How people use Facebook and how to help them spread their messages


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This presentation shows recent (and old) examples of how people have used Facebook to fundraise and why they were successful. It also shows how JustGiving enables people to raise more by integrating with Facebook as well as how you can use their tools to make your content more personalised and add more value.

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  • 22 Million in the UK
  • Direct Traffic, Traffic from Facebook, Traffic from Twitter. 40%, 17%, 1%
  • People were prompted to take survey after making a donation to an online fundraising pageDonation could have been made to any size charity in any categorySurvey carried out from 13th August 2009 to 26th May 201010,063 people took the survey
  • Find a charity example too.Not just fundraising – campaigning, can be action, participation, engagement.
  • 36k
  • How people use Facebook and how to help them spread their messages

    1. How people use Facebook and how to help them spread their messages<br />Jonathan Waddingham<br />@jon_bedford<br />Product Manager @JustGiving<br />
    2. 2.5%<br />Twitter<br />59%<br />Facebook<br />3%<br /><br />Referral traffic last month<br />
    3. About JustGiving...<br />11m+ <br />have helped <br />over 8000 charities<br />over£700m<br />raised<br />
    4. What we’ll cover<br />How people have used Facebook to campaign & raise money<br />How we’re integrating with Facebook & why it’s important<br />What we’ve learnt and how you can help messages spread<br />
    5. Who’s seen this?<br />
    6. But have you seen this?<br /><br />
    7. Or this?<br /><br />
    8. (which led to this)<br /><br />
    9. Why did they work?<br />The trend was already popular, needed no explanation<br />Was easy to support<br />The communities involved were engaged<br />Connected with a desire for real action<br />Easy to share<br />
    10. This is *not* new<br />
    11. The first big Facebook fundraising campaign<br /> <br /> <br />Stated with an article…<br />... followed by a Facebook group<br />
    12. The atheist bus phenomenon<br /><br />
    13. Quirky and different – a shared passion<br />Easy to share<br />Used social media to connect a group of like minded people<br />Organisation was prepared to lose a certain amount of control<br />Why did this work?<br /><br />
    14. Rage against the x factor<br /><br />
    15. Encouraging fundraising after a download<br /><br />
    16. Quirky and different – a shared passion<br />Easy to share<br />Used social media to connect a group of like minded people<br />Became a movement<br />Why did this work?<br />
    17. Why is Facebook important to us?<br />
    18. Ways of asking vs ways of donating on JustGiving<br />
    19. So what do we do to help?<br />
    20.<br />Facebook Connect and JustGiving<br />
    21. Facebook like on JustGiving<br /><br />
    22. Facebook Like buttons and JustGiving<br />61,567<br />Number of likes from 29 September to 4th December<br />26,981<br />Number of visits from links that were liked<br />YAY<br />1 like = 3 visits<br />
    23. You get great stats from Facebook Insights<br /><br />
    24. You get great stats from Facebook Insights<br />
    25. We even have a *rough* ROI<br />If 6 likes = 1 donation<br />1 like ~ 1/6th of a donation<br />Average donation is £32<br />1 like ~ £5 <br />£134,000<br />
    26. Traffic has increased from Facebook<br />July 51%<br />November <br />59%<br />
    27. The JustGiving Facebook app v1<br />735k<br />users<br /><br />
    28. The JustGiving Facebook app v2<br />36k<br />users<br /><br />
    29. The JustGiving Facebook app v3 (coming soon)<br />
    30. (there’s a Christmas virtual gifts app too)<br /><br />
    31. Facebook apps – what we’ve learnt<br />You need to budget not only for build, but for maintenance<br />Facebook’s platform changes frequently (often without warning)<br />They must now be optimised for sharing content<br />If you build it, they won’t come<br />
    32. But enough about us<br /><br />
    33. What you can do today (or tomorrow)<br /><br />
    34. It is very easy<br />
    35. The SAS use them<br />(no not *that* SAS) <br /><br />
    36. Not to mention Cancer Research UK<br /><br />
    37. “Social proof” (buzzword bingo)<br /><br />
    38. Foursquare does this well too<br /><br />
    39. Plugins are on CNN<br /><br />
    40. See what your friends like<br /><br />
    41. How comfortable are your audience with sharing?<br /><br />
    42. Social plugins alone do not a social website make<br /><br />
    43. A few small takeaways<br />Facebook is being used for campaigning and sharing the things people care about<br />This is not a new trend – it’s what people do<br />Facebook apps are great, but they do need looking after<br />Social plugins are an easy way of adding value and personalisation<br />Look after your users (and their data), some won’t want to share<br />
    44. Carry on the conversation<br />Jonathan Waddingham<br /><br /> @jon_bedford<br /> @justgiving<br /> <br /><br />