An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Handling Negative Reviews


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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Handling Negative Reviews

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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Handling Negative Reviews

  1. 1. An Entrepreneur s Guide toHandling Negative Reviews @JoeManna #techphx
  2. 2. } Yelp Reviews Blog Entries Customer Tweets User Facebook Comments GeneratedGoogle Search Suggestions Complaint Communities Content Google Reviews YouTube Videos (Not you.) Experts / Tastemakers
  3. 3. (CC) gordontarpley
  4. 4. •  Percentage of consumers who trust online channels for product and service reviews? 89% Cone ‘Trend Tracker’ (2011)
  5. 5. Consumer reviews are trustednearly 12 times morethan descriptions that come from manufacturers eMarketer (2010)
  6. 6. A one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a5-9% increase in revenue Harvard Business School, Michael DeLuca (2011)
  7. 7. BazaarVoice (2011)
  8. 8. Search + Social SignalsSentiment Recency Credibility Authority
  9. 9. What to do when youget a negative review?
  10. 10. PANIC!
  11. 11. 1. Stay calm.
  12. 12. 2. Investigate.
  13. 13. 3. Consider a few reasonablesolutions.
  14. 14. 4. Privately reach out to thecustomer.
  15. 15. 5. Take action.
  16. 16. 6. Politely ask the customer toupdate their review to reflectthe outcome.
  17. 17. 7. Follow-up and thank them.
  18. 18. How to respondpublicly to a review?
  19. 19. "   Thank them and/or express empathy"   Acknowledge their concern"   Engage them in a solution"   Provide a private contact method
  20. 20. Your service sucks! Every time I goto your chat support, I wait forever and it disconnects me. (Hypothetical example, sorta.)
  21. 21. Hi, John. Sorry to hear about the trouble in gettinga hold of us. Our technical support line tends to getbusier in the mornings, but you can also reach usby phone at 866-800-0004 if you have a time-sensitive issue. We re overhauling our online chatfeature soon, so I look forward to hear yourfeedback about it when we roll it out. Let me knowif I can be of any additional help.-Joseph
  22. 22. Realities of Responding to Negative Feedback "   A majority of reviews stay up forever on the web "   Not all negative feedback reaches resolution "   Be prepared for extortion - it happens "   We all make mistakes and need to correct them
  23. 23. Don t do these things."   Astroturfing & Sockpuppets"   Compensate for reviews"   Argue with customers"   BS responses"   Publish responses immediately"   Disclose private customer info"   Ignore your happy customers
  24. 24. Understanding the BBB"   Not a government agency"   High consumer trust"   They care about advertising, dispute resolution and consumer advocacy
  25. 25. Responding to a BBB Complaint"   Reach out to the customer to see if you can reach immediate resolution. If not … "   Acknowledge receipt and restate customer concerns"   Provide facts, not opinions"   Address specific issues, not the entire complaint"   Respond promptly
  26. 26. Let s put this into perspective."   Listen to customers and promote happy ones"   Seek out critical reviews and respond with compassion, but have a backbone."   Be professional and clear when responding to the BBB"   Use surveys to detect and resolve risks before they start. (<120 days)
  27. 27. Q&ALet me know if you have any questions or comments!Twitter: @joemannaBlog: joemanna.comEmail: Thanks!