? Can you make a personal connection to how Sarah felt when she realized her mother was not coming back?
  9. 9. Newsletter Students can use the computer to create a newsletter about the time and place in the book they are reading. For example: In Charley Skedaddle, students are reading about a young boy in the Civil War. What would his family be reading about while he was away? Teachers can also use newsletters to keep parents informed about what is happening in the reading class.
  10. 10. Drill and Practice There are many software programs or websites that allow students to drill on things like sight words or spelling words. Example: This website allows teachers to enter the words and students can drill from any computer at school or at home.