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Workshop wko if technology coen dijxhoorn new green future of ates @ green it amsterdam, 3 04-2012


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Workshop wko if technology coen dijxhoorn new green future of ates @ green it amsterdam, 3 04-2012

  1. 1. IF Technology joinsGreen IT Amsterdam region Coen Dijxhoorn strategic consultant partner
  2. 2. IF Technology is a leading geothermal energyengineering and consultancy company Market leader in shallow geothermal and underground energy storage systems in the Netherlands Services: feasibility studies, risk assessment, geological research, permitting, technical and financial analysis and system design Employing 95 geologists, hydro-geologists, civil-, mechanical- and well engineers Annual turnover € 7,5 million Based in Arnhem in the Netherlands
  3. 3. Cold and heat storage with ATES Cold: surface water and drinking water (ICTroom) Heat: re-use of high temperature waste heat, surface water, roads and solar Source for districtheating and -cooling 4
  4. 4. Sustainable energy supply and grids 5
  5. 5. Individual Individual Collective Collective small large small largeHeating single green- housing area housing oronly home house greenhouse 2020 areaCooling switch data mono-only station center, industrial industry areaHeating / small building building or integratedcooling building housing area area, green- house area
  6. 6. ATES focus on running phase Savings are reached in the running phase, not in the development/realisation phase Total energy system is important: user-supply-storage Control strategy will become robust and smart Systems will be self learning which leads to high efficiency Technical life time should be equal to life time building 2011 2020
  7. 7. Upgrade of legal framework in NL 100% renewable energy will be state of the art in building directives Legislation will be fully equiped to deal with large scale application of underground energy storage (groundwater, underground, energy) Large scale ATES application may lead to (negative) mutual influence -> new framework is necessary = “AMvB Bodemenergie” Planning of the underground becomes important issue (examples) 8
  8. 8. Interferentiekaart energieopslag 2030 Interferentiekaart energieopslag 2005Interference between ATES LegendaLegenda Kans op interferentieKans op interferentie redelijk (< 25 % kans op interferentie) redelijk (< 25 % kans op interferentie) groot (25-50 % kans op interferentie) groot (25-50 % kans op interferentie) zeer groot (> 50 % kans op interferentie) zeer groot (>50 % kans op interferentie) Bodemgeschiktheid (cumulatieve dikte watervoerende lagen)Bodemgeschiktheid (cumulatieve dikte watervoerende lagen) informatie ontbreekt informatie ontbreekt redelijk geschikt (0 - 100 m) redelijk geschikt (0 - 100 m) geschikt (100 - 200 m) geschikt (100 - 200 m) zeer geschikt (> 200 m) zeer geschikt (> 200 m)
  9. 9. Create a visionary view: Municipalities
  10. 10. Analyze opportunities: Owners and users
  11. 11. Create maps and adapt regulations
  12. 12. Feasibility ATES in the world
  13. 13. ATES systems in the world The Netherlands > 1,500 Sweden > 200 Belgium > 20 Germany ~ 10 UK 3 Denmark 6 Spain recirculation systems China > 500 bad working systems
  14. 14. Offer IF Technology A quick-scan for free Helping realise your ATES ambitions in: o UK, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Russia o USA o China
  15. 15. Thank you for your attention Any Questions?Coen DijxhoornIF Technology P.O. box 605  6800 AP ARNHEM  T +31 (0)26 35 35 555  E