Thirty Years


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Celebrating Dad & Mom's 30 years of marriage.

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Thirty Years

  1. 1. Mark & carol30 years<br />December 20th, 2010<br />
  2. 2. Robin vogel<br />Today I looked up at the clear blue sky, and I smelt the crisp fresh air, and I knew in that moment that my world was all the better for loving you both.<br />Your continued love and kindness means more to me than words could ever say.  May your hearts be filled with love and your souls be blessed with peace and happiness.<br />Congratulations on this special day of 30 years of marriage.<br />Robin  xxxxxxxxxxxx<br />
  3. 3. Gavin vogel<br />I’m really struggling to come up with anything. It’s easier to write something about relative strangers. Mark and Carol are so much a part of who we are, it’s tough to come up with anything specific. We’re extensions of them, and possibly they of us. Our lives were so interwoven – a wonderful, intimate, shared experience. It’s really been tough seeing them – and the rest of you guys – so little in recent times. We dream of the day we can get together more frequently. But boy! at least wehave a bunch of awesome memories. We would have loved to have been there to share this milestone of love with them. As you know, we were at Katberg for the honeymoon all those years ago! So, all I really have to say is – thank you for all the memories Mark and Carol, and more importantly, thank you for your profound influence on us as people.<br />Have a great anniversary, and we will be with you in spirit.<br />Lots of love<br />Gav<br />
  4. 4. LINDA vogel<br /> 30 years is almost as long as I have known you!  We did a lot together and shared a lot over those 30 years.  Of course Gav should be writing this as he does have a better way with words than I, but he is away, and we did not plan ahead.  Oh well!  Maybe he has sent something as well.  I really did need to have spent more time on this as once I started looking for old photographs so many memories came flooding back.  These are just a snapshot.<br /> So it started with the Honeymoon we all shared with you, wonderful concept.  What followed amongst others was the Otter Trail Hike (the first hike for Gav & I), the trip to Joburg and Durban, when Carol's suitcase wouldn't fit in the boot of the car so she just emptied all her stuff directly into the boot...  New Years Eve at Eagles Ridge (we have countless photographs of people downing tequila) to Easter Weekends in PE.  The one photograph is, I think, a three way argument, around "Pass-Out".  I remember one year we had the deluxe accommodation, the servants room, and another when we had to share a caravan with Peter & Teresa and Klaus & Penny..  The Easter weekend at Lorraine was brutal...  from Peter Norman sleeping rolled up in the rug on the lounge floor, to people drinking like gazelles out of the baby pool, to Pete being carried up the stairs to our flat and then Gav spending the following two days in bed.  Weekends at Hogsback with the Hicks's, what a sad amount of snow that was. Kelly and Leah's wedding does also warrant special mention. you have only to look at the photograph.  There were lots of other wonderful times... Weddings, Christmas, Music Evenings, Tea and Scones on the beachfront, Jon & Mattt, Trivial pursuit (we all thought we were quite good until we played with Kelly), times with Ron & Kathie and Pete & Nettie. <br />And then the more recent past... the arrival of Ben & Beckie (wow, those two got on well together) and then Oliver...  around the pool at your house and times at Plett and Begha.  Walks on the beach, swimming, braaing etc. etc.  I could go on and on.<br />The only regret in all of this has to be the last 8 years and how little we have seen of each other.  We love and miss you very much!  Have a wonderful time at Katberg.  We wish we were there with you!<br />Linda (and Gav, Ben & Oliver)<br />
  5. 5. PETER & Lynette vogel<br />Well Mark and Carol, how many years is it now? We really wish that we could be with all of you at this time of year. We know that it is special in many ways, Memorial, anniversary and being together as a family.Peter has many fantastic memories but going on honeymoon with you guys stands out as one of the best. From there it is the many drinking games and crazy times at the mount pleasant house that he can't remember but only hears about.But seriously, for us it is the many wonderful times we spent together as a family at the Vogel house, be it just swimming, braaing or just having a music evening together. These are some of the most important memories and character forming days of our life. I met two people who were so positive about life and so wise, I had never met people like this before. Carol was the first artist I had ever met and I felt in awe of her! She was also the first person I knew that could do so much, almost all at once, and still laugh heartily about silly thing that had happened to her. I loved her from the word go and hoped one day to be just like her when I got big! It is because of you Carol, that I started ceramics and it is one of my passions in life. We loved the way mark and carol brought up their children and it has stood us in good stead with our own child. I always hear Mark's wise words, "just keep them talking to you and show them you are interested (even if it is mind-numbingly boring), and you may keep them talking to you when they have problems, and get them through tough times." We love the relationships Mark and Carol have with their children, and they paved the way for us when we thought of adopting Hannah! Becs, you are a blessed child. Thanks for coming into our lives and thanks Mark and Carol for this child! You took this little girl with no question and love her deeply. Thanks for the boys who have been such an important part of our lives in Cape Town. They are well rounded and beautiful and a testimony to your good parenting. They have given us many evenings of laughter and entertainment.<br />Markie, we love you so much! You are so gentle and loving, so deep thinking and wise. Hannah adores you and we love you deeply. Yes indeed, this was a match made in heaven!! Have a fantastic day and know that we are with you in spirit.<br />Nettie, Pete & Hannah<br />
  6. 6. SUSAN SHEPPARD<br />We always enjoy being with you and have especially fond memories of a great trip to Addo in 2008. Carol was recovering from surgery and as always, it was very evident how much Mark and Carol love and respect each other, support each other and bring out the best in each other. “Two are better than one because when on falls the other can lift him up” – you have mastered the ability to lift each other up in love and the result is always a joy to those who are fortunate enough to be around you. May you enjoy many more wonderful years together and always celebrate the beauty in everyday things. <br />We love you lots! Sue and Shaun X0X0X<br />
  7. 7. PAULINE NORMAN<br />Happy 30th wedding anniversary, Mark and Carol. May you share many happy years together! Dad and I loved sharing your honeymoon with Mark's family and his father. It was wonderful to be with the happy bride and groom who are such a loving couple.<br />I will be thinking of you all on the very special day and wish you all lots of fun and joy.         <br />Love to you all,<br />Great Granny Norman<br />
  8. 8. THE KIDS<br />
  9. 9. THE DAUGHTERS-IN-LAW<br />