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UIS Website Creation and Hosting Services


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Current Offerings and Future Direction

A talk to University of Cambridge IT staff in November 2015

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UIS Website Creation and Hosting Services

  1. 1. UIS Website Creation and Hosting Services: Current Offerings and
 Future Direction Nick Mattin Jon Warbrick
  2. 2. Topics for today • Project Light • Website creation and migration • Drupal • SharePoint • Falcon • Managed Web Service (v3) • Managed Wiki • Other components • Discussion, networking
  3. 3. Where should we go with… • Content management systems? • Web server hosting? • Project light? • Authentication? • Lookup? • Collaboration? • Anything else…?
  4. 4. UIS Services
  5. 5. Project Light • 2/3 years old • Commissioned by the Office of External Affairs and Communications • Excellent for certain types of content, less so for others • Does not support applications well • Known missing functionality • Can be evolved Q – Where next for the house style ?
  6. 6. Drupal CMS for websites • Drupal 7 • Powerful, flexible but needs careful consideration. • Requires time, knowledge, planning to get the best from it. Power = complexity and cost. • 3 routes to a Drupal website • Work with UIS to deliver something • Use the UIS profile to kick start your own development • Download the theme
  7. 7. Drupal CMS for websites • Project Light Drupal theme - github • Complete Cambridge Drupal Profile • Comes with a large range of modules pre- configured • ‘Lite’ Cambridge Drupal Profile • Minimal set of modules - useful if you want to start to build your own profile • Regular updates to theme and profile
  8. 8. Drupal CMS for websites
  9. 9. More website services • UX Services • Discovery studies - audience needs, personas, site owner requirements etc • testing of site design. • Information Architecture. • Surveys. • Card sorting. Tree sorts. • SEO
  10. 10. You will be joining the University as an undergraduate in the Michaelmas Term and want to find out what IT services are available to you in advance. EFFECTIVENESS 88% EFFICIENCY 2.6m PARTICIPANTS 8 REPRESENTATIVE PARTICIPANT COMMENTS Oh dear. I am stupid. I think that you are drawn to the icons in the main page. I suppose that tends to be the way that I would use the site. One link to it [audience key] is not going to be enough, if it is going to be someone who is new and who struggles to find thing but I don't know how you could make it stand out more. That was much less painful that I thought if I had had to go through every thing. I am not a very in-depth person and if I was going to attend the university and looked at all of the information, in my head I would just think, ok they do that, they do that, they do that. I don't think I would worry too much what is and isn't available to students, I would just assume that it was. This is really good information at this level, whether it takes us to something useful further down the line, I don't know. People who are new in don't actually know what they want so for them to come to a simple list that says 'this is the basics' the basic stuff that you can have. I think that is really helpful. Completed with ease SUCCESS PERECENTAGE OF PARTICIPANTS 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% ATTITUDE RATIO Ratio of participants’ positive and negative comments Mean: 2.6 Minimum: 0.79 Maximum: 8.55 TIME ON TASK (Minutes) 12.50 Positive 75% Negative 25% 0.82 0.79 8.55 2.07 2.31 4.31 1.13 0.83 12.50 Completed with difficulty Failed to complete Score not set ” 75.00 12.50 T6 “ USAGE TRENDS BROWSE SEARCH Low High Usability Testing
  11. 11. What did we learn from you? 1 • 52% able to complete tasks successfully • Three key issues identified: • Too many top-level categories • Important keywords missing from service titles and navigation labels • Service titles too ‘technical’ • A number of core service categories overlap and can be merged Iteration 2: 77% success Iteration1: 36% success Tree Testing, Information Architecture
  12. 12. Drupal CMS for websites • Help is available for any stage of migration • Drupal training is available (from us or there is plenty online and 3rd part companies) • The UIS can help plan and cost any website development Q – What do you need from a UIS offered CMS service ?
  13. 13. SharePoint • Powerful collaboration tool • Excellent for document management, document sharing and collaboration • Workflow, version control, document level security, audit-able. • Drupal integration (very new) • Consultation services and help available • Doesn’t have to look like SharePoint Q – What would you like from SharePoint ?
  14. 14. ProjectLight for SharePoint
  15. 15. Falcon • A multi-tenant content management service • Templated with the University House Style • We provide and maintain the servers, OS and CMS • You provide and maintain the content • Currently about 350 sites • Charged service, currently £100/year • Q – What do you need from a UIS offered CMS service ?
  16. 16. Managed Web Service • A multi-tenant managed Unix/Linux hosting environment for your content • We provide and maintain the OS and web server • You provide and maintain the web content or application
 • Currently in a state of flux…
  17. 17. Current Service (Aka MWS2) • Elderly and old-fashioned, Solaris-based • Due for retirement, probably Summer 2016 • Apache, PHP, MySQL • Unofficial 1MB filespace limit • About 200 sites • No charge •
  18. 18. Future service (Aka MWS3) • In development, probably released early 2016 • Based on standard Linux distribution • Almost all the features of the current MWS • Environment like that in commercial web hosting • Largely self-service • Charged service, expected to match Falcon at £100/year • Q – What do you need from a UIS offered MWS ?
  19. 19. Managed Wiki Service • Multi-tenant Wiki service • Based on Media Wiki (as used on Wikipedia) • For University Institutions, research groups, etc. • Raven authenticated • Read and write assignable to users/ groups/world • All management web-based • No charge • Q – What do you need from a UIS offered Wiki service ?
  20. 20. DS Web • Web pages for individuals, societies and groups • Part of the UIS 'Desktop Services' offering • Standard Apache-based web serving of static files • No charge • web
  21. 21. Other website components
  22. 22. Electronic payments • Two systems: • WPM - ‘online shop’. API. Can do repeat billing. • eSales - API only. Simple. Quick. • Contact Finance
  23. 23. Mapping with the University Map • Embed live maps and other geographic information about the University into your web pages • • university-map/Main_Page
  24. 24. University Search • Add search functionality to your web sites • Search University-wide or on a configurable set of servers • Includes most 'University only' content • web-search
  25. 25. Lookup • LDAP or web service API access • Person, institution, and group data • e.g person data for customisation • e.g. group information for access control decisions •
  26. 26. Raven • Identify users on your site • Service include • The Raven service itself • Documentation and best practice guides • Web server plugins and programming libraries • Advice and consultancy •
  27. 27. Streaming Media Servive • Upload, transcode and store video content on the Streaming Media Service • Embed the content in your sites by iframe or using oembed • audio-video
  28. 28. TLS Certificates • Obtain TLS certificates at low or zero cost • Use these to protect your users privacy with HTTPS •
  29. 29. Summary • Mailing lists (ucam-drupal-users) • More information about this at:-
  30. 30. And now your bit
  31. 31. Where should we go with… • Content management systems? • Web server hosting? • Project light? • Authentication? • Lookup? • Collaboration? • Anything else…?