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Basic introduction to AWS EC2, EBS and S3

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  • adfas\n
  • background, schooling, etc\n
  • way back a long long time ago launched in 2006 with SQS\n
  • way back a long long time ago launched in 2006 with SQS\n
  • new renting economy, zip car, living social, Steve Case, America Online\n
  • You only pay while the servers are running.\n
  • windows is 25% to 33% more expensive\nreserved instances (pay it up front for discounted hourly rate)\n
  • it pays to know what you want. So, what are you paying for?\n\nYou're paying for a power and access to shared hardware running in a virtual\nmachine. Amazon calls this an 'instance.' \n
  • spot (based on supply and demand)\n
  • Anyone built or builds there own desktop machines? What are your steps?\n\nask for software installation steps. 1st thing? what next?\n
  • Imagine if you could record the state of your machine at that moment in time.\nNow, imagine if you needed to set up a new machine in the exact same manner.\nThat's what an AMI is. Its a template of the OS and software at a given time\nthat can be used to start a new running instance. Remember, you're only charged\nwhile the instance is running. Make an image. Use it when you need it.\n\nThere're good opinions on how configured your desktop should be. Should it have\nyour mail client configured? Should it have all your photos and precious\ndocuments?\n\nFrom an enterprise stand point, should the image be setup with the application\nsoftware set to a specific version? This is a good question that we'll revisit\na little later in the talk.\n
  • Amazon has different regions, us-east-1, us-west 1 and different availability\nzones within those regions.\n\nRegions are for close to your customer. Zones are independent of one another. \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • instance store to AMI\n
  • \n
  • snapshot problems,\nonly attached to one instance\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • i like to store them in a ~/.ec2 directory\n
  • \n
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  • \n
  • Chugalug

    1. 1. AWS andNephophobia*: never again! * fear of clouds
    2. 2. Get to know me!• software developer (C, Ruby, Rails, etc)••• @jonathanwallace•
    3. 3. OVER view• AWS• EC2• S3• EBS• Getting set up with the command line tools
    4. 4. AWS Services• EC2, Route 53 (scalable DNS),VPC (virtual private cloud), CloudFront,• SimpleDB, RDS (relational database service), FPS (flexible payment systems), S3,• EBS, FWS (Fulfillment Web Service), SQS, SNS, SES• and more!!!!! (see
    5. 5. EC2• “...web service providing resizeable computing capacity.”• You can add resources (CPUs) as you need them.
    6. 6. Pricing Tiers• $0.02/hr (micro) up to $2.97/hr (Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large)• Some focused on memory, some on CPU
    7. 7. Small Instance Example(Reserved vs. On Demand)• $490.30 = $262.80 (up • $744.60 front) + 227.50 (full time run for the year)
    8. 8. Instance Pricing• On Demand• Reserve• Spot
    9. 9. What is an “instance?”
    10. 10. AMI?• A template for a running computer• What should be on it? Software? Data? A kitchen sink?
    11. 11. Regions and Zones
    12. 12. Not always perfect
    13. 13. Where do those AMIs live?• First, let’s talk about...
    14. 14. S3• Simple Storage Service• HTTP, SOAP and REST interfaces• Many ftp clients have support
    15. 15. S3• You store objects which consist of data and metadata.• Metadata concerns access permissions, file type, etc.• Data is the actual file.
    16. 16. Data & Metadata
    17. 17. Buckets and Keys
    18. 18. A couple of more storage options• Ephemeral storage• EBS
    19. 19. EBS Volumes• Attach to any running instances• Create snapshots on the fly• Replicated within the availability zone
    20. 20. EC2 command line tools• Prerequisites• Setting up the tools
    21. 21. Prereqs• ensure java is set up on your machine• ssh client• setting up credentials
    22. 22. EC2 credentials
    23. 23. Environment variables
    24. 24. And a little somethingfor your .bash_profile• # ec2• source ~/.ec2_rc
    25. 25. Adventure time!
    26. 26. Setting up the tools• Download: developertools/351• Unzip ‘em!
    27. 27. Use the source AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/ index.html?SettingUp_CommandLine.html
    28. 28. THANKS