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Easy Project Prioritization


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If you ask to your clients to prioritize their requirements based on urgency, they'll tell you everything is urgent. None will want their requirement to be the last one in your queue. How do you get to prioritize requirements based on value and urgency for the company and based on duration it will take you to accomplish such a requirement?

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Easy Project Prioritization

  1. 1. IT Project Prioritization that really works Based on economical value delivered to company and clients
  2. 2. Non-economic prioritization
  3. 3. Petitioner estimates economical value that its project requirement will deliver Increase Income Reduce Costs Protect Income Avoid Costs
  4. 4. Petitioner asks for new project through a form physically or electronically
  5. 5. Mandatory fields in «new project» form • Economical value that justifies the project: $_______ / month • Categories included (select one or more): Increase Income Protect Income Reduce Costs Avoid Costs Cost of Delay
  6. 6. Project Manager estimates project duration
  7. 7. Economical Priority of project is calculated based on CD3 formula
  8. 8. Project Report with priority scores is visible to every stakeholder
  9. 9. Periodic meetings to redistribute on-going projects with managers and stakeholders