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Maypearl offense 10 11


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Maypearl offense 10 11

  1. 1. MAYPEARL LADY PANTHER BASKETBALL<br />MOTION OFFENSE<br />OUR OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY<br />In the same manner as our defensive philosophy, we are going to put pressure on our opponent with every possession. We are going to look to push early, filling lanes and leading into our secondary break, then into motion offense. We are going to outwork, and outthink our opponents every night. Our players are going to learn how to make reads, and adjustments on the move, making us unpredictable, and tough to scout. In this packet you will find our transition reads, and rules, as well as our motion breakdown. We will run sets from time to time, but we must remember, “Plays don’t win championships, players do.” I have tried to keep that thought in mind, while forming our offensive philosophy.<br />Primary Push: As soon as we secure the ball off of a change of possession, we will be looking to push immediately. We will fill lanes, and run a structured break so that to balance the floor, stretch the defense, and get us in position for our second phase.<br />Secondary Break: We will run a secondary break that is based upon principles that we have taken from North Carolina. We will have different reads based upon how the defense is playing our pitch up/reversal reads. (These are all explained in our secondary packet). This will allow us to adjust to different fronts, or gaps, and get our screeners and cutters into position.<br />Smooth flowing motion offense: We will run a motion offense that will allow the players flexibility to adapt to defensive changes, and mismatches. This will be based out of different alignments, in which we will designate screens, position screening, or screeners/cutters. The rules and breakdowns are in the pages to come.<br />We will spend a lot of time breaking down each one of these equally important segments of the game. We will have to be in shape, and think while tired.<br />WHAT IS MOTION OFFENSE?<br />Motion offense is a system based upon a series of screeners and cutters, working together to free each other up. We will focus heavily on spacing so that we can capitalize on offensive opportunities out of several alignments . There will be times that the offense takes a different shape, and will be hard to scout. This at times to the untrained eye, will look like a freelance offense, but nothing is farther from the truth. We will work on things such as: balance, spacing, timing, ball position, screening, and we must know where all 10 people are on the floor at all times.<br />This is a process that will be frustrating at times, but will teach the kids to be players, not robots, and outthink their opponents throughout the entire game. There will not be a pattern to what we will do, but it will be very structured.<br />WHY DO WE RUN MOTION OFFENSE?<br />We will run motion offense to utilize the ability that our athletes possess. We will also run it so that our players can understand how to play the game, not just run a pattern offense. We will have sets to compliment, but they will be few, and far between. I feel that by doing so, we can create an environment that teaches our kids how to outthink our opponent, and adapt to any change that they might throw at us. This will also make us a little more difficult to scout on the defensive end. Finally we feel that in late game situations we are able to run a lot of clock with our base offensive package that our kids feel very comfortable in.<br />WHAT ARE WE TRYING TO GET?<br />We are trying to get into as many 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 situations on a side of the floor. We feel that by running our offense with quality screens, and timing, we can tie down help on the back side with action, thus limiting help opportunities from the back side. What this allows is more room to run our offense on one side of the floor, and doing so by trying to isolate defenders, and placing them in difficult situations. If we can get a number breakdown, we feel that we can penetrate better, and free up room for our interior post players to operate, instead of having to do the above in traffic.<br />ELEMENTS OF THE OFFENSE:<br />Cutting<br />Screening<br />Passing<br />Penetration<br />Spacing: “Spacing is offense, and offense is spacing.” Chuck Daily<br />MOTION RULES:<br />Constant movement by the athletes, but does so in a controlled manner.<br />Spacing of 15-18 feet maintained at all times.<br />Never pass and stand, either cut or screen.<br />Only dribble for 3 reasons: better passing angle, attack the rim, center ball.<br />Ball must be centered as much as possible, let the ball see the action.<br />SPACING RULES:<br />Make sure that we are about 15-18 feet apart so that we can get to the 2 on 2/ 3 on 3 opportunities that we would like.<br />Second cutters (screeners) need to second cut hard to vacate the area where the contact of the screen happened.<br />Make sure that we know where the screens are coming from (i.e. inside, outside, down, flare, etc) or who the screeners are at all times of the possession.<br />SCREENING RULES:<br />Screeners head for defenders shoulder nearest the offensive cutter.<br />Screeners, always look to find a cutter, never stand!!!<br />Make sure we have two cuts at the point of action!<br />Make sure that we know who, or where the screens are coming from, as this will change based upon personnel<br />This year we are going to designate either an area, or the type of screen to set. Sometimes we will still have the screener cutter concept, but this is the next logical step in the progression of the offense<br />INSIDE: Person inside will set screens, based upon who is closest to rim (see diagram labeled screening rules inside)<br />OUTSIDE: Person outside based upon relation to the rim/midline will set the screen. (See diagram labeled screening rules outside).<br />ALL FLARE: Mainly against zones but will be set from the bottom up the whole possession, looking for flare, out, or pop cuts.<br />ALL BACK: All screens will come from lower offensive person, moving away from the rim for the possession.<br />ALL DOWN: All screens will come from upcourt towards the rim.<br />Instead of designating screeners/cutters as our only means of working the offense, we are going to shift so that we can utilize mismatches, or personnel moving by changing our screening rules. This year we are going to make this more of a location screening, (ex. We want to get a big defender away from the rim, we are going to run a lot more ALL BACK for a few possessions, to get them away from the rim as much as possible, and hopefully get them into a chasing situation.). Hopefully this will reduce some confusion on our end, make us more cognizant of where everyone is on the floor, and be more difficult to defend/scout.<br />ELEMENTS OF THE SCREEN:<br />Basket cut: In order to set up a good screening angle, we must basket cut to make all defenders react. Screens should be set 1-2 feet outside the lane.<br />Walk the arc: Get nose to nose with the screener, change of pace, slow then explode.<br />Nose to Nose: Maker sure that the cutter, and screener are nose to nose in relation before reading the screen.<br />Screener head for defenders shoulder based upon where you are at on the floor. As they move (defender) your aiming point moves.<br />Hip To Hip: Close the space between screener and cutter. Make sure that there is no room for the defender to get through.<br />Finish the cut: Once you decide what you are going to do, don’t second guess. Go full speed, and force the defender to play the cut.<br />Second Cutter: Screener is always the second cutter. Go opposite the first cutter, and do so with a purpose. First cutter inside = second cutter away. First cutter away = second cutter inside.<br />Read the defense, don’t predetermine your cut!!!<br />TYPES OF SCREENS:<br />Down Screen: Screening towards the basket, with back usually facing the ball.<br />Flare Screen: Screen from the seam to the slot, when a screener is on the wing, or below the cutter.<br />Pin Screen: Screen from outside the perimeter towards the post area. <br />Back Screen/Up Screen: Back to basket, moving up the floor.<br />TYPES OF CUTS OFF OF SCREENS:<br />CURL: DEFENSE GETS ON CUTTERS HIP, TRAILS SCREEN<br />STRAIGHT: DEFENSE PLAYS IN DENIAL, TRIES TO FIGHT THROUGH SCREEN.<br />OUT: DEFENSE GOES TO THE MIDLINE, OR BALLSIDE OF THE SCREEN. SCREENER MUST CHANGE ANGLE OF THE SCREEN, CUTTER GO SQUARE TO SCREENERS SHOULDERS.<br />BACK CUT: IF YOU CAN’T SEE THE SCREENERS EYEBALLS, DEFENSE IS IN YOUR FACE, WALK UP, AND EXPLODE BACK.<br />FLARE CUT: CUT FROM SLOT TO SEAM. THIS IS EITHER BACK SCREEN, OR FLARE SCREEN WHEN SCREENER IS BELOW THE CUTTER.<br />POP CUT: OFF OF A FLARE SCREEN, BASICALLY A CURL OFF OF THE SCREEN WHEN THE DEFENDER IS TRAILING THE CUTTER.<br />POTENTIAL PROBLEMS WITH MOTION:<br />As with any offense, there are potential problems that might arise. We must see these as they happen, and adjust to them ASAP. I have listed below the potential problems that we could encounter.<br />Sometimes motion gets stale: This is usually from a lack of movement. We can adjust the cutters/screeners, or run a set to get the kids back into movement.<br />There is no joystick option: There is not a majority of control sitting in the coaches hands. The players have the majority of control of the offense. We must trust their judgment, and our teaching methods.<br />Can lead to bad shot selection: We have to address this in practice so that they understand the difference between good and bad shots.<br />* Things to do to address shot selection:<br />1. During our half court breakdown we will have kids yell out shot selection number as soon as we attempt the shot<br />.<br />3= Open Lay-up<br />2 = Open Jump Shot<br />1 = Bad Shot (contested, or out of range)<br />0 = Turnover<br />We will also go with a plus/minus system in practice breakdown as well.<br />Every possession merits a +/- response. A make is a + and a miss or turnover is a -.<br />We make sure that when we get to a -3 we are making every attempt to get to the rim. Game situation we leave this up to our point guard to make the call.<br />It is ok to tell a kid that you are not a shooter. Same concept that football coaches have used for years in telling kids that they are a lineman, or something other than a skill position. Everyone has a role, and they must accept it. No one role is more or less important that the other.<br />TEACHING POINTS WITHIN THE OFFENSE<br />KEEP DRIBBLE ALIVE.<br />TO DRIVE<br />TO MAKE BETTER PASSING ANGLES<br />TO CENTER THE BALL<br />TO DRIBBLE AT A TEAM MATE TO RELIEVE PRESSURE.<br />BASKETCUT IS THE KEY TO MOTION:<br />TO SCORE<br />TO SET UP SCREENING ANGLE<br />TO SET UP CUTTING ANGLE. (FLARE SCREEN)<br />TO RELIEVE PRESSURE.<br />TO EMPTY AN AREA.<br />PERIMETER: PASS 1ST STEP IS ALWAYS TO BASKETCUT.<br />NCHS MOTION: THE ORDER CAN CHANGE AT ANY TIME<br />POST GAME<br />MID RANGE<br />PERIMETER<br />NCHS MOTION GOALS:<br />GET MORE LAY UPS, AND FREE THROWS THAN OUR OPPONENT.<br />GET UNCONTESTED SHOTS CUTTING, AND SECOND CUTTING.<br />SHOT DISCIPLINE: WE WANT 3’S, AND 2’S<br />3= LAYUP<br />2 = WIDE OPEN SHOT<br />1 = POOR SHOT (CONTESTED OR OUT OF RANGE<br />0 = TURNOVER<br />COMMUNICATION:<br />SCREENERS ALWAYS CALL CUTTERS NAME.<br />IN PRACTICE DRILLS, SCREENER AND CUTTER MUST CALL OUT WHAT THEY ARE DOING.<br />BALANCE: TERM USED WHEN WE ARE OUT OF CONTROL<br />USE MOVEMENT WISELY:<br />DON’T WEAR YOURSELF OUT FREEING YOURSELF UP ON A V CUT.<br />WALK THE ARC: SET MAN UP SLOW, COME OFF OF SCREEN HARD AND LATE.<br />TAKE LANES TO SCREEN AND FLASH, DON’T FIGHT THE DEFENSE.<br />SCREENERS ARE ALWAYS SECOND CUTTERS: <br />EVERYTIME THAT WE EXECUTE A SCREEN THERE ARE TWO CUTS.<br />BETTER THE CUTTER, MORE OPEN THE SECOND CUTTER.<br />CUTTER READS DEFENSE, 2ND CUTTER GOES OPPOSITE FIRST CUTTER.<br />REVERSE THE BALL<br />MAKE DEFENSE GO FROM ONE SIDE OF THE FLOOR TO THE OTHER.<br />MAKE POST DEFENDER(S) CHANGE POSITION, SET UP IS DIRECT.<br />CENTER THE BALL:<br />BEST SPOT TO SEE THE BACKSIDE ACTION.<br />BEST SPOT TO DRIVE THE BALL.<br />BEST SPOT TO MAKE THE EASY PASS.<br />BEST SPOT TO FEED THE CUTTER.<br />IF SOMEONE DRIBBLES AT YOU, EMPTY AND BASKETCUT.<br />14. COUNTERS TO SWITCHING SCREENS:<br />A. SLIP SCREENS: WE HAVE TO DRIVE THIS HOME MORE THIS YEAR TO COUNTER SWITCHES, AND EMPTY OUT SPOTS AT POINT OF SCREEN<br />B. BACK CUTS: SCREENER FLASH HIGH<br />C. BUMPS.<br />D. HIT SCREENERS<br />MOTION MIGHT STINK FOR A WHILE: DON’T BLAME THE OFFENSE, LOOK AT THE QUALITY OF SHOTS.<br />RESCREEN: IF MISS ON 1ST SCREEN, GET THEM ON RESCREEN.<br />CATCH THE BALL READY TO SHOOT: CHUCK DAILY STATED IT BEST BY SAYING THAT YOU ARE THE MOST OPEN YOU WILL EVER BE WHEN YOU FIRST CATCH THE BALL.<br />FIND A PHILOSOPHY THAT YOU WANT TO STICK WITH. EITHER HAVE KIDS SQUARE IN THE AIR, PERMANENT PIVOT, INSIDE PIVOT ETC. WE ARE DRILLING THIS VERY HEAVILY ON WITH OUR BREAKDOWN DRILLS ON THE GUN. <br />Some things to consider:<br />This will not come quick, this is a system that takes some time to get put in place. It took us until January to get to where we could understand movement, and now in the spring the offense is starting to take off.<br />Make sure that you emphasize every small detail that composes of this offense. Make sure you cover things daily such as (spacing, timing, screening angles, reading the defense, etc.)<br />If you feel that this is something that you like, but don’t want to do everything, find some parts of the offense, and fit it to your style.<br />Make sure that you emphasize to kids that it is awesome to be a screener.<br />Don’t over-coach the offense. Many times people start adding too many restrictions, and it becomes a pattern, negating what this was meant to do.<br />TEACHING PROGRESSION: SEE DIAGRAMS<br />1-0 CUTS WITH A COACH. (DOWNSCREEN, BACKSCREEN, FLARE SCREEN)<br />2-0 CUTS WITH A COACH (DIFFERENT SIDES OF THE FLOOR)<br />TRY TO GET BOTH A SHOT SO THAT THEY CAN GET USED TO SQUARING, AND CREATING SEPERATION<br />SECOND CUTTER ALWAYS GO OPPOSITE OF THE FIRST CUTTER<br />ALSO WORK THE SHALLOW CUT, AND SHALLOW/BACK<br />2-2 ON A SIDE WITH COACH AS A PASSER<br />2-2 DIFFERENT AREAS. (TOP OF FLOOR, GUARD/POST, SIDE, ETC)<br />IN THIS THE COACH CAN MOVE WITH A DRIBBLE SO THAT THE SPACING CAN STAY THE SAME, AND ALLOW KIDS TO READ THEIR DEFENDERS, AND CLEAR A SIDE OF THE FLOOR IF NEEDED<br />MAKE THE KIDS RESCREEN IN THIS IF THE FIRST SCREEN DIDN’T GET THE FIRST CUTTER OPEN.<br />EMPHASIZE THE BACK CUT ON OVER PLAYS BY THE DEFENSE<br />3-3 DIFFERENT AREAS ON THE FLOOR<br />CAN GO WITH OR WITHOUT A COACH<br />USE DIFFERENT SCREENER/CUTTER COMBO’S. 2 SCREENERS 1 CUTTER, 2 CUTTERS 1 SCREENER ETC.<br />MAKE THEM USE THE WHOLE FLOOR, AND MAKE SURE THAT THEY DON’T KILL SPACING BY SITTING IN THE POST THE ENTIRE TIME<br />4-2 DESIGNATED SCREENING AREAS. <br />HAVE THE DEFENDERS COVER THE CUTTERS<br />WORK ON THE RESCREEN HERE, AND SEPERATION TO CLEAR SPACE.<br />4-4 PUT HEAVY RESTRICTIONS ON THIS, TEACHING TIME<br />SET GOOD SCREENS, AND GET GOOD SEPERATION<br />TRY TO GET AS MANY 2 ON 2 SITUATIONS ON A SIDE AS POSSIBLE<br />TIE DOWN HELP<br />CAN EVEN DO THINGS SUCH AS ONLY SCORE ON AN INSIDE CUT, SCREENER HAS TO SCORE ON A SLIP, BE CREATIVE.<br />4 ON 4 ON 4<br />THIS IS WHERE THEY REALLY GET TO GET SOME QUALITY WORK IN CAN WORK MANY DEFENSIVE, AND OFFENSIVE THINGS IN DURING HERE<br />MAKE THEM CALL SHOT SELECTION OUT<br />5 ON 5 SEQUENCE <br />WE WILL GO FULL/AND HALF/AND 5 ON 5 ON 5<br />WORK ON TRANSITION AND SECONDARY INTO OFFENSE<br />KEEP SCORE DIFFERENT WAYS<br />ONE COACH WATCH DEFENSE, ONE GET OFFENSE<br />MAKE THEM DO THINGS RIGHT, BUT DON’T OVERCOACH. (TOUGH BALANCE)<br />Notes Pages<br 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