Crowd Sourcing And Humanistic Psychology


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A small presentation on how we create a movie in The Netherlands using Crowd Sourcing.

All cooperation is based on the principles of Humanistic Psychology

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Crowd Sourcing And Humanistic Psychology

  1. Crowd sourcing and humanistic psychology <br />The secret of DSBTheMovie<br />Making a movie with ZERO budget<br />By J.W. Alphenaar, Director of DSBTheMovie. A complete crowd sourced movie production in The Netherlands.<br />Started end of October 2009, scheduled to be finished March 2010.<br />
  2. Definition of crowd sourcing<br />Outsourcing to the “crowd” <br />By giving an open call<br />To a large group of people<br />To give contributions<br />
  3. Example<br />
  4. Example<br />
  5. Definition of humanistic psychology<br />Focuses on fundamental needs of human beings<br />Every need that is fulfilled creates another need on a higher level<br />Basic needs are primary biological needs<br />
  6. Shelter<br />Drinks<br />Basic Needs – first layer<br />Food<br />Sex<br />
  7. Shelter<br />Drinks<br />Sounds familiar?<br />Recognize this funny guy?<br />Food<br />Sex<br />
  8. Of course, it’ s Maslow<br />The Pyramid of needs<br />
  9.<br />
  10. Traditional reward systems in crowd sourcing<br />Money<br />Washing machines<br />Trips<br />New teeth<br />Crowdsourcing<br />Money<br />Appliances<br />Traditional reward systems in crowd sourcing<br />Vacations<br />New Teeth<br />
  11. Our project<br />We wanted to make a movie that shows the opinion of the public, created by the public on a subject that concerns every tax-payer.<br />The bankruptcy of DSB Bank in The Netherlands.<br /><br />
  12. Small problem<br />We did not have any budget at all for this movie.<br />
  13. Lucky us<br />We have an excellent, maybe too excellent, social system in the Netherlands<br />Everybody has money (at least for their basic needs)<br />Almost everybody has a washing machine<br />Everybody has dental insurance<br />
  14. Money doesn’t matter<br />Even if we did have money, it would never be enough to persuade people to join.<br />So it was better to have no money at all.<br />
  15. But we needed a lot of things<br />Everything a normal movie production needs.<br />A Logo<br />A Producer<br />Scriptwriters<br />Soundtrack<br />Editor<br />Camera men<br />Actors<br />Publicity<br />
  16. So we were forced to go top-level<br />Self-esteem<br />Creativity<br />Self-actualization<br />Recognition<br />
  17. Everybody wants to be a moviestar<br />Or a director<br />Or a producer<br />Or a cameraman<br />Or a soundtrack producer<br />Or a logo designer<br />But changes to achieve that are little<br />
  18. So why not hop on?<br />Join the group<br />Make your best<br />And get your credits anyway<br />
  19. Social Media we use(d)<br />
  20. Boosted by traditional media<br />
  21. Frontpage of largets newspaper <br />In the Nertherlands<br />
  22. News show with 1.1 million viewers<br />
  23. Publicity led to a<br />CROWD<br />
  24. A huge crowd<br />
  25. And that needed to be managened<br />
  26. We needed to think of a solution<br />
  27. Eureka!<br /><ul><li>Crowd managers – just asked people if they wanted to assist in managing:
  28. Sub projects
  29. Communities
  30. Website</li></ul>Divide the project into smaller, manageable sub projects<br />
  31. Project divided in sub projects<br />
  32. 42 logo’s in 1 week.<br />300+ votes for the winning logo<br />
  33. A teaser Video to attract more crowd<br />
  34. Scriptwriting<br />Two semi-professional scriptwriters found through LinkedIn.<br />Through several calls in the media (traditional and on-line) we received a lot of input<br />All mixed together by our scriptwriters <br />In order to reflect the public opinion<br />We used the factual timeline as a guideline<br />Tool we used: Adobe Story (beta) <br />
  35. Soundtrack<br />Three finalists (23 contributions)<br />Head-to-head race with election by the crowd<br />
  36. Special Help<br />The Dutch Business TV Channel: RTL-Z offered to use their archives and news footage in the final production.<br />
  37. Final Stages<br />We have 86 groups that are acting and recording.<br />Each group has to deliver three scenes.<br />We expect to have 4+ contributions per scene.<br />Best contributions will be chosen by the crowd.<br />All winners will be edited into the final movie.<br />
  38. You can&apos;t build a reputation on what you&apos;re going to do.<br />Henry Ford<br />Image:<br />
  39. Movie is scheduled to be released<br />March 2010.<br />Total production time: 4 months from idea to End result.<br />Several cinemas offer to show the movie for free.<br />Now working on a book about crowd source management<br />Called: Unknown Sources<br />Watch: for Updates<br />
  40.<br /><br /><br />