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10 tips for Successful Crowdsourcing

  1. 10  <ps  for  successful   Crowdsourcing   +1   Version  2  -­‐  December  26st,  2012   J.W.  Alphenaar  
  2. 1.  Define  your  crowd   •  Is  the  crowd  a  specific  group  or  everybody?   •  Which  Social  Networks  would  work  best  for   your  crowd?   •  Where  can  you  find  your  crowd?   •  Look  for  your  crowd  in  specific  groups  on   Linkedin,  Facebook,  etc...   •  How  can  you  best  reach  the  crowd?  
  3. 2.  Sound  and  clear   •  Make  your  call  to  the  crowd  as  clear  as   possible.   •  The  crowd  must  have  no  ques<ons  about   your  call.   •  It  should  not  be  interpreted  in  different   ways.   •  The  crowd  must  understand  what  your   asking.   •  So  take  your  <me  in  describing  your  call.  
  4. 3.  Describe  the  process   •  Make  clear  to  your  crowd  how  the  totall   process  will  work   •  Define  all  steps  in  the  proces,  i.e.:   –  Contribu<on   –  Selec<on   –  Vo<ng  
  5. 4.  Deadline!!!   •  Give  the  crowd  a  deadline,  so  they  will  come   to  ac<on.   •  No  deadline,  means  no  urgency,  means  no   results.   •  The  crowd  would  like  to  know  how  much   <me  they  have.  
  6. 5.  Reward  system   •  What  will  you  give  back  to  the  crowd?   •  How  will  all  contribu<ons  be  rewarded?   •  Will  only  the  best  contribu<ons  be   rewarded?   •  Consider  other  mo<vators  than  money  alone.   •  Check  my  slides  on   Crowdsourcing  and  Humanis<c  Psychology  
  7. 6.  Give  credits   •  No  ma[er  what  reward  system  you  use,   always  give  credits  to  the  crowd.   •  People  like  to  get  credits  for  their  work/ ideas.   •  Don’t  take  the  credits  yourself.  
  8. 7.  Involvement   •  Join  the  conversa<on  with  the  crowd   •  Make  sure  your  management  is  involved  as   well   •  If  the  crowd  has  ques<ons,  give  answers   •  You  have  to  be  the  Coach  for  your  crowd  
  9. 8.  Feedback   •  Always  respond  to  contribu<ons   •  No  ma[er  whether  the  contribu<on  is  useful   or  not   •  A  good  response  to  a  non-­‐useful  contribu<on   can  lead  to  a  useful  contribu<on  
  10. 9.  Let  the  crowd  decide   •  Consider  a  vo<ng  system  where  the  crowd   can  choose  the  best  contribu<ons   •  This  will  make  sure  that  the  chosen   contribu<on(s)  fit  be[er  to  your  target   audience  
  11. 10.  One  central  point   •  For  Crowdsourcing  you  can  use  all  kind  of   different  social  networks.   •  Make  sure  you  have  one  central  point  where   it  all  comes  together.   •  It’s  be[er  for  you  to  control   •  It’s  nicer  for  the  crowd  to  see  the  whole   picture.  
  12. Bonus  <p:  Transparency   •  Key  in  Social  media,  but  also  in   Crowdsourcing.   •  Be  transparant  in  all  that  you  do.   •  What  will  you  use  the  results  for   •  How  does  the  Decision  Making  Process  look   like.   •  How  will  the  contributors  be  rewarded  
  13. Final  note   •  Never  be  afraid  to  ask  the  crowd.   •  You  will  be  surprised  how  willing  they  are  to   help.   Just  ASK  
  14. Speaker  needed?   •  I’m  a  public  speaker  in  Dutch  and  English  on   the  topics  Crowd  Sourcing,  online   communica<on,  Personal  branding  and  Social   Media.   •  If  you’re  interested,  send  me  a  request  for  a   proposal.  
  15. About  this  slideshow   •  This  slideshow  is  part  of  my  research  and  findings  so  far.   •  I  learned  all  <ps  the  hard  way  during  several  Crowdsourcing   projects  that  I’m  involved  in,  including  the  first  completely  crowd   sourced  movie  called:  DSBTheMovie.     •  Right  now  I’m  working  on  a  book  about  Crowdsourcing  called   “Sources  Unknown”.  At  this  moment  I  only  have  a  Dutch  publisher,   but  I’m  looking  for  an  interna<onal  publisher.     •  My  English  is  not  the  best,  so  if  you  see  any  spelling  errors,  let  me   know!   •  If  you  have  any  sugges<ons,  ideas  or  comments  about  these  <ps,   let  me  know.   •  If  you  like  these  <ps,  use  them  and  share  them.  
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