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JustGiving's top 10 fundraising tips - marathon edition


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If you're running the London Marathon this year, here are the top 10 tips as compiled by the JustGiving community.

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JustGiving's top 10 fundraising tips - marathon edition

  1. 1. JustGiving’s Top 10 fundraising tips (London Marathon edition) Jonathan Waddingham Digital Strategist
  2. 2. Worried about reaching your target?
  3. 3. It’s OK - we’re here to help!
  4. 4. Follow our tips and you’ll have no worries
  5. 5. Top 10 tips: 1. Think about your personal message 2. Put a video and extra photos on your page 3. Talk to your charity. 4. Email people in groups and personalise your message 5. Put your page address in your email signature 6. Promote your page with social media 7. Give out your page address on cards - like Moo minicards 8. Get your page featured in the local press 9. Send fun reminder emails asking people to donate 10.Thank people
  6. 6. 1) Think about your personal message Why are you running the marathon? Why are you running the marathon for your charity? How much effort are you putting in? How long is 26.2 miles?
  7. 7. Is your personal message like this?
  8. 8. Or is it like this?
  9. 9. Are you telling your story?
  10. 10. Are you telling people why they should donate?
  11. 11. 2) A picture speaks a thousand words… and a video speaks even more!
  12. 12. Spot the difference… Main photo Regularly updated Photos
  13. 13. 3) Talk to your charity
  14. 14. Find out how your money will help them and explain that to your friends and family
  15. 15. Explain how the money will help on your page
  16. 16. Write about the charity
  17. 17. 4) Don’t email the same message to everyone at once
  18. 18. Email people in groups – parents first?
  19. 19. Send a different one to friends…
  20. 20. Use Facebook friend lists…
  21. 21. Oh, and think of when pay day is…
  22. 22. 5) Put your page address in your email signature I’m running the London Marathon! Please sponsor me at
  23. 23. …or link to your page with a Justgiving badge See So every email you send encourages people to donate!
  24. 24. 6) Aha! Social media…
  25. 25. Try our Facebook app: Over 400,000 people have!
  26. 26. Try Flickr
  27. 27. Try Twitter…
  28. 28. Try our widget!
  29. 29. Widget in the wild… (and a great blog too)
  30. 30. 7) Give out your page address on cards lets you put your own photos on the back…
  31. 31. …like this:
  32. 32. Or, if you’re feeling skint… …Print your page address on A4 paper and cut out slips!
  33. 33. 8) Get your page featured in the local press • Use our press release template: • Include your page address • Add interesting facts – tell your story! - Where are you from? - What do you do? - Is it your first marathon? - Why are you running? - Who are you running for?
  34. 34. …and on your local radio station too
  35. 35. 9) Send fun reminder emails • Say even a small donation helps • Include a photo or video • Make them laugh with training stories • Tell them what you’re looking forward to • …and what you’re not! Keep fundraising after the marathon! Your page stays open for 3 months and 20% of donations come in after people finish their event!
  36. 36. 10) Manners cost nothing*… so say thank you *as my Mum says
  37. 37. On your page…
  38. 38. On your blog…
  39. 39. And anyway else you can… On On Just by email… (or by snail mail!)
  40. 40. We’ve made a video to recap… Video London Marathon blog JustGiving blog Follow us: Good luck!